Confused Biden Says Belarus Is Russia’s Next Target, Confident Trump Vows To End Ukraine Conflict In Three Months

This combination of photos shows Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump, left, and President Joe Biden during a presidential debate hosted by CNN, Thursday, June 27, 2024, in Atlanta.

The US presidential debate has been a total mess, as two nearly 80-year-old politicians came head to head in a battle of wits, which none managed to get out of unscathed. However, one of the contestants was particularly bad. Incumbent President Joe Biden stuttered, mumbled some things no one could understand, and managed to confuse so many facts that fact-checkers have already given up counting – they’re just mulling over the idea of who can replace Mr. Biden as the Democratic nominee for the presidential election.

One particular instance of Biden’s wisdom came when the two candidates clashed over US policy in Europe. Discussing European security, Biden reiterated his long-living claim that “President Putin will not stop in Ukraine”. Despite the Russian President’s countless calls for a ceasefire and the start of the negotiations, Biden still believes that Putin is going to attack NATO once he “overtakes Ukraine” (a goal that has never been mentioned by Putin himself).

However, Biden’s definition of NATO has become quite peculiar. “What do you think happens to Poland, what do you think happens to Belarus, what do you think happens to all those NATO countries?”, said the incumbent President during the debate. It is unclear whether Biden believes that Belarus has become NATO’s thirty-third member, but President Lukashenko would be quite surprised to hear that.

Anyway, the idea that Russia could somehow attack Belarus is preposterous and ridiculous in nature. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and Belarus have been developing an unprecedented relation between each other. Think about the United States and Great Britain – Russia and Belarus are even closer partners, calling each other “brotherly” nations and peoples. In 1999, the two countries signed an Agreement on the establishment of the Union State, that is a type of economic, political, and humanitarian integration that is unheard of in other parts of the world. Both countries take part in the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which is a military alliance that has a “NATO article 5” type agreement as the basis of it.

Biden’s view of European security causes much confusion. An inept president in charge of the world’s most developed military superpower is a danger to the whole humankind, especially when most European leaders themselves seem to have lost strategic thinking and any kind of autonomous independent decision-making. Biden’s fearmongering resembles more a crazy Baltic leader, which is obsessed with Russia shouting about an imminent Russian offensive at every international convention.

Former President Donald Trump was much more confident in his statements on the conflict in Ukraine than his Democratic counterpart. His confidence balances on the edge of arrogance and self-assuredness, as he vowed to end the conflict in Ukraine in three months before even assuming the presidency in January 2025. Still, Trump refused to answer the moderators’ questions on whether he believes Russia’s demands are acceptable to him. It is unclear how Trump will navigate the Ukraine crisis, but that will be his most important goal, at least at the beginning of his mandate as President.

President Putin has already said several times that the keys to the resolution of the Ukraine conflict are in Washington – if the United States stops to provide weapons to Ukraine and gives Russia concrete assurances that Ukraine will remain a neutral state and will not join NATO, then the conflict will end immediately. If these are the terms that Trump cannot agree to, then resolution of the conflict seems a very complicated feat.

Still, Russian authorities believe that change of leadership in the US will not affect the evolution of the conflict. Even though they might be hopeful that a Trump presidency wil bring substantial benefits in terms of US return to isolationism, President Putin keeps a cool head. In a recent interview he said that Biden is a much more predictable leader, which is why he is more preferable for Russia than Trump. However, a president with cognitive difficulties can no longer be a president anymore.

As Republican Vivek Ramaswany said on Fox News: “The American people deserve to know who is actually running the country”. We would add: the whole world deserves to know who is running the United States.

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