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Stalin, Truman and Churchill in Potsdam, Germany, July 1945

Americans Need To Come To Terms With The Reality Of Post-WW2 U.S. History — And Why They Aren’t

On February 26th, I headlined and documented “How the U.S.-Israel Genocide of the 2.3 Million Gazans Is Proceeding”, and linked to polls showing Americans to believe that Palestinians are genociding Israelis more than that Israelis are genociding Gazans (which is what’s actually occurring). On that same day, included that […]


Two Contrasting Views Of Trump’s Ideology

On February 8th Russia’s RT News headlined “Glenn Diesen: Biden vs Trump has profound implications for the world order” and presented the following on Trump’s ideology: Trump’s global governance: ‘America First’ and great power pragmatism Trump seeks to restore American greatness by reducing the costs of alliance systems and hegemony. […]


Reforms In Russia After The Presidential Elections

On February 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. This two-hour speech, considered one of the country’s most significant events, occurs annually and also served as the pre-election program of the president, who is expected to continue his term after the […]


The European Union Against Farmers

Across the European Union, farmers are rising up against the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which subsidizes them. Governments are responding with adjustment measures, bureaucratic simplifications and a few words of comfort. In reality, they are powerless in the face of a structure designed to apply an ideology that is proving to be insane.