The West’s Transference Of Holocaust-Guilt Away From Itself, And Onto Arabs

Joe Biden pretends to be opposed to the genocide that now is being perpetrated in Gaza by Israeli soldiers with U.S. weapons and intelligence even at the same time that Biden refuses to make continued U.S. support of Israel conditional upon Israel’s immediately ceasing and terminating this genocide against the Gazans. Yet again, the Christian West leads the world in both genocide and lies. Look at the relevant history:

The Holocaust was perpetrated by European Christians (and not ONLY by German ones) against Jews, but has become blamed upon Arab Muslims, in order to hide the Christian sources of the Holocaust (as having been an extension from, and culmination of, over a thousand years of European Christian pogroms against Jews), and in order to enable Christian billionaires who control firms such as Lockheed Martin to profit from their massive weapons-sales to Israel, and to use Israel as their military base against Arabs and against Shiites, in the Middle East, even by threatening to take back control over Iran and win control also over Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. It’s all based upon hiding the truth, and spreading their lies.

This banned-in-the-United-States video (of Netanyahu speaking on 20 October 2015) shows Netanyahu saying that the Palestinians — and especially their leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem — invented the idea of the Holocaust, Hitler did not. But, fortunately, I had had that video archived before it was censored-out by the U.S. regime, and I presented and discussed that video here and here. As I noted there, Netanyahu at that time said, “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time [28 November 1941]; he wanted to expel the Jews.” Netanyahu lied in this. Hitler’s only meeting with the Grand Mufti occurred after the Holocaust had already started, on 28 November 1941. Hitler — and NOT the Grand Mufti, raised the issue, by promising to him that if Hitler wins WW II, then he will extend the Holocaust beyond Europe and eliminate the Jews in the Middle East (and actually worldwide) too. As I pointed out there:

Hitler’s mass-killing centers were already operating prior to “Weimar, Nov. 25, ’41 8:58 a.m” (that’s three days prior to the Mufti-Hitler meeting) when Dr. Friedrich Mennecke, at Buchenwald, wrote, to his wife, telling her that the killing of “1200 Jews” had been done in Buchenwald that day, November 25th, without even examining the “patients,” but instead as “a purely theoretical job” (i.e., on the basis of racist-fascist ideology); and, that, in addition, “After the Jews come about 300 Aryans as 3rd portion, who again will have to be ‘examined’,” before they, too, might (perhaps the next day) be declared unfit to live, and sent directly to slaughter.

biden-refuses-2People who allege that the Wannsee Conference on 20 January 1942 started the Holocaust are like people who say that the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 started the war in Ukraine, or that the 7 October invasion of Israel by Hamas started the war in Gaza: they have ulterior motives for misrepresenting history. Those ulterior motives are clear and blatant (to hide which side was the aggressor and which side was defending itself and fighting AGAINST the aggressor-side in the war — which side STARTED the war — focusing not on any BATTLE during the war, but instead on which side was the aggressor, and which side was the defender, in the entire war), but those lies (to generate confusion as to which side had actually STARTED the war) nonetheless dominate in all ‘news’-coverage in the U.S. and its colonies (America’s ‘allied’ countries). Netanyahu lied in order to fool Christians to believe that Palestinians had STARTED the war between Palestinians and Israelis. Millions of his suckers believe it; and, so, Biden can get away with pumping up the stock values of Lockheed Martin etc., by merely mealy-mouthing against what he knows is actually genocide — in which he himself is complicit.

Christian-majority countries, in Europe and North America, which are controlled by their own billionaires who profit from this, use Israel not only as a stick to poke contemptuously against Arabs and Shiites, but as their chief military base in order to control the Middle East. So: Netanyahu’s lie is also America’s lie, and Europe’s lie. And every lie requires embellishment, and so The West itself is now going crazy with not only lying about history, but with hiding the actual history.

On December 6th Deutsche Welle, the public broadcasting system of Germany, headlined “German state [of Saxony-Anhalt]: Citizenship applicants must support Israel”, and reported:

The state of Saxony-Anhalt has said people who do not recognize Israel’s right to exist cannot become naturalized citizens. The eastern state’s interior minister said Germany’s other 15 states should take similar steps.

One state is requiring aspiring citizens to affirm Israel’s right to exist before getting a German passport.

The eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt will require individuals seeking to become naturalized citizens to confirm in writing, “that they recognize Israel’s right to exist and condemn any efforts directed against the existence of the State of Israel.”

That’s a ‘democracy’? How can a censorship-state be democratic? It dictates beliefs, instead of allowing undictated public debates — freedom-of-thought (the freedom that is the very essence of science).

This is part of the intentional (by the propagandists) confusion between being anti-Semitic versus being anti-Israel. Israel is just a Jewish-racist-fascist nation; the main thing that distinguishes it from Hitler’s regime is that its hatred-target is different. How ironic it is that Jewish nazis founded this Jewish nation on Hitler’s model.

And how ironic is it that now a German state is dictating pro-Israeli beliefs instead of allowing the public to discuss, without coercion, the two very different issues, of the religion that is Judaism, and of the apartheid nation that is Israel. Wasn’t apartheid crucial to Hitler’s Germany? How can a ‘democratic’ Germany now legislate in favor of an apartheid nation in its war to exterminate, and-or expel, all Gazan residents so that Jews can take that land? More ‘Lebensraum’, perhaps? But this is German ‘democracy’ supporting Israeli ‘democracy’? How can ANY apartheid nation BE a democracy? It cannot.

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