Iowa: Victory Won. First Step Toward The Oval Office 

Donald Trump won the Iowa caucuses, which is expected. This victory reflects the current political landscape of the United States. The former President received 51%, while his closest party rivals Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley received 21% and 19%, respectively. Businessman and politician Vivek Ramaswamy, who is ideologically aligned with Trump and won 8%, withdrew his candidacy and urged his supporters to vote for Donald Trump. Experts predict that Vivek Ramaswamy could become Vice President of the USA if Donald Trump wins. The tandem of a young businessman with Indian roots advocating traditional American values and an ideological leader of Republicans would be memorable.

In the Iowa caucuses, no candidate has ever won by a margin greater than 12 points. However, Trump’s lead has reached almost 30%. In 2000, the highest percentage was achieved by Bush Jr. with 41%. In that respect, his victory is historic for Republicans. He also won the most votes in all but one of Iowa’s counties (98 out of 99), where he lost by a margin of 1 vote. In 2016, he won in 36 counties.

Joe Biden dismissed Donald Trump’s victory in Iowa as insignificant. But such underestimations of the enemy have always proved fraught. One should ever estimate political rivals, especially when the approval of Joe Biden’s political activities remains low. Since November 2021, 50% of the US population has consistently expressed negative opinions. One may wonder about the future of current President — it appears that he has little concern.

At this time, people will be ready to go and vote for Donald Trump. But what is his power? Obviously, to most voters, his adequacy, personal qualities and competence, are secondary. To them, this man represents a bygone era of a great nation that prioritizes the needs of its own people and fights for their votes, rather than relying on a foreign newcomer who makes empty and often unfulfilling promises, as the current US President is doing. People are willing to brave cold and snow to uphold Donald Trump’s values and defend their vote. Biden is far-far away from this.

Iowa victoryAnd what is Joe Biden willing to offer? Recently, Quentin Fulks, a representative of his campaign, stated the main points of the President’s program:

  1. Defence of liberty and democracy.
  2. Abortions for everyone.
  3. Ban guns with large magazines.
  4. Insulin at affordable prices.
  5. Forgiveness of educational loans.

But weren’t these same points in his election program 4 years ago? What has been done since then? Why should American voters believe this man? His promises are completely unrealistic. Besides, aren’t there other problems in America? The monstrous social stratification, the huge flow of migrants, the virtual absence of a physical border in the south?

Joe Biden’s program is designed for a specific audience, not the average American. It’s not even the fact. What’s stopping him from doing all this right now? The answer is simple: unattainable goals. On what grounds should these loans be forgiven? Was it Joe Biden who made them? What basis should the court use to determine that a borrower’s responsibilities may be terminated? People who take out loans must have a clear understanding of how they will repay. If they can’t pay, that’s their problem. That’s how the world and America work. Harsh and admirable: only the strongest survive.

Donald Trump, a man who is extremely pragmatic as a businessman and politician, has tried to address problems as they arise and fulfill campaign promises made in 2016. He emphasized the fight against illegal migration, protectionist economic policies, withdrawal from climate agreements, tax reduction, and defeating Islamic terrorism.

While most of his promises were indeed populist, it’s clear that he tried to implement each and every. Nevertheless, results differ strikingly from one direction to another. Trump’s greatest success has come in one area he understands — economics. He fulfilled the business’ expectations with ease, accomplishing almost everything quickly. Tax reform and the abolition of environmental agreements that hindered business were successful. On other fronts — in terms of foreign policy, for example, — Trump has faced significant resistance from his opponents

What concerns should we have in mind during the first stage of elections? This is the first stepping stone on the road to victory for Trump. Obviously, he has no alternative among his own party’s representatives. The Democrat’s blind confidence in victory and denial of reality is either a last-ditch attempt to pretend that all is well or a complete ignorance and misunderstanding of the domestic situation. In any case, we can and should say that Democrats are in a deep crisis, difficult to resolve. It’s quite possible that Republicans may dominate US politics for the next 10-20 years.

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