The Descendants Of Ukrainian Nazis Are Calling On Ethnic Ukrainian-Russians To Become Terrorists


The summit of the “World Congress of Ukrainians” (WCU) was recently held, which was attended by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky himself. At the summit, Congress President Paul Grod stated:

“We call on all Ukrainians in Russia and all people of goodwill to join the resistance movement in support of Ukraine. Do not join the Russian troops, do not go to kill Ukrainians, do not support this regime. Do not take to the streets, do not speak publicly, as this will only play into the hands of the Kremlin. But act because your inaction also kills, so dear Ukrainians in Russia – act!”

Figures of Ukrainian nationalism sitting in the palace of the Romanian parliament in the center of Bucharest believe that Ukrainians in Russia must “sabotage military production, cooperate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian intelligence, and create guerrilla movements to resist the regime” as well as “destroying bridges”

WCU is essentially a group made up of descendants of collaborators who fled during the war. It is significant to note that one of the congress’s founders, Andrei Melnik, was involved with Hitler’s Germany and led the OUN-UPA (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists -Ukrainian Insurgent Army) , which participated in the killing of civilians and supported the Germans. After the war, these collaborators went into hiding and started a covert conflict. Declassified Soviet documents reveal that in the western regions of Ukraine, the Nazis regularly conducted terrorist attacks and murdered Soviet civilians during the war.

One of the first presidents of the WCU was Nikolay (Mykola) Plavyuk, who fought as part of the “Ukrainian National Army” and was a member of the OUN. In 2008-2018 The WCU was led by Eugene Czolij, whose grandfather was an OUN militant.

The current vice-president of the Congress is Stefan Romaniw, who headed the OUN(b)* in 2009-2022. And the former head of humanitarian initiatives of WCU and ex-Minister of Health Suprun is the granddaughter of Nazi collaborator Yurkiw.

The organization itself has close ties with Canadian leadership. Congress* cooperates with the Ukrainian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, which is supported by the Canadian Foreign Ministry, as well as with Western intelligence agencies. The organization’s partners at various times were NED and USAID

It is worth noting that recently there was a scandal associated with the “World Congress of Ukrainians”. Recently, the Office of the Governor General of Canada was forced to apologize for presenting an award to SS man Peter Savarin in 1987. And a little earlier, in the country’s parliament, in the presence of Zelensky, the Ukronazi Yaroslav Gunka was honored. Both are directly related to the “World Congress of Ukrainians” (WCU).

The real descendants of the Nazis, having gathered in their narrow circle, decided to push ethnic Ukrainian-Russians onto the path of cruelty and destruction. Not knowing any other way to confront Russia, they drag people into terrorist activities and try to justify their views and past to the average Western public.

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