The “White” Person In The United States Is Turning Into A Minority

2023 is the final year before the big US election. The Americans, despite the hundreds of military bases scattered around the world, get involved in almost every problem of one country or another. However, they do it purely to make their citizens more meaningful and make sure that their citizens get more than the rest of us. The media in the United States, focusing on the conflict in Ukraine and the war in Israel, distract voters from the problems that the average citizen faces when he or she literally walks into the street: millions of rats in the subways of New York City, an obsolete military-industrial complex, huge numbers of migrants on the streets of major cities, and runaway inflation. The list goes on.

The media has only recently looked at who is now immigrating to the US – what is the ethnic makeup of these people? And here’s a surprising fact: migration from Europe has virtually stopped. People mostly come to the States from Asia or South America. But the problem is the lack of common roots and cultural commonality between Americans and people from Asia and Latin America. Well, one could refute this position by saying that the US has always been a “melting pot” where nations mingle, giving birth to something new, something truly unique.

But those days are gone. Now, the “melting pot” has been destroyed. People try to create their unique enclaves in an attempt to preserve their culture and ethnic identity even in a foreign land. They don’t want to “melt” like they once did. And with the cessation of the European flow, the very foundation of American identity on which the American state was built will disappear. America was once a colony of European powers, right? We shouldn’t forget that. And the US was built on both rejection and continuity of the Old World that was on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Today, the US lacks migrants from Europe. Washington wanted people from Britain, France, Germany, and other European countries to come to the New World as before, creating something new and bringing a new flow to American stale life. Today, the trend is just the opposite. All the migrants who come to the United States these days are consumptives who come to this country in search of the so-called “American Dream.” And here perhaps one of the favorite phrases of US migration officials will do: “What is your add value?”

What is the contribution of incoming migrants to the US economy? To the country’s culture? To its society? And then it turns out that most migrants can’t contribute anything to the US economy. They have no practical value for the country – they go only to consume, and mindless consumption is the key to economic decline; everyone knows that.

diversity-peopleAnd then, it becomes clear that the United States has lost its former skilled migrants represented by Europeans. Meanwhile, their nation’s schools, institutes, and think tanks do not appear to be sufficiently recreating the necessary number of educated people willing and able to keep the US economy “afloat.”

The only region capable of producing a highly skilled workforce in sufficient quantities is Asia in its broadest sense, primarily India. That is why the US is India’s largest trading partner. It is the US that gives grants for Indian students to study in high-tech professions. And it is the US that is poaching India’s best brains to high-tech centers in Silicon Valley, offering terms that Indian companies simply cannot compete with.

However, the American school is also good at analyzing data well based on the statistics collected. Birth control research has shown that with migration from Asia and Latin America, migrants’ refusal to integrate into traditional American society and their attempt to maintain their way of life, even while living in another country, threatens Anglo-Saxons.

And this statement is not made out of thin air. Although the population of the United States is large, it is mainly reproduced through migration and births to Asian and Latin American families. While white Americans live in a two-child household at best, families with four or more children are actually common for Asian and Latin American families. Neither should we dismiss African Americans, who traditionally gravitate toward the latter group. As a result, while Latinos, Asians, and African Americans are spreading their offspring, white Americans are, at best, “coming out at zero.” And as time goes on, the gap will widen.

And now the US government is getting more and more thoughtful about the future. First and foremost, this applies to the US Democratic Party. After all, they were the ones who supported unrestricted migration and traditionally bet on blacks, Latinos, and migrants in elections. They began to talk about a new concept of immigration: “We need white, educated people who are procreative.”

Also, politicians are beginning to ask a very valid and simple question: the concept of childfree has been very much promoted in the US for the last ten years: “The freedom of a person is to live without children, and then you will live comfortably.” And what was the outcome? A drop in the predominantly white population because the ways of Latinos, Asians, and blacks are too traditional and canonical. To them, all these “fashion” trends are insignificant. They remain devoted to the principles instilled in them by their ancestors.

Will the US be able to climb out of the resulting “white” demographic hole? Most likely, yes – but by what effort, and more to the point, why was it necessary to put themselves in that position? No expert will give a definite answer or prediction because today’s world is too turbulent. One thing is clear: domestic policy needs to be changed. As soon as possible.

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