Let The Whole World Wait

While the world’s attention is dragged to Ukraine and Israel, rich people focus on their problems.

Ukraine, Israel, COVID-19, nuclear war, end of the world… While Zelensky is traveling around the globe in a vain attempt to beg money for Ukraine, threatening the West that the fall of the Kiev regime will make the leaders of Western democracies the next victims on Putin’s path to world domination, while the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu tries to justify himself in the eyes of the global community for the death of hundreds of civilians in Gaza—the rich of this world enjoy time in their villas and ruminate about where is the best place to allocate their money. And many of them know exactly where this place is: buy cheap land away from the center of universal tension and build a bunker for yourself and your family before the ultimate doomsday comes. And the vast majority of ultra-high-net-worth individuals choose New Zealand.

The Active Investor Plus Visa program was launched back in 2022, targeting those UHNWIs willing to invest in the national economy of New Zealand. Traditionally, New Zealand has developed an image of a country with a stable investment climate alongside an affordable (compared to other Western European countries) personal income tax rate of 39% and corporate tax rate of 28%.

Given the global turmoil and remoteness from the main sources of tension, the high level of public trust in the government, a low level of corruption, and a transparent regulatory framework originating from Western institutions create a comfortable environment for life and prosperity.

According to Henley & Partners data, more than 3,000 investors have moved to New Zealand since 2009. Though, not all of them are preparing for the end of the world. Many are just looking for a quiet life away from the deadly events. Some people are simply tired of the fast pace of life and some want to end their life in peace.

auckland-skyline-buildingsThere are lots of reasons, but people have the same goal as everyone wants to avoid the hustle and bustle and problems that the customary but disturbing world offers to them. It is understandable why people choose these amazing islands. First, the country does not maintain close military ties with anyone and is therefore unlikely to be the target of an attack. Secondly, even if an attack occurs, it will most likely hit Australia, its closest neighbor, although the term is a stretch since the closest route from New Zealand to Australia is 1,500 kilometers in a straight line. Even in the case of a potential nuclear attack, the distance is large enough that it is unlikely to seriously affect New Zealand.

In addition, Australia’s neighbor is part of a group of countries that, according to the estimates if Risk Analysis journal, can fully provide themselves with everything they need in the event of a nuclear winter. Why not call it a paradise in case of the end of the world? In addition, many Western political figures and multimillionaires have already acquired plots and shelters in this country. And they know a lot about saving their own lives. Back in 2017, The New Yorker confirmed online information that Reid Hoffman, a co-founder of LinkedIn, has a home in New Zealand, as do more than 50% of billionaires and dollar multimillionaires who reside in Silicon Valley, including, as is authentically known, Peter Thiel, PayPal founder and Donald Trump ally.

This is precisely the mistake of the New Zealand government: for now, it allows everyone who has money in their accounts into the country, without really thinking about the origin of this very money. At least for now, there is no information that anyone has been denied an investor visa. This is understandable: those willing to cough up, are usually not asked about where their money comes from, although this is exactly the question that should be asked. After all, this may potentially affect the safety of other rich people vested with power.   Will politicians in power want to have a common fence with a person like Zelensky or some little-known drug lord who had several plastic surgeries and went to live out his life at the end of the world? Unlikely. Highly unlikely. But why? Because New Zealanders are used to living quietly and peacefully. And this may end because a great crime does lie behind every great fortune. New Zealand is obviously not ready for this.

One way or another, New Zealand appears to soon have so many shelters for fugitive politicians and multimillionaires that it will be Target Number One in the event of World War III. Times change. Switzerland once used to be a magnet for capital and the political and financial elite from all over the world. Now the world is changing. New types of weapons are emerging. Borders are blurring significantly, while security and the existing international financial and legal frameworks are no longer as inviolable as they used to be.

So, the Alps, once an effective obstacle for armies, are apparently turning into obstacles that are easily surmountable with present-day transportation. And New Zealand is gaining ground in playing this role today. The main thing is that international guarantees similar to Swiss ones are offered timely, which is unlikely to happen any time soon.  So think twice before moving to New Zealand, because without those guarantees, this country is as legitimate a target as any other. But if you choose it…

You can immigrate to New Zealand with an investor visa. Just invest NZ$15 million, or €8 million, in the national economy. Admit that for many successful businesspeople, this is a mere trifle, especially if you have hundreds of millions of dollars in your account.

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