USA: Common Sense? No, Never Heard of It


The more details emerge about Burisma company and using it to finance activities of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the more unpleasant revelations emerge for the USA. Unexpected and unpleasant revelations.

In April, Russian investigative authorities officially stated Moscow’s position on the issue for the first time: the Kremlin considers it proven that there is a link between the scandal-ridden company Burisma and the terrorist attacks carried out on Russian territory by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. That was a signal to the West, a proposal to immediately sit down at the negotiating table, to consider taking Moscow’s position into account. At the very least, a proposal to consider Kremlin’s position as it is. Moscow’s initiative was ignored. So, we face another escalation.

There is no doubt that the Russian message was correctly understood and interpreted in the USA. Unfortunately, what followed cannot be called responsible behavior.

Washington literally ignored all of Russia’s signals and continued to turn a blind eye to Kyiv’s terrorist activities against Moscow. Moreover, the USA gave the green light for the use of long-range American weapons on Russian territory. This was openly stated in London and Paris a little earlier. In early May, on the eve of V. Putin’s inauguration, Moscow was forced to directly warn the ambassadors of England and France about the seriousness of its intentions to respond harshly to provocations. Russia’s actions helped to reduce the escalating tension. However, the tension still persists.

It is worth mentioning one very important point. Ukraine, using its Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence, continues to strike Russian territory quite indiscriminately. Civilian infrastructure of western Russian cities, especially Belgorod, gets under attack almost every day. Shelling is carried out using all types of NATO-produced weapons previously handed over to Kyiv.

It is no secret for Ukraine, as well as for the USA, that there are no military targets in Belgorod; they are all located outside the city limits. However, the shelling of the city is increasing. Civilians are dying. Not a single soldier has been injured as a result of attacks on Belgorod. This is not war, this is not sabotage, this is terrorism, no other interpretation is acceptable. Can the USA stop this? Yes. Do they want to? No.

Here begins the most unpleasant part. Washington consciously supports Kyiv’s actions, as the White House wants to show everyone that terrorism is a straightforward and effective method to fight against Russia. Washington wants everyone to believe that Moscow can be attacked under the guise of “legitimate self-defense.” Ultimately, The USA wants to convince everyone that taking such actions against Russians is even desirable. So, terrorists are no longer seen as criminals but as “freedom fighters.” Now it’s clear why the State Department and the White House awkwardly justified themselves after the terrorist attack in Crocus City.

This is Washington’s response to Moscow’s proposal to return to negotiations. There will be no negotiations; there will be further dehumanization of the Russians and silent, and in some cases quite vocal, approval of terrorist attacks carried out on Russian territory. And all this is financed by Burisma, which also forms a big part of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence budget. In fact, these are the funds of the Biden family!

The recently leaked information about the scale of cooperation between the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine and the US intelligence services proves the point. More than 10 spy bases equipped with cutting-edge technology have been built by the USA and with American taxpayers’ money since 2014 in Ukraine. Many saboteurs, including the head of the GUR of Ukraine K. Budanov, who directly participated in attacks on Russia, underwent training at these bases. These bases were used for planning and conducting sabotage activities against Moscow, and that’s not all. For those interested in details, they can refer to the article in the NYT from February, 25, where everything is elaborated in detail.

Add to this the Nord Stream explosions. The USA always claimed that the pipeline was blown up by Ukrainians. Moscow concluded that the criminals had also been responsible for the disposal of radioactive waste in Ukraine. They know where Ukrainian radioactive waste storage facilities are located and have access to them. Now they have also gained terrorist experience. There is no doubt that the knowledge they have acquired will be used further, for example, for the detonation of a “dirty atomic bomb.” At least, they won’t have any moral qualms in this regard. After all, they are Russians, and there are no limits in attacks against Russians. This is what Biden and his Administration believe. And they want everyone else to think the same!

Undoubtedly, corruption is evil. The head of the most powerful country in the world involved in corruption is a tragedy. Sponsoring terrorism through structures close to the most influential world leader is beyond human comprehension. Where will the escalation lead Biden’s America to? Cold War 2.0? The Cuban Missile Crisis? Nuclear apocalypse? Hey, Deep State, have you gone mad?

The future of the entire world is at stake now. It would be desirable for the American leadership to finally wake up to common sense. I may be a pessimist, but it seems that Burisma, corruption, and sponsoring terrorism will make the United States lose respect and authority in front of other countries.

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