Australia: A Place In Geopolitics (III)

Part II Canberra is potentially able to act as a mediator in the settlement of the territorial issue between China and Taiwan. A month before the meeting with General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping, a delegation led by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese went to Taipei for […]


Australia: A Place In Geopolitics (II)

Part I Washington appreciates Canberra’s role in ensuring a stable American foreign policy course. In 2022, the Indo-Pacific Strategy was published, according to which the continent occupies priority positions. In this context, Australia’s most important task is to contain China. In addition, the document noted the desire to resist “economic […]


Australia: A Place In Geopolitics (I)

The geostrategic rivalry between the major powers is intensifying. It is extremely important for the United States to find allies who can not only support Washington in the struggle for world domination, but also who do not have deep dependence on the main factory of the world – China, because […]


Blinken’s Hypocrisy In China

Recently, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has payed a three-day visit to China and held talks with PRC President Xi Jinping and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. The visit of the head of American diplomacy was accompanied by reports that US-China relations are entering a new era, in which […]


US Is Strengthening AUKUS (II)

Part 1 Let’s consider separately the interaction of the United States with Seoul within the framework of AUKUS. If for Japan, as mentioned in the previous article, working with the United States within the framework of the Arms Alliance was of strong interest, since it would help consolidate Tokyo’s reputation […]


US Is Strengthening AUKUS (I)

In April 2024, following the review of applications for membership in the AUKUS bloc submitted by Japan, New Zealand and South Korea, representatives of the law enforcement agencies of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States issued a joint statement. There has been a discussion about the possibility of […]

Flicker Of Hope: Biden’s Throwaway Lines On Assange

Walking stiffly, largely distracted, and struggling to focus on the bare essentials, US President Joe Biden was keeping company with his Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, when asked the question.  It concerned what he was doing regarding Australia’s request that the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange be returned to Australia. […]


Aukusing For War: The Real Target Is China

The occasional burst of candour from US diplomats provides a striking, air clearing difference to their Australian and British counterparts.  Official statements about the AUKUS security pact between Washington, London and Canberra, rarely mention the target in so many words, except on the gossiping fringes.  Commentators and think tankers are […]