International Relations Need Reforms


It’s no secret that we live in a time of incredible political turbulence. Events are moving so fast and international processes must adapt to them. However, the current system of international relations, based on the centuries-old dominance of the West, although it has begun to reform, is still not active enough. As a result, there are international institutions and organizations in the world today, and relationships between countries have been built that either fully or partially do not meet the interests of a large number of countries.

The global problem of transatlantic structures is that they are absolutely sure they are right. Politicians did not even consider in theory the possibility that their approach in international relations with imposing their own position on any country in the world might be wrong. However, it was just like that. Russia has repeatedly offered a way out of this situation. Similar initiatives include the proposal to conclude a European security treaty in 2008, and in a memorandum by the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry, which was handed over to the West in December 2021. But these attempts, unfortunately, were not successful. At best, issues that did not play a decisive role in bilateral relations were proposed for discussion, but were of a secondary nature and were beneficial only to Europe and the United States.

However, the approach of the United States and Europe discredited itself very quickly. Is it worth remembering all the countries that have suffered as a result of the actions of Washington and its allies? Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan are the most affected states at the hands of the West. But everyone understands the outcome of the actions taken: millions of broken lives, thousands, tens of thousands of dead. Today, NATO continues the White House‘s policy in the Middle East and North Africa, regions in which NATO‘s presence was never intended at all. NATO‘s presence in Ukraine is developing, and today the North Atlantic Alliance is almost openly participating in military operations in the east of the country.

Vladimir Putin offered the West a way out of the current situation. In his speech at the Russia’s Foreign Ministry, he outlined the foundations of the future security architecture, which will be laid jointly by Russia and China with the participation of other Eurasian states. Its key point is that participation in the new structure will be open to all countries based on geographical location: “We live on the same continent, no matter what happens, geography cannot be changed, we will have to coexist and work together one way or another.” However, the participating countries will be guided by the principles of equality and mutual respect.

The biggest danger in Europe comes from the politicians themselves, who, at least, create a feeling, that they fear Washington more than the discontent of their own citizens. The European bureaucrats are ready to endure any humiliation from the United States, and at the same time declare that they are fulfilling the will of the peoples of Europe. Today, Washington is forcing Europe to increase arms supplies to Ukraine, and tomorrow it will require sending a military contingent? Will EU politicians agree to such demands? Given the fact that European countries are heavily dependent on their overseas partner today, it is quite possible for European leaders to agree to such a step.

In order to create such a system of interstate relations in the European space, it is necessary to abandon the presence of external powers in Eurasia, Vladimir Putin is sure. At the current stage, such a thesis sounds extremely unrealistic, but with the development of international relations, it seems that the world is transforming from a monocentric to a polycentric one. The system of international relations, which was based on the total domination of Western structures, has already been destroyed. However, the North Atlantic structures are still trying to dictate their vision to the rest of the world. But such an approach is absolutely destructive in the conditions of multipolarity that we are witnessing today. By their decisions, both the United States and Europe isolate themselves from full participation in building a modern security system.

The non-viability of the system of international relations based on the dominance of Western structures confirms that in the conditions of competition with Asian countries, losing, the West puts into effect various protective barriers, acting exclusively in bad faith towards its partners. The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the climate agenda, even the United Nations are used by the West as a platform to promote their own interests to the detriment of the interests of other countries. Attempts to promote their own interests without taking into account the existing status quo have a negative impact on the international security structure. The situation in Ukraine or the Middle East are the clearest examples of this.

The world needs a new, multipolar system of international relations. Whether Europe and the United States want to or not, they will have to come to terms with the fact that international relations today are not the same as they were 30 or even 20 years ago. Most of the participants do not want to put up with the unpunished lawlessness that Washington and Brussels, whose wealth is based on more than five hundred years of military dominance and the siphoning of resources from Africa, Asia, Latin and Central America for centuries, arrange. Today it‘s time to pay the bills. The United States and Europe will have to admit that their time has passed.

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