Kosovo for “Europe”: Serbia between “Holy Land” and Stepmother

The assassination of Kosovo’s Serb leader Oliver Ivanović on January 16th, 2018 in the northern (the Serb) part of the divided city of Kosovska Mitrovica once again put on the agenda both the issue of contested land of Kosovo and Serbia’s policy towards the West, in particular, the EU.

The Western (the USA/EU) client Serbia’s government is quite long time under the direct pressure from Brussels to recognize the independence of the narco-mafia Kosovo’s quasi-state for the exchange to join the EU but not before 2025. It is only a question of time that a Western colony of Serbia has to finally declare its position towards Kosovo’s independence. All pro-Western bots and trolls in Serbia, already publicly announced their official position in regard to this question: Serbia’s Government has to finally inform the Serbian nation that Kosovo is not an integral part of Serbia anymore and therefore the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Belgrade is the only way towards a “prosperous” Euro future of the country that is within the EU (and the NATO’s pact as well). The fundamental Western quisling in Belgrade – president of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić (of the Bosnian origin from a Nazi-Croat district of Bugojno) recently clearly informed the nation not to be surprised if Serbia has to recognize the independence of Kosovo in order to join “Europe” (why Switzerland, Andorra, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Norway or Iceland are not in “Europe” he did not explain).

The EU chief of diplomacy, Federica Mogherini met with the president of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci and the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic during the proceedings of the UN General Assembly in New York in September 2017.

In the following paragraphs, the most important features of the “Kosovo Question” are going to be presented for the better understanding of the present political situation in which the Serb nation is questioned by the Western “democracies” upon both its own national identity and national pride.


The southeastern province of the Republic of Serbia – under the administrative title of Kosovo-Metochia (in  English only Kosovo), was at the very end of the 20th century in the center of international relations and global politics too due to the NATO’s 78 days of the “humanitarian” military intervention against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (the FRY composed by Serbia and Montenegro) in 1999 (March 24th–June 10th). As it was not approved and verified by the General Assembly or the Security Council of the United Nations, the US-led operation “Merciful Angel” opened among the academicians a fundamental question of the purpose and nature of the “humanitarian” interventions in the world like it was previously in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995, Rwanda in 1994 or Somalia in 1991−1995. More precisely, it provoked dilemmas of the misusing ethical, legal and political aspects of armed “humanitarian” interventions as the “responsibility to protect” (R2P) for the very reason that it became finally obvious in 2008 that the NATO’s “humanitarian” military intervention in 1999 was primarily aimed to lay the foundation for Kosovo’s independence and its separation from Serbia with transformation of the province into the US−EU’s political-economic colony, what Kosovo, in fact, today is [see more in Hannes Hofbauer, Eksperiment Kosovo: Povratak kolonijalizma, Beograd: Albatros Plus, 2009].

Kosovo as contested land between the Serbs and the Albanians

The province of Kosovo-Metochia (Kosova in Albanian) is a landlocked territory in Central Balkans having borders with Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (the FYROM), Central Serbia and Montenegro. It is almost of the same size as Montenegro but having more than four times Montenegro’s population [Sabrina P. Ramet (ed.), Central and Southeast European Politics since 1989, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010, 359]. The province, as historically contested land between the Serbs and the Albanians, did not, does not and will not have an equal significance for these two nations. For the Albanians, Kosovo was all the time just a provincial land populated by them without any cultural or historical importance except for the single historical event that the first Albanian nationalistic political league was proclaimed in the town of Prizren in Metochia (West Kosovo) in 1878 and existed only till 1881. However, both Kosovo as a province and the town of Prizren were chosen to host the First (pan-Albanian) Prizren League only for the very propaganda reason – to emphasize allegedly predominantly the “Albanian” character of both Kosovo and Prizren regardless to the very fact that at that time the Serbs were a majority of population either in Kosovo or in Prizren. Kosovo was never part of Albania and the Albanians from Albania had no important cultural, political or economic links with Kosovo’s Albanians regardless the fact that the overwhelming majority of Kosovo’s Albanians originally came from North Albania after the First Great Serbian Migration from Kosovo in 1690.Kosovo map

However, quite contrary to the Albanian case, Kosovo-Metochia is the focal point of the Serbian nationhood, statehood, traditions, customs, history, culture, church and above all of the ethnonational identity. It was exactly Kosovo-Metochia to be the central administrative-cultural part of medieval Serbia with the capital in Prizren. The administrative centre of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the medieval and later on the Ottoman-time was also in Kosovo-Metochia in the town of Peć (Ipek in the Turkish; Pejë in the Albanian). Before Muslim Kosovo’s Albanians started to demolish the Serbian Christian Orthodox churches and monasteries from June 1999 onward, there were around 1.500 Serbian Christian shrines in this province. Kosovo-Metochia is even today called by the Serbs as the “Serbian Holy Land” while the town of Prizren is known for the Serbs as the “Serbian Jerusalem” and the “Imperial Town” (Tsarigrad) in which there was an imperial court of the Emperor Stefan Dušan of Serbia (1346−1355) [see more in Миладин Стевановић, Душаново царство, Београд: Књига-комерц, 2001]. The Serbs, differently to the Albanians, have a plenty of national folk songs and legends about Kosovo-Metochia, especially in regard to the Kosovo Battle of 1389 in which they lost state independence to the Ottoman Turks. For the Serbs, Kosovo-Metochia is the “cradle of the Serbs” and real “Serbia proper” while for the Albanians, Kosovo is just a peripheral province of their nationhood and culture.

Nevertheless, there is nothing similar in the Albanian case in regard to Kosovo. For instance, there is no single Albanian church or monastery in this province from the medieval time or any important monument as the witness of the Albanian ethnic presence in the province before the time of the administration by the Ottoman Sultanate. Even the Muslim mosques from the Ottoman time (1455−1912) claimed by the Albanians to belong to the Albanian national heritage, were, in fact, built by the Ottoman authorities but not by the ethnic Albanians. The Albanian national folk songs are not mentioning the medieval Kosovo that is one of the crucial evidence that they simply have nothing in common with the pre-Ottoman Kosovo. All Kosovo’s place-names (toponyms) are of the Slavic (the Serb) origin but not of the Albanian. The Albanians during the last 50 years are just renaming or adapting the original place-names according to their vocabulary what is making a wrong impression that the province is authentically the Albanian. We have not right to forget the very fact that the word Kosovo is of the Slavic (the Serb) origin meaning a kind of eagle (kos) while the same word means simply nothing in the Albanian language. Finally, in the Serbian tradition, Kosovo-Metochia was always a part of the “Old Serbia” while in the Albanian tradition Kosovo was never called as any kind of Albania.

Inside the church in Visoki Dečani Monastery in Kosovo (founded in 1327).
Inside the church in Visoki Dečani Monastery in Kosovo (founded in 1327).

The province became contested land between the Serbs and the Albanians when the later started to migrate from North Albania to Kosovo-Metochia after 1690 with getting a privileged status as the Muslims by the Ottoman authorities. A Muslim Albanian terror against the Christian Serbs at the Ottoman time resulted in the Albanisation of the province to such extent that the ethnic structure of Kosovo-Metochia became drastically changed in the 20th century. A very high Muslim Albanian birthrate played an important role in the process of Kosovo’s Albanisation too. Therefore, after the WWII the ethnic breakdown of the Albanians in the province was around 67 percent. The new and primarily anti-Serb communist authorities of socialist Yugoslavia legally forbade to some 100.000 WWII Serb refugees from Kosovo-Metochia to return to their homes back after the collapse of the Greater Albania in 1945 of which Kosovo was an integral part. A Croat-Slovenian communist dictator of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito (1892−1980), granted to the province of Kosovo-Metochia a considerable political autonomous status in 1974 with a separate government, Provincial Assembly, president, Academy of Sciences, security forces, independent University of Prishtina and even military defense system for the fundamental political reason to prepare Kosovo’s independence after the death of his Titoslavia. Therefore, Kosovo-Metochia in socialist Yugoslavia was just formally part of Serbia as the province was from a political-administrative point of view an independent as all Yugoslav republics. A fully Albanian-governed Kosovo from 1974 to 1989 resulted in both destruction of the Christian (the Serb) cultural monuments and continuation of mass expulsion of the ethnic Serbs and Montenegrins from the province to such extent that according to some estimations there were around 200.000 Serbs and Montenegrins expelled from the province after the WWII up to the abolition of political autonomy of the province (in fact, independence) by Serbia’s authority in 1989 with the legal and legitimate verification by the provincial assembly of Kosovo-Metochia and the reintegration of Kosovo-Metochia into Serbia. At the same time, there were around 300.000 Albanians who illegally came to live in Kosovo-Metochia from Albania after 1945. Consequently, according to the official census, in 1991 there was only 10 percent of the Serbs and Montenegrins in Kosovo-Metochia, 87 percent of the Albanians and 3 percent of others. In one word, during one century of time, the Serbian population of Kosovo-Metochia from 65−70 percent fell down to 10 percent (according to the first Ottoman census in 1455, there was only 2 percent of the Albanians in Kosovo-Metochia) [see more in Р. Самарџић et al, Косово и Метохија у српској историји, Београд: Друштво за чување споменика и неговање традиција ослободилачких ратова Србије до 1918. године у Београду−Српска књижевна задруга, 1989; Д. Т. Батаковић, Косово и Метохија: Историја и идеологија, Београд: Чигоја штампа, 2007].

Fighting Kosovo’s Albanian political terrorism and territorial secession

The revocation of Kosovo’s political autonomy in 1989 by Serbia’s central government in Belgrade was aimed primarily to stop further ethnic Albanian terror against the Serbs and Montenegrins and to prevent secession of the province from Serbia with the final aim to restore the WWII Greater Albania and legalize the Albanian ethnic cleansing of all non-Albanian population what practically happened in Kosovo after mid-June 1999 when the NATO’s troops occupied the province and brought to the power a classical terrorist political-military organization – Kosovo’s Liberation Army (the KLA). Nevertheless, the Western mainstream media, as well as academia, presented Serbia’s fighting Kosovo’s Albanian political terrorism and territorial secession after 1989 as Belgrade policy of discrimination against the Albanian population which became deprived of political and economic rights and opportunities [typical examples of such approach are, for instance, propaganda and shameful books based on the falsification of historical facts and a partisan interpretation of political events Noel Malcolm, Kosovo: A Short History, New York: HarperPerennial, 1999; and Sabrina P. Ramet (ed.), Central and Southeast European Politics since 1989, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010]. The fact was that such “discrimination” was primarily a result of the Albanian policy of boycotting Serbia’s state institutions and even job opportunities offered to them in order to present their living conditions in Kosovo as the governmental-sponsored minority rights oppression.

Kosovo Liberation Army
Kosovo Liberation Army

In the Western mainstream mass media and even in academic writings, Dr Ibrahim Rugova, a political leader of Kosovo’s Albanians in the 1990s, was described as a person who led a non-violent resistance movement against Milošević’s policy of ethnic discrimination of Kosovo’s Albanians. I. Rugova was even called as a “Balkan Gandhi”. In the 1990s there were established in Kosovo-Metochia the Albanian parallel and illegal social, educational and political structures and institutions as a state within the state. The Albanians under the leadership of Rugova even three times proclaimed the independence of Kosovo. However, these proclamations of independence were at that time totally ignored by the West and the rest of the world. Therefore, Rugova-led Kosovo’s Albanian national-political movement failed to promote and advance Kosovo’s Albanian struggle for secession from Serbia and independence of the province with the final political task to incorporate it into a Greater Albania. I. Rugova himself, coming from the Muslim Albanian Kosovo’s clan that originally migrated to Kosovo from Albania, was active in political writings on the “Kosovo Question” as a way to present the Albanian viewpoint on the problem to the Western audience and, therefore, as a former French student, he published his crucial political writing in the French language in 1994.

One of the crucial questions in regard to the Kosovo problem in the 1990s is why the Western “democracies” did not recognize self-proclaimed Kosovo’s independence? The fact was that the “Kosovo Question” was absolutely ignored by the US-designed Dayton Accords of 1995 which were dealing only with the independence of Bosnia-Herzegovina. A part of the answer is probably laying in the fact that Rugova-led Albanian secession movement was, in essence, illegal and even terrorist. It is known that Rugova himself was a sponsor of a terrorist party’s militia which was responsible for violent actions against Serbia’s authorities and non-Albanian ethnic groups in Kosovo. For instance, in July 1988, from the graves of the village of Grace’s graveyard (between Priština and Vučitrn) were excavated and taken to pieces the bodies of two Serbian babies of the Petrović’s family. Nevertheless, as a response to Rugova’s unsuccessful independence policy, it was established the notorious KLA which by 1997 openly advocated a full-scale of terror against everything that was the Serbian in Kosovo.

The KLA had two main open political aims:

  • To get an independence for Kosovo from Serbia with a possibility to include the province into a Greater Albania.
  • To ethnically clean the province from all non-Albanians especially from the Serbs and Montenegrins.

However, the hidden task of the KLA was to wage an Islamic Holy War (the Jihad) against the Christianity in Kosovo by committing the Islamic terror similarly to the case of the present-day Islamic State (the ISIS/ISIL) in the Middle East. Surely, the KLA was and is a part of the policy of radicalization of the Islam at the Balkans after 1991 following the pattern of the governmental (Islamic) Party of Democratic Action (Stranka demokratske akcije – the SDA) in Bosnia-Herzegovina presided by Alija Izetbegović who was a member of Islamic SS Handžar Division in the WWII and the author of a radical Islamic Declaration in 1970.

The Al-Qaeda-linked ‘El-Mujahedeen’ brigade of the Bosnian Muslim Army parading in downtown Zenica in central Bosnia in 1995
The Al-Qaeda-linked ‘El-Mujahedeen’ brigade of the Bosnian Muslim Army parading in downtown Zenica in central Bosnia in 1995

That the KLA was established as a terrorist organization is even confirmed by the Western scholars and the US administration too. About the focal point of Kosovo’s War in 1998−1999 we can read in the following sentence:

Aware that it lacked popular support, and was weak compared to the Serbian authorities, the KLA deliberately provoked Serbian police and Interior Ministry attacks on Albanian civilians, with the aim of garnering international support, specifically military intervention” [T. B. Seybolt, Humanitarian Military Intervention: The Conditions for Success and Failure, Oxford−New York: Oxford University Press, 2007, 79].


It was true that the KLA realized very well that the more Albanian civilians were killed as a matter of the KLA’s “hit-and-run” guerrilla warfare strategy, the Western (the NATO’s) military intervention against the FRY was becoming a reality. In other words, the KLA with his commander-in-chief Hashim Thaci (today president of Kosovo and still on the Interpol list of the wanted criminals) were quite aware that any armed action against Serbia’s authorities and the Serbian civilians would bring retaliation against the Kosovo Albanian civilians as the KLA was using them in fact as a “human shield”. That was, in fact, the price which the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo had to pay for their “independence” under the KLA’s governance after the war. That was the same strategy used by Croatia’s government and Bosnian-Herzegovinian Muslim authorities in the process of divorce from Yugoslavia in the 1990s [see more in Jelena Guskova, Istorija jugoslovenske krize 1990−2000, 1−2, Beograd: ИГАМ, 2003].

Hillary Clinton and Hashim Thaci
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army and Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci.

However, as the violence in Kosovo escalated in 1998 the EU’s authorities and the US’s government began to support diplomatically the Albanian course – a policy which brought Serbia’s government and the leadership of the KLA to the ceasefire and withdrawal of certain Serbian police detachments and the Yugoslav military troops from Kosovo followed by the deployment of the “international” (the Western) monitors (the Kosovo Verification Mission, the KVM) under the formal authority of the OSCE. However, it was, in fact, informal deployment of the NATO’s troops in Kosovo. The KVM was authorized by the UN’s Security Council Resolution 1199 on September 23rd, 1998. That was the beginning of a real territorial-administrative secession of Kosovo-Metochia from Serbia sponsored by the West for the only and very reason that Serbia did not want to join the NATO and to sell her economic infrastructure to the Western companies according to the “transition” pattern of the Central and South-East European countries after the Cold War. The punishment came in the face of the Western-sponsored KLA.

Today, the Western gangsters of the NATO, the EU and the USA need from Serbia only a formal verification of the results of their dirty policy in Kosovo-Metochia – an official recognition of the “independence” of the Republic of Kosovo. Nevertheless, behind Kosovo’s secession from Serbia are both economic and geopolitical goals of primarily American Balkan policy. Firstly, the Americans build up in Kosovo one of their biggest military camps all over the world – Bondsteel. Secondly, the greatest part of Kosovo’s natural resources and economic infrastructure are under direct control and exploitation by the US companies including and a private company of General Wesley Clark – the NATO’s chief commander who bombed Serbia and Montenegro in 1999. Finally, why the West occupied Kosovo-Metochia in June 1999 and put it under direct their control one can understood from the very fact that this province has 45 percent of the lignite reserves in Europe [Sabrina P. Ramet (ed.), Central and Southeast European Politics since 1989, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010, 359].

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  1. Kosovo is “Proper Serbia” and nothing to do either with Albania or Albanians. Serbia has to liberate Kosovo and Vardar Serbia as integral historical, ethnolinguistic and cultural parts of Serbia.

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    A strong democratic Russia and a strong China are essential to counter american influence in the World.

    It is not good at all for World Peace to have just one hyper-power!!
    A mutipolar world is necessary in order to maintain World Peace.
    This Multipolar World should include the USA, Russia, China, France, Germany, Britain (if it does not collapse after brexit), Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Japan Brazil and the European Union as a whole.

    Now, having said this, it amazes me how biased is the author of this essay.

    According to Mr Vladislav Sotirovic, Serbia is the innocent country and everybody who does not side with Serbia is a terrorist nation!!
    Had Russia dropped supporting wholeheartedly Serbia, It would bring to “it’s table” many allies and this would increase Russia’s influence in the World.
    Russia is doing with Serbia the same mistake the USA are making with Israel. By supporting 100% Israel, the United States are shooting itself in their “feet”, because it is loosing key allies both in the Muslim World and in other parts of the World!!

    Mr Vladislav Sotirovic forgets to mention that Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo and others, have the right to build their own countries.
    He also forgets that Serbia brutally massacred thousands of innocent muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, and many croatians as well.
    Mr Sotirovic also fails to aknowledge that serbian forces commited mass rape against innocent muslim women from bosnia and kosovo.
    He also forgets that Serbia, both during the Bosnia War and the Kosovo War, has a an ethnic cleasing policy which damaged the lives of thousands of innocent muslims!!

    It would be good for russian internal policy if Russia dropped It’s support to Serbia, because Russia has many Muslim provinces and has a population of more than 20 million russian muslims. So Russia would gain a lot if instead of supporting Serbia, It supported Muslim Nations in Europe like Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania.
    This would also be good because Russia could build military bases in Albania and thus counter USA’s influence in that region of the World.

    Mr Sotirovic treats Serbia as if Serbia had done a good work for the Human Community. because of him being biased, he will not enjoy much credibility among many of his well informed readers like me and many others.

    Tell me Mr Sotirovic!! Who was responsible for the start of World War I? Was Kosovo? Was Bosnia? No!! It is an acknowledged fact that Serbia triggered the War because it was a Serbian Nationalist who brutally killed the Heir of the Throne of the Austria-Hungarian Empire!!
    After the start of the War, had Russia remained neutral, Communism would have never thrived there and as a consequence of that Stalin would not have killed millions of innocent russians!!
    Had Russia remained neutral, probably the Tsar would be forced to make Russia a Constitutional Monarchy, with an elected Parliament that would nominate the Prime-Minister who would retain true power in Russian politics, being the Tsar a Simbolic Figure.
    Just imagine how the Russian Empire with It’s vast territory would gain by not participating in the War!!

    Mr Sotirovic, by blindly supporting the barbarian activities Serbia has done in the Past, is not an honest commentator and thus should be removed from this Website, if the owners of this Website want to prove that they are not here to promote the Russian Agenda, which I think they are in part!!

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    You are just Islamic propagator who is using as the only info source fake Western news and nothing else. You are surely not at all familiar with the Balkan history otherwise you will know that Serbs were the nation surviving THREE genocides in the last century committed by Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians. You are just Muslim Nazi barbarian propagating another genocide on Serbs by your fucking Muslim Nazi Balkan brothers.

  10. Riaz Ali Carmali is member of ISIS in Syria and good friend of Kosovo Jihad ISIS fighter Albanian Aliju Ramazani who is nicknamed as “Butcher of Serbs” from Prizren in West Kosovo. Carmali is also a ISIS terrorist who was preparing terrorist act last year in Sankt Petersburg in Russia.

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    What you prefer? To promote Nazi American agenda!!!!! Go to New York Times and enjoy your American fascists!

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    Tell me Mr Sotirovic!! Who was responsible for the start of World War I? Was Kosovo? Was Bosnia? No!! It is an acknowledged fact that Serbia triggered the War because it was a Serbian Nationalist who brutally killed the Heir of the Throne of the Austria-Hungarian Empire!!

    Typical Western anti-Serbian propaganda! Small Serbia started WWI!!!! Austro-Hungary proclaimed war on Serbia, occupied it and committed genocide on civilians.

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    In The Name of ALMIGHTY GOD,


    I am a proud portuguese muslim and I am a Sufi Muslim Theologian and Researcher, a researcher of Christianity and Hinduism, a researcher of Neoplatonic Philosophy, a researcher of History and International Relations, and a Lawyer!!
    I was born and raised in Portugal, I live in Portugal and I am a patriot portuguese.

    I am a Man of GOD and a Man of Wisdom.

    I have nothing to do with isis or any other terrorist group!! We, Muslim Theologians, strongly condemn all terrorists that call themselves muslims. A terrorist, be he from a muslim background, christian background, is neither a muslim nor a christian. He/She is simply an assassin and have no place in our communities.

    Islam highly respects life. No other religion or system of life like Communism, Capitalism, etc. respects life so much as Islam does.

    ALMIGHTY GOD, who my Christian Brothers call THE FATHER, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD says in the Holy Quran:
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    (Holy Quran, Chapter 5, Verse 32)

    ALMIGHTY GOD orders Muslims to believe in all HIS Prophets. From Adam to Muhammad. GOD orders us to say:
    «Say, “We believe in GOD, and in what was revealed to us; and in what was revealed to Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the Patriarchs; and in what was given to Moses, and Jesus, and the prophets from their LORD (GOD). We make no distinction between any of them, and to HIM (GOD) we submit”.»
    (Holy Quran, Chapter 3, Verse 84)

    Many people claim without knowledge that Prophet Muhammad was the founder of Islam. According to the Holy Quran this is false. ALMIGHTY GOD sent 124000 Prophets to Mankind to teach them the same Religion: The Religion of Submission to ALMIGHTY GOD.
    HE, THE MOST HIGH, gave this Religion to all HIS Prophets, being Adam the First Prophet, being Jesus Christ the Penultimate Prophet and being Muhammad the Last of all Prophets.

    Modern History, according to Islam, started with Prophet Abraham, 5 thousand years ago.
    After the demise of Abraham, people started to change his teachings.
    After that, ALMIGHTY GOD sent many Messengers to educate Mankind like Moses and Aaron, many other Prophets, and then Jesus Christ as the Penultimate Prophet of ALMIGHTY GOD.
    The Ascension of Jesus Christ to the Fourth Heaven took place approximately at the Year 33 CE (Common Era).
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    Islam is Profoundly Spiritual and has nothing to do with fanaticism. We are 1.7 billion people Worldwide, 25% of Earth’s population, and the overwhelming majority of us just want to serve and worship ALMIGHTY GOD, and lead peaceful lives.

    Those terrorists who falsely call themselves muslims are no more that 20 thousand people.

    What is 20 thousand people in comparison with 1.7 billion? Just a small drop in the Ocean.

    The United States Evangelical Christians, who number 40 million souls, are highly fanatic and are against everybody. They are against muslims, jews, catholics, orthodox, and so on and so forth.

    I have excellent relations with theologians and ordinary people from all faiths and one of my best friends is a Catholic Priest who often comes to dine at my home.

    Now, the commentaries posted here against my person by ordinary readers, don’t deserve any comment on my part, because talking with people who lack Intellect is the same as talking to a Wall!! It simply bears no fruit at all.

    But I am very disappointed at you Mr Vladislav Satirovic!! You and Me, we are both Intellectuals, and Intellectuals disagree with each other peacefully, and in a spirit of human brotherhood.
    You insulted me by calling me a “Nazi Muslim barbarian”!! How in the World can Nazism be compared with Islam, Christianity or any other religion?
    Islam and Christianity have nothing to do with Nazism.
    Then you again wrongly insulted my muslim bosnian brothers calling them my “fucking Muslim Nazi Balkan brothers.”

    Mr Vladislav Satirovic!! Why do you hate muslims so much?
    As a human being and as an Intellectual, how can you show so much hatred towards a group of human beings like you?

    Thank GOD, I do not buy fake news. A researcher has to dive in the Oceans of Knowledge in order to achieve Wisdom.
    I watch daily the russian news network called RT, I admire President Vladimir Putin, and I respect Russia and It’s rich History.
    I have many russian friends here in my homeland and in Russia also.

    I wished European Union had some democratic “Vladimir Putins” here, to end the corruption that exists in some European Institutions as well as in some european countries like my own!!

    I am very attentive to both Western and Russians Sources of Information, be them Historical Sources, be them Media Sources.
    Both have good things, and both have flaws!!

    Had I known that you do not accept differences of opinion, and had I known that you insult other human beings, I would have never posted anything in your “page”.
    I am simply not used to this kind of language and it deserves the disdain of every sound Intellectual!!

    Now, History has already proven that in the past 110 years, Serbia not only triggered World War I, but also massacred thousands of innocent bosnian and Kosovo muslims, and thousands of croats.

    In the past 110 years, in the Balkans, only under General Josip Broz Tito, had that region enjoyed peace.
    Under General Tito, the different communities that made part of former Yugoslavia, including the serbians, co-existed and lived together in a spirit of peace and brotherhood.
    During those times, one could see in the same building, muslims and serbians living side by side in peace and harmony.
    One could even see inter-faith marriages between muslims and orthodox serbians.

    As the germans acknowledge their past errors, namely the Hitler Regime, Serbians too should acknowledge the mistakes their made in order for Serbia to become a full member of the International Community.
    And there is no wrong whatsoever on acknowledging past mistakes, because this makes one a better human being.

    Personally, I have nothing against Serbia or the Serbian People.

    My comment was just an Intellectual and Historical Acknowledgement of the mistakes Serbia has commited.

    You’ve claimed that serbians were slaughtered by bosnian muslims. If this is true then bosnians have to be blamed too.
    But you have to prove your claim.
    If you can do so, and if I find out that your sources are correct, then I will accept your version of History and I will tell you that both serbians and bosnians are to be blamed for what happened in that part of the World.

    Finally, I want to say that I am an impartial person.
    I do not favor a person because he is muslim, christian, and so on and so forth.
    I favor the truth only, as ALMIGHTY GOD has commanded us to do.
    I’ll give you a small example. During World War I, The Muslim Ottoman Empire massacred 1 million of it’s citizens because they were armenian. Until this day, Turkey fails to recognise this, but History has proven that the Ottoman Empire did slaughter 1 million innocent armenians. And I, as a devout muslim, strongly condemn this action of the Ottoman Empire!!

    I am open to peaceful dialogue. If you can have a chat peacefully, I’ll welcome that. If you can not, GOD willing, I will not go down to Indecency, and you will never have an answer on my part.

    May Peace be with you.

  14. Riaz Ali Carmali

    To Arhikles Salvador, I say the following:


  15. “I am a proud portuguese muslim and I am a Sufi Muslim Theologian and Researcher, a researcher of Christianity and Hinduism, a researcher of Neoplatonic Philosophy, a researcher of History and International Relations, and a Lawyer!!
    I was born and raised in Portugal, I live in Portugal and I am a patriot portuguese.”

    You are first of all the TWISTER!

  16. “I am a proud portuguese muslim and I am a Sufi Muslim Theologian and Researcher, a researcher of Christianity and Hinduism, a researcher of Neoplatonic Philosophy, a researcher of History and International Relations, and a Lawyer!!
    I was born and raised in Portugal, I live in Portugal and I am a patriot portuguese.”

    You are first of all the TWISTER!”

    Riaz is just Allah’s SHITHOLE!

  17. Sanimideg

    That is the point Riaz: you are the Muslim and ONLY for that reason supporting Kosovo Muslim Albanians as ALL MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD ARE A SINGLE NATION – NATION OF ALLAH. You do not care that Albanians as Muslims are waging Jihad against Christian Serbs by killing them, expelling them and devastating their cultural legacy as they are not Muslims. You are typical propagator of ISIS Jihad around the globe. Shame on you!!!!

  18. Sanimideg

    Dear Riaz,

    Did you sign ISLAMIC DECLARATION in 1970 by Muslim Jihad fascist Alija Izetbegovic (President of Bosnia in the 1990s)?

  19. Riaz Ali Carmali


    Dear Sanimideg,

    By the Grace and Favour of ALMIGHTY GOD, THE ONE, THE TRANSCENDENT,

    I will answer to your question because you seem to be a person who is open to dialogue.

    Please read carefully my last post where I’ve said that I do not favor muslims just because they are muslims. I favor the Truth following the Orders ALMIGHTY GOD gave us in the Holy Quran, where HE, THE ABSOLUTE, says:
    “O you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to GOD, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, GOD takes care of both. So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away, then GOD IS AWARE of what you do.”
    (Holy Quran, Chapter 4, Verse 135)

    In my last post, I’ve strongly criticised the massacre of 1 million armenians perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

    I maintain everything I said about Serbia.

    Now, you have to excuse me because as a human being, I am a limited being and I can not know what is beyond the capacities of my brain.

    I have to confess that research, both Religious and Mudane, is keeping me so busy that I am not paying attention to what is happenning in Kosovo in the last 6 months!!
    But if albanian muslims are slaughtering innocent serbs, then the albanians that are doing that can not even be called muslims, because they are going against all teachings of our noble religion.
    Those albanians that are desrespecting the Fundamental Rights of the Kosovar Serbs have to account for that and have to be judged by the International Criminal Court and punished according to International Law.

    Kosovo has enough room to house both the serbs and the albanians, just like Israel has enough room to house both jews and arabs. And I say arabs because 30% of palestinian population is Christian and 70% are Muslims.

    As I told in my last post, I have nothing against Serbia and it’s people.

    My dear brother in humanity, it is not Religion that turns Man into a beast!! It is lack of Intellect that turns Man into a beast.
    ALMIGHTY GOD, THE ONE, has given Intellect to all human beings. Now, it is up to every human being, if he’ll use his Intellect or not.
    The Intellect is a Spark that exists in each human’s brest. Now, the human being has to decide if he will keep his Intellect as a Spark, or if he’ll transform that Spark into a Huge Fire!!

    Again, I advise you to read attentively my last post. There, GOD willing, you will find all answers regarding the matter we are discussing now.

    Now, I have to say that it is very unfair on your part, to falsely say that I am part of isis, when in my last post I said that I have nothing to do with isis, and All Muslims Theologians including me strongly condemn isis calling then Kaffir, which is an Arabic word that means “Infidel”!!
    So isis are not part of Islam.

    You can not blame 1.7 Bilion Innocent Muslims for what 20 or 30 thousand muslims terrorists are doing. It is wrong and it is very unfair. And as I already told you, the so-called muslim terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.

    Islam is highly Spiritual and has nothing to do with terror.

    Do you know who created isis?
    It was the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad to destroy Syria, a country that before the civil war, was very tolerant and different religions co-existed side by side and lived in peace and harmony.
    And a huge part of Syrian had University Degrees and Syria was one of the safest countries in the greater middle east.

    You should not forget that in the USA, there are 40 million fanatic Evangelical Christians!! Not 30 thousand (which is approximately the number of the so-called muslim terrorists), but 40 million. And these Evangelical fanatics are against every living soul that does not share their creed. So they are against muslims, jews, catholic christians, orthodox christians, to the point that one Evangelical priest, a few years ago, told on CNN, a channel seen Worldwide, that the iraqis “were animals and had to be treated as animals until they embrace Evangelical Christianity”. These were his words!!
    But because of this, one can not say that all Christians promote violence and terror, because the overwhelming majority of Orthodox Christians and Catholic Christians, like the overwhelming majority of muslims, just want to worship ALMIGHTY GOD, and want to lead peacefull lives.

    And what about zionist jewish terrorism?
    Eminent jewish Intellectuals like Arno J Mayer and Tanya Reinhart, and former US President Jimmy Carter, strongly condemn the brutal way the State of Israel treats Palestinians in the occupied territories.
    I’ll leave you two Websites where you can see that Israel promotes State Terrorism!!
    These are:



    But is totally wrong to say that all jewish are terrorists.
    Most jewish people, contrary to the Zionists, just want to lead peaceful lives.

    And what about Hindu terrorism in India against Muslims and Christians!!
    The current Indian Prime-Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, and his far-right hindu extremist Political Party, the BJP, are governing India right now.
    Mr Modi, when he was Governor of the Indian State of Gujrat, is well known to have had an indirect participation on the massacre hindus did against peaceful muslims in the State of Gujrat a few years ago, and which deserved Universal Condemnation on the part of the International Community.

    But because of this, one can not say that 700 million hindus are all terrorists.
    The overwhelming majority of Hindus are peaceful people and want to lead peaceful lives.

    And what about the genocide and ethnic cleansing the Government of Myanmar and Myanmar buddhist para-military forces are committing against Muslim Myanmar Citizens of the Rohingya Race!!
    The Myanmar terrorist government stripped Rohingyas from Myanmar Citizenship and murdered thousands of Rohingyas.
    Thousands of Rohingyas women were brutally raped by Government Forces and Buddhist Para-Military forces.
    And the Myanmar Government expelled 1 million Rohingya Citizens from they motherland in Myanmar and these 1 million people are now living in refugee camps in neighboring Bangladesh.
    This is happening right now and so far the International Community has not make enough efforts to support the rohingya….

    But because of this, one can not say that all Buddhists are terrorists.
    Most Buddhists are peaceful people and want to lead peaceful lives.

    Now, ALLAH simply means GOD. Christians and jews that live in muslim lands also call the SUPREME BEING, ALLAH.

    Regarding Jihad, people have no idea at all about the meaning of Jihad.
    Jihad is an Arabic word that simply means “Effort”.
    In the Holy Quran, ALMIGHTY GOD, when HE speaks of Jihad, HE, THE MOST HIGH, says, “Jihad fi Sabilil LLAAH”, which means, “to make an effort in the Way of GOD”.

    There are two kinds of Jihad. The greater Jihad (in Arabic, Jihad Al-Akbar) and the Smaller Jihad (in Arabic, Jihad Al-Asghar). Or, if you prefer in English, The Greater Effort and the Smaller Effort.
    GOD willing, I’ll explain you both.

    — Jihad Al-Akbar (The Greater Effort).
    This is by far the most important form of Jihad. The aim of Jihad Al-Akbar is to make one the best human being possible.
    It is a “struggle” against one’s own low desires.
    Jihad Al-Akbar includes the following:
    2 – The Belief that ALMIGHTY GOD IS ABSOLUTELY ONE and has no Partner;
    4 – The belief that ALMIGHTY GOD IS SO EMINENT, that everything and everybody are absolutely nothing in front of ALMIGHTY GOD;
    5 – The Belief that ALMIGHTY GOD IS THE SOLE CREATOR of Everything that exists;
    6 – The belief that Everything depend totally only on ALMIGHTY GOD;
    8 – The belief that ALMIGHTY GOD IS FAR GREATER than Infinity. Infinity is absolutely nothing in front of HIM, THE MOST HIGH;
    9 – The Belief in the Day of Judgement where ALMIGHTY GOD will judge all human beings. Those who followed HIS Law sincerely will live forever in Paradise. Those who did not obey the Law of GOD will live forever in Hell;
    10 – The belief that one should worship and pray only to ALMIGHTY GOD, and the Belief that one seeks help only from ALMIGHTY GOD. In Islam, there is no room for praying to other than ALMIGHTY GOD, like saints, Angels, and others;
    11 – The belief in the existence of Angels who are Spiritual Beings that devote their lives to the Worship of ALMIGHTY GOD and to follow HIS Orders;
    12 – The Belief in all Books ALMIGHTY GOD sent to guide Mankind. So every muslim believes in the Holy Bible. But muslims believe in the Holy Bible that was revealed by ALMIGHTY GOD to HIS Prophets, and not the Current Version of the Bible. It is an acknowledged fact that the Current Version of the Bible has many flaws. So, muslims believe in the Holy Bible ALMIGHTY GOD gave to HIS Prophets, which is currently lost. So, muslims only accept those parts of the current Bible that match with the Holy Quran;
    13 – the belief in all Prophets that ALMIGHTY GOD sent to guide Mankind, from Adam, Jesus and Muhammad. ALMIGHTY GOD sent 124000 Prophets to guide Mankind, being Adam the first, being Jesus Christ the Penultimate, and being Muhammad the last;
    14 – Take care of one’s parents and always respect them;
    15 – do not commit adultery;
    16 – do not kill an innocent person;
    17 – do not steal;
    18 – always speak the Truth;
    19 – perform the five obligatory Prayers at their times;
    20 – Fast on the the Islamic Month of Ramadan, if one has health to fast;
    21 – Perform the Pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah in Saudi Arabia, at least once in a lifetime, and only if one has financial conditions to perform the Pilgrimage. So one can not make a bank loan to perform the Pilgrimage;
    22 – Do not eat Pork meat (which is also forbidden in the Holy Bible, in the Old Testament, Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 14, Verse 8, where ALMIGHTY GOD, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, THE TRANSCENDENT, says: “The pig is also unclean; although it has a divided hoof, it does not chew the cud. You are not to eat their meat or touch their carcasses.”);
    23 – don’t drink wine;
    24 – don’t go to Casinos and do not do what is done in Casinos;
    25 – do all that is good;
    26 – don’t do all that is evil.
    So, the purpose of Jihad Al-Akbar has to do with self-improvement, and It’s aim is to make one the best human being possible.
    ALMIGHTY GOD IS SO EMINENT that the obedience of HIS creatures causes no benefit to HIM, and the disobedience of HIS creatures causes HIM no harm.
    Whoever does good benefits himself only. Whoever does evil harms only himself.
    In Islam, there is no Original Sin. Each soul is responsible for his/her own actions.

    — Jihad Al-Asghar (The Smaller Effort).
    This form of Jihad involves military confrontation, but there are rules to be followed in military confrontation.
    Terrorism, isis and Al-qaeda have nothing to do with Jihad. They are simply not Jihad.
    A Muslim Country can engage in military confrontation only for defensive purposes.
    A Pure Muslim Country can not invade another country for worldly purposes such as, for example, exploiting the natural resources of the invaded country, impose a regime change in the invaded country.
    A Pure Muslim Country can engage in military confrontation only and only in the following scenarios (supposing that Serbia is a Muslim Country):
    1 – if Montenegro invades Serbia, Serbia has all the right to defend Itself and expel the invaders;
    2 – If there is reliable information that Montenegro is preparing to wage war on Serbia a year from now for example, Serbia can attack first in order to protect It’s Territorial Integrity.
    This is found in all military books, be them US books, Russian Books, European Books. So this is not exclusively applied to Islam;
    3 – Military Strategy, regardless of it’s origin (Russian, North-American, European, Islamic), says that, sometimes, the best defense is to attack first in order to protect one’s nation. So if Serbia perceives that Montenegro can in the near future become a threat to Serbia, Serbia is allowed to attack Montenegro to protect Itself. And there is no wrong in this.
    Let me give you some examples of
    non-muslim nations that did this. These are:
    A – the invasion of Crimea by Russia in 2014. I support the Russian attitude because Crimea is absolutely fundamental, not only for the survival of Russia, but also for Russia’s projection of Power.
    Likewise, a muslim country is allowed to do this.
    This has nothing to do with any religion. This is a matter of survival!!
    B – Recently, France sent a military contingent to Mali in Africa to protect democracy there. Had France not done this, Mali would have become a dictatorship regime.
    This does not mean that a Muslim Country can invade another country on the pretext of Democracy. For a Muslim Country to do such an Intervention, It has to have very close relation with the Country that will receive It’s troops, and It can only send troops there if It’s Ally asks that.
    This is precisely what happened between France and Mali.
    C – In the XIX century, the United States had a great threat to It’s security. Mexico wanted to control New Orleans because this city has a very rich port and is very important strategically. The US perceived this and immediately sent It’s troops to Texas in order to protect New Orleans.
    After securing New Orleans, the US committed many excesses against Mexico, but this is not under the scope of our study here.
    D – A few years ago, Russia correctly perceived that Georgia could become a threat to Russian Sovereignty. So Russia attacked Georgia first and fortunately for the russians, they eliminated the threat.

    Only in scenarios like these can a Muslim Country wage War on another nation and as we’ve seen this military strategy is common to all human beings.

    Islam is an Arabic word that means;
    A – Submission to the Will of ALMIGHTY GOD;
    B – Peace.

    And the Muslim Army can not kill civilians, women, children and old people.

    The United States of America, in it’s war against Iraq, killed 1 million innocent civilians!!!
    The Russian Army, during the first Chechen War, killed 100000 innocent chechens!!
    This behavior is totally forbidden in Islam.
    A muslim general that behaves like that, in the Eternal Life, will live in Hell forever.

    And this is the end of my text to you, my dear brother in humanity.

    Do read my last post. It’ll be good for you.

    May ALMIGHTY GOD bless all people that do good.

    Riaz Carmali.

  20. Riaz Ali Carmali

    And I end my comments on this page.

    GOD willing, I will not participate anymore on this specific article due to the fact that everything that was needed to say was already said by me, and also due to lack of time.

    I end with a message to mr Vladislav Sotirovic.
    During all these debates you insulted me and my bosnian Muslim Brothers.
    You also made false accusations against my person without knowing me!!

    I did not insult you. And I did not make false accusations on you.

    Your behaviour reflects only a small minority of serbians. But unfortunately this minority is preventing Serbia to be a full member of the International Community!!

    It is my belief that the majority of serbs are peaceful people who only want to lead peaceful lives.

    I maintain everything I said about Serbia. But this was just an Intellectual Analysis based on observation and Study.

    Personally, I have nothing against Serbia which is a country that houses 80 thousand muslims and has a rich History and Culture.

    But as long as you mr Satirovic continue insulting other Intellectuals, and as long as you have an agressive atitude towards people that have a different opinion from yours, you’ll never be taken seriously by the Intellectual Community and you’ll always be a reazon for laugh among the Intellectual Community!!

  21. “Kosovo has enough room to house both the serbs and the albanians, just like Israel has enough room to house both jews and arabs. And I say arabs because 30% of palestinian population is Christian and 70% are Muslims”.

    Kosovo does not belong to Albanians as Israel has nothing to do with the Jews!

  22. Riaz Ali Carmali

    Mr Satirovic, you are entitled to have your opinion and I fully respect that.

    I kindly disagree with you regarding Kosovo.
    I think that it has enough room to house both serbs and albanians. I hope you’ll respect my opinion too.

    Now, you’ve said something that awoke my curiosity. You said: “(…) Israel has nothing to do with the Jews!”

    What is your view regarding the State of Israel and jews in general?

    I wish you all the best.

    May ALMIGHTY GOD bless you.

  23. Sanimideg

    Israel cannot exist as on this place has to be PALESTINE as a national state of the Palestinians. The Jews have no right for their national state at the Middle East as they already have it – the USA.

  24. Riaz Ali Carmali


    By the Grace and Mercy of ALMIGHTY GOD,

    Jews were expelled from Palestine, first, in the year 70 CE, when they rebelled against the Roman Empire. Roman Emperor Vespasian ordered his son General Titus, to crash the jewish revolt against Rome. And Titus entered Jerusalem, destroyed the Jewish Temple and expelled most jews from Palestine.

    In 132 CE, the jews of Palestine again rebelled against the Roman Empire, in what is known as the ““Bar Kokhba” War.
    This time, the Roman Army not only crushed the rebelion compeletely, but also expelled all jews from Palestine.

    We have to make a difference between Judaism and Zionism.
    Zionism is a Nazi movement created by Theodor Herlz in the XIX Century, in Europe, with the aim of placing as much jews as possible in Palestine with no regard whatsoever for the Native Palestinian population.
    After the First World War, Britain and France stole all the lands of the Ottoman Empire.
    Palestine became under British control and they helped the Zionist Nazi project.

    In 1948, the State of Israel was created and the Zionists expelled 1 million innocent arabs (muslims and christians) from their homes and towns. These 1 million arabs went to live in neighboring countries and now their descendants number almost 4 million souls!!

    Israel, on a daily basis, constantly violates the rights of arabs living in the occupied lands!!
    They disrespect Mosques and Churches!! They disrespect the Holy Quran and The Holy Bible!!
    And according to some moderate jewish intelectuals like Arno J. Mayer and Tanya Reinhart, Israel does not want to give even 1 metre of land to the arabs!! Their strategy is, to make in the long run, arabs leave the West Bank and settle elsewhere!!

    Israel is the greatest cancer in the Middle East and is the main cause for all conflicts there!!

    But, as a Devout Muslim, and trying to obey ALMIGHTY GOD as much as I can, I still think that Mercy should be shown to Israel.
    It is true that they stole that land.
    But if they completely withdraw from The Palestinian territories going back to 1967 borders, if they allowed the creation of a wholly viable Palestinian Country in Gaza and in the West Bank, if they allowed Jerusalem to be an Independent City-State runned by the United Nations, and if they stop interfering in the Middle East, then, in my view, Israel could exist there as a viable State and could even keep for itself the Golan Heights!!

    Let us see what happens!!

    May ALMIGHTY GOD bless you all.

  25. To Riaz,

    1. The Jews came originally from Iran, occupied Palestine and committed GENOCIDE on local people.
    2. Modern Palestinians are survivors of the Jewish genocide in the Antique.
    3. Jews left Israel to Egypt much before the country was occupied by the Romans for 40 years and therefore lost any moral and legal right to return back and claim Israel as their state and land.
    4. Jews did not defend Israel against Romans what is their problem.
    5. After 2000 years not living in Israel Jews lost any right to reestablish such state and to return to it to live.
    6. In 1492 a New Israel was discovered for the Jews by a Jew Columbus blessed by Spanish King and Queen.
    7. Present-day Israel is a Nazi-fascist state of the Zionist gangsters and bandits and as such had to be eliminated forever.

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  27. Albanian Highlander

    You poor Serbs believe in fantasies, I am Albanian Catholic and I can name 17 generations of my surname and all Christian dont try to make this a Religious war. Serbs have no religion, if you had read any chapters in the bible about Jesus you would of never committed the crimes that you did against Bosnians and Kosovar innocent civilians. Your holly land Kosovo is the old cradle of Dardania the Land of Albania. Albanians fought against the Turks in the battle of Kosovo as did Bosnians with King Tvrko and Croats, Hungarians, Austrians etc. The difference is you guys always had losses and are proud of a loss against the ottomans and we only are proud of our Victories with Skanderbeg. Just like how now all the sudden Kosovo is your holly Land cause that’s another Land you lost. Keep singing to your Losses lol. Where are your Victories?? Get your heads straight and admit the crimes committed against civilians and face reality stop making yourselves fools for so long. Believe in Jesus of Jesuralem not the Serbian Version from Kosovo. Believe in Jesus that taught to forgive 77×7 and believe in Jesus of peace and Love. Enough with your hatred and propaganda. If you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. Stop using your Serbian religion for extremism. Albanians are all brothers Muslim and Christian we live in peace and we are one.

  28. @Albanian Highlander

    Your comment is believed only by those who cannot even find Europe on the map of the world.

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