The Buildup To WW III Is Now At An Advanced Stage


On 27 October 2022, I headlined “NATO wants to place nuclear missiles on Finland’s Russian border — Finland says yes.”, and explained that though the U.S. Government’s goal of placing its nuclear missiles just 317 miles away from Moscow on Ukraine’s border was being prevented by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine making that impossible to do, the U.S. Government had nonetheless already won a huge victory against Russia by getting Finland into NATO and receiving Finland’s promise that America will be allowed to place its nukes there, only 507 miles away from Moscow. It was a huge victory against Russia, but disastrous for Finland, which consequently became perhaps the #1 target now for Russia’s missiles, in order to defeat Finland in WW III, as it had done when Finland participated in Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa to conquer Russia during WW II — and lost. Now Finland isn’t merely another colony of the U.S. empire, but it’s the likeliest one of them to be the first to become obliterated if WW II breaks out. Of course, Finland had joined NATO in order to increase its national security against Russia, which had posed no threat to Finland and had been friendly toward them, but since then Finland really is in great danger from Russia, by being perhaps as near as America will come to blitz-nuking and beheading Russia’s central command in The Kremlin.

And, since then, as Russia comes nearer and nearer to conquering Ukraine in America’s proxy-war to conquer Russia, America’s NATO military alliance against Russia is panicking as it contemplates becoming even more involved in this war than they already are, and the two main proposals being discussed by the NATO countries are to send their troops into Ukraine to join the war directly, and to send into Ukraine the types of weapons that Ukraine has been pleading for in order to be able to make this war as destructive to Russia as this U.S.-created war has turned out to be to Ukraine. But, now, Russia has layed down the gauntlet, saying that if either of those things happens, then NATO itself will become destroyed.

On 28 May 2024, Russia’s RT News headlined “Putin warns West about consequences of long-range strikes on Russia” from Ukraine, and he said that “these representatives of NATO countries, especially in Europe, especially in small countries, must be aware of what they are playing with,” when they talk of such measures.

That same day, RT also headlined “NATO training for nuclear strike on Russia – general”, and reported:

NATO nations are preparing for possible nuclear strikes on Russia, a senior Moscow general has warned.

Vladimir Kulishov, the first deputy director of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), and head of the country’s Border Guard Service, outlined threats that his branch has to deal with in an interview with RIA Novosti.

”NATO intelligence operations close to the Russian border are on the rise. Forces of the alliance are intensifying military training, in which they work out military scenarios against the Russian Federation, including nuclear strikes on our territory,” he told the news agency on Tuesday.

On May 27th, a slew of articles there portrayed some of America’s colonies becoming even less enthusiastic to be parts of America’s war against Russia than they had been before:

“Germany opposes NATO missile shield over Ukraine: Berlin says it does not want to get directly involved in the Ukraine conflict”.

“Italian deputy PM calls NATO boss ‘a dangerous man’: Matteo Salvini slams Stoltenberg’s call for lifting of restrictions on Ukraine using its Western weapons to attack sites in Russia”.

“EU state explains why it can’t support new Russia sanctions: Hungary’s opposition to the EU’s latest initiatives has caused ‘ruckus’ amongst top diplomats of the bloc, FM Peter Szijjarto says”.

“EU state’s [Hungary’s] FM claims Ukrainian men fear ‘certain death’”.

“Italian deputy PM calls NATO boss ‘a dangerous man’: Matteo Salvini slams Stoltenberg’s call for lifting of restrictions on Ukraine using its Western weapons to attack sites in Russia”.

So: will Finland now fulfill on the promise it had made to become the closest of all locations to allow U.S. nukes to be placed against Moscow? Or will they instead recognize what fools they were to join NATO? After all, if Finland now were secretly to offer Putin a bilateral peace treaty with Russia, then how much would Russia likely be willing to offer Finland in order to make it happen, given that the first NATO country to quit NATO might ultimately turn into the first of many countries to want similar deals, given that this 21st Century is likely to be the Asian Century, and that the American Century actually ended around 25 years ago. Looking to the future, should Europe remain colonies of the U.S. empire, or instead become free, independent, and sovereign countries who trade mainly with Russia, China, and the rest of Asia — free and sovereign countries in EurAsia, instead of the mere colonies of America that they have been? In fact, why hasn’t Putin already been talking about this, and taking the initiative on his own to offer this? He know that it’s what the rulers of America have been most fearing would happen. What, then, is holding him back from doing it?

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