The Survival Of Washington’s Domination Of The UN

In the space of a year, the UN General Assembly has undergone profound changes: in October 2022, 143 states, led by Washington, condemned Russia’s “illegal annexations” in Ukraine, while in December 2023, 153 states called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, against Washington’s advice.

In the past, Washington could threaten many states and force them to agree with it and adopt its rules. Today, it is less frightening:

Of course, the US Special Operations Command (USSoCom) can carry out secret military interference in any country in the world at any time, and assassinate any of its leaders, but such deployment seems increasingly unlikely in large countries.

Of course, the Treasury Department can prohibit trade with a particular state, thereby sinking the economy of the recalcitrant or even starving its population. But Russia and China now offer a way of breaking this economic siege.

Of course, the gigantic communications interception machine of the “Five Eyes” (Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, UK) can reveal the turpitudes of any recalcitrant, but some leaders are honest and therefore cannot be blackmailed to the detriment of their population.

On December 12, 2023, the United Nations General Assembly demanded, by a 153-vote majority, an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

From this point of view, the list of states that voted against the Gaza ceasefire is enlightening. In addition to the United States and Israel, it includes a number of regimes of surprising character:

– Austria

Karl Nehammer is a political communications trainer. He’s so good at it, he’d be able to put just about any decision through. A career military man, he has worked with Washington as an intelligence officer trainer. Today, he is Chancellor of this former neutral state.

– Guatemala

The Italian-Guatemalan president, Alejandro Giammattei, is the representative of a small group of capitalists. He fights hard against those who fight corruption, incarcerating prosecutors, leaders of human rights associations and inquisitive journalists. A staunch ally of the United States, he is the only Latin American head of state to have visited Kiev and Taiwan.

– Liberia

The country is still presided over by footballer and singer George Weah. President-elect Joseph Boakai has yet to be sworn in. With no political experience, Weah has chosen Jewel Taylor, wife of the criminal against humanity Charles Taylor, as his vice-president.

– Micronesia

Micronesia was occupied by the United States until President Ronal Reagan accepted its independence. Today, however, it remains under trusteeship, its defense being provided by the Pentagon.

– Nauru

A small country with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants, Nauru has only been independent from the British Empire since 1968. Everyone at the United Nations knows that “President” David Adeang is opportunistic and corrupt. It is always possible for those who pay to obtain a favorable vote from this country.

– Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has only been independent from the British Empire since 1975. Seven months ago, its current Prime Minister, James Marape, signed an agreement authorizing the United States to use his territory as a forward base in the Pacific. They have full access to all its ports and airports in exchange for various investments. When he moved his embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, James Marape declared: “For us who call ourselves Christians, we cannot fully respect God unless we recognize that Jerusalem is the universal capital of the people and nation of Israel”.

– Paraguay

Paraguay’s current president, Santiago Peña, is trying to rejuvenate the country’s institutions, while praising the anti-communist dictatorship of General Alfredo Stroessner.

– Czech Republic

You’re probably surprised to see a second member of the European Union on this list. That’s because you missed the election of its new president, General Petr Pavel, a personal friend of the US ambassador in Prague. He was trained in the USA and the UK and became chairman of NATO’s military committee. A former collaborator of the Soviet occupiers, he has completely rewritten his biography and transformed himself into a modern Westerner, but uses his power to align his country with Washington.

Twenty-three other states abstained. These are Washington’s allies, not mere puppets like their predecessors. In any case, the West no longer has a majority (97 votes). The G7 is no longer a point of reference.

In this respect, it’s hard not to take note of the current situation in Japan, where a judicial inquiry has brought to light the widespread corruption of the political class. Between 2018 and 2022, at least $500 million was paid to 99 members of parliament from the Liberal Democratic Party, which has been in power continuously for 67 years (except for two interludes totalling 4 years). What is presented as a “great democracy” is, in reality, nothing more than a show masking a mafia system.

How can the G7 claim to embody and defend noble values?

The Brics, whose new members will take their place on January 1, 2024, now represent more than half of humanity. They are working towards a multipolar world. In their minds, and contrary to Western nightmares (the Thucydides trap), it’s not a question of replacing the United States with the China-Russia duopoly, but of abandoning Western rules and returning to International Law. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, read my article on this subject: “What international order?” [1]. Most of us are unaware that the members of the “international community” (i.e. Washington and its vassals) no longer respect their signatures and violate their commitments, starting with Resolution 181 [2], which provided for the creation of a Palestinian state, or, more recently, Resolution 2202, which was intended to prevent war in Ukraine. They ignore the fact that their so-called “sanctions” are weapons of war and violate the principles of the UN Charter.

The evolution of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly puts it in the same position as the League of Nations (League) in 1939. Whereas the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, had profoundly modified the original SDN project by rejecting equality between peoples, the UN recognizes it in its texts, but not in practice, as shown by its handling of the Palestinian question, for example. In both cases, it’s a question of preserving Anglo-Saxon domination of the world, from outside the League (which Washington refused to join after modifying its statutes) or from inside the UN (which Washington joined, but whose statutes it never respected). Hence the question: will the Brics succeed in reforming the UN and bringing it back into line with its principles, or will they fail to preserve the peace?

With this in mind, the General Assembly did not content itself with demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza [3]. It began by adopting a series of resolutions demanding the implementation of resolution 181, whose non-application had led to the current mess. In particular, it demands that Israel compensate the Palestinians it expelled seventy-five years ago for their property [4].

Source: Voltaire Network

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