Is Blinken Lying?

On January 17th at the World Economic Forum of billionaires and their representatives, in Davos Switzerland, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was interviewed by the New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, and here were highlights (with links to facts that are contrary to given allegations or that place the given allegation into a far less favorable light):


SECRETARY BLINKEN: In areas like the Middle East, where we have this profound and in many ways gut-wrenching challenge right now, here’s what I’m hearing.  I’m hearing from virtually every country that they want the United States, they want us present, they want us at the table, they want us leading.

MR FRIEDMAN:  So one of the things that really strikes me from the outside as a challenge you have right now is that if you don’t respond to something like the attacks of the Houthis on international shipping, international shipping gets completely disrupted, creating inflation all over the world.  If you do respond, it enmeshes you and us in a very messy kind of Middle East war. …

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken gestures during his speech at the Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Why is Ukraine joining the EU, which for me is just hugely important – why is Ukraine joining the West so important, as important as you’ve already described Israel joining the East?

SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Well, look, I think I like that equation.  But fundamentally why is it so important for Ukraine?  Because it’s what its people want.

And the other thing that I think is less visible is that Ukraine has been a profound strategic failure for Vladimir Putin and for Russia.  In so many ways, Putin has precipitated virtually everything he sought to prevent.  You now have a Russia that overall is weaker militarily, it’s weaker economically, it’s weaker diplomatically.  Europe has severed its energy dependence on Russia.  Ukrainians are more united than they’ve ever been.  The NATO Alliance it stronger, it’s larger, and it will get larger still in the weeks ahead. …

And Putin continues to be willing to put his young men into a meat grinder of his own making to try to advance his interests.  That’s a profound tragedy for Russia.  It’s a profound tragedy for so many who are affected by it. …

MR FRIEDMAN:  A country [Even the U.S. Government says that Taiwan is NOT a country but only a province of China] that’s obviously in the news because of a recent election is Taiwan. Taiwan is one of my favorite countries – barren rock in a typhoon-laden sea that has amassed these incredible reserves, the world’s best chip companies.  So much has changed there, Mr. Secretary, over the 40 years I’ve been visiting.  There’s just one thing that hasn’t changed, and it’s geography.  It’s still a tiny island off mainland China.  People who forget their geography sometimes get in trouble, and that wrestling inside Taiwan over that we see in every election, including the last one.  How do you see the results of the last election?  Because it was a certain balanced result with the KMT maintaining the majority in the parliament, the DPP winning the presidency.  How do you see it and how do you hope the U.S. Congress responds to it?

SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Well, I think what we see in Taiwan on one level is very straightforward.  We see a very powerful affirmation of [manipulated] democracy. …

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