Who Is To Blame For The Genocide In Gaza?

Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of one of the most densely populated areas on this planet, the Gaza Strip, is genocidal because it is aimed at hospitals, schools, refugee camps, and not ONLY at possible military targets such as the Israeli regime alleges. Furthermore, Israel is harvesting body-parts of the Palestinian corpses it is generating there, as the Gaza media office reports that “After examining the bodies [of corpses that Israel’s forces delivered on December 26th to the Gazan authority at the Karam Abu Salem border-crossing], it is clear that the features of those killed had changed greatly in a clear indication that the Israeli occupation [force in Gaza] had stolen vital organs from them.”

The main difference between what Israel is doing now, and what Hitler’s Germany did in its Holocaust then, is that this time, it’s probably being done much faster because everyone who lives in that 365 km2 (141 sq mi) “the world’s largest open-air prison” called “Gaza” is being targeted to be either directly slaughtered by bombs and missiles, or else starved to death by Israel’s siege of that area; and, so, it can be much more efficiently and much faster conducted this time than when Hitler did it on an individual-by-individual basis by selecting out from the general population whom to slaughter and whom not to. This time, Israel already knows whom it will slaughter: the entire Gaza population there. It’s just like what America did when it nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki to start the Cold War against the Sovie Union in 1945. Or, as Eisenhower advised Truman to do that, “no power on earth could keep the Red Army out of that war [that “the Red Army” already actually were in] unless victory [by the U.S. alone against Japan] could come before they [the Soviet forces] could get in.” So: Truman nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to win Japan for America ultimately against the Soviet Union. Truman made that decision (to start the Cold War) on 25 July 1945. And Netanyahu cannot turn back now from his commitment to “eliminate Hamas” without exterminating the Palestinians, who overwhelmingly support Hamas; and, though support by the Gazans for Hamas has increased 10% since the October attack by Hamas, support for Hamas on the West Bank is even higher, around 90% now — so: what could Netanyahu realistically hope to replace Hamas with? The answer is obvious: Israel is slaughtering the Gazans so as to avoid that problem. It will be a genocide there.

A recent poll in America found that by an overwhelming margin, far more Americans think that Hamas aims to genocide Israelis than think that Israelis aim to genocide Gazans. However, that finding is not surprising when one recognizes that the U.S. Government itself is a 50-50 partner with Israel’s Government in perpetrating this genocide; and, as I reported on December 8th, “Biden backs Israel’s policy to eliminate all Gazans” but that he constantly denies it by alleging that he is pressuring Netanyahu to discontinue doing it — even while it is the case that though Israel is supplying the troops to do it, the U.S. is supplying the weapons and the bombs and the missiles and the satellite intelligence that enables them to do it. This is a genocide that is being done by two means: Israel supplies the troops, and America supplies the intelligence and the weapons, to do it. Both are equally responsible for it.

Furthermore, America, all alone at both the U.N. Security Council and in the General Assembly, is the only nation that is blocking from either and both U.S. bodies a resolution condemning this genocide and condemning Israel for doing it. Of course, since the U.S. regime holds itself out as being superior to and above the United Nations, and the U.N. organization effectively allows that, there are NO resolutions at the U.N. that blame the U.S. regime for this genocide — though it is a 50-50-participant in perpetrating it. Or: as Israel’s Jewish News Service reported on November 27th:

Genocide in GazaIsrael’s dependence on the United States was stated bluntly by retired IDF Maj. General Yitzhak Brick in an interview earlier this week.

“All of our missiles, the ammunition, the precision-guided bombs, all the airplanes and bombs, it’s all from the U.S. The minute they turn off the tap, you can’t keep fighting. You have no capability. … Everyone understands that we can’t fight this war without the United States. Period.”

On December 26th, Dave DeCamp at antiwar dot com headlined “US Has Delivered Over 10,000 Tons of Weapons to Israel Since October 7: Over 240 US cargo planes and 20 ships have made deliveries to Israel” and reported that

Two hundred and forty-four American cargo planes and 20 ships have delivered over 10,000 tons of military equipment to Israel since October 7 to support the massacre in Gaza, Israel’s Channel 12 reported on Monday.

The US support has been crucial in Israel’s ability to keep up its relentless bombardment of Gaza. The Washington Post reported on December 9 that, up to that date, Israel dropped over 22,000 US-provided bombs on the Gaza Strip.

The Pentagon has refused to disclose what types of weapons it’s been sending to Israel, but media reports have revealed some details. The Wall Street Journal reported on December 1 that the US had shipped 15,000 bombs and 57,000 155mm artillery shells to Israel since October 7. …

US officials claim they are “concerned” about the massive civilian casualty rate in Gaza, but the Biden administration continues to provide unconditional military aid for the slaughter. A report from +972 Magazine revealed that Israel is intentionally targeting civilian areas as part of its war strategy.

Biden’s protestations of innocence in this genocide are just more lies from him. He is equally to blame for it along with Netanyahu.

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