Intense Suffering In America

Here are some of its signs: On 21 May 2020, the Commonwealth Fund headlined “Mental Health Conditions and Substance Use: Comparing U.S. Needs and Treatment Capacity with Those in Other High-Income Countries”, reported the relevant figures for each of 11 high-income countries, and sub-headlined: “Self-reported emotional distress rates are highest […]


The Petrodollar Ended On June 9th; Sauds No Longer Ally w. U.S. “On June 9th 2024, Saudi Arabia announced it would not renew the Petrodollar Agreement.” “U.S.-Saudi Petrodollar Pact Ends after 50 Years” T. 11 June 2024, analysis by Paul Hoffman: The 50-year-old petrodollar agreement between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia was just allowed to expire. The term “petrodollar” […]


Australia: A Place In Geopolitics (II)

Part I Washington appreciates Canberra’s role in ensuring a stable American foreign policy course. In 2022, the Indo-Pacific Strategy was published, according to which the continent occupies priority positions. In this context, Australia’s most important task is to contain China. In addition, the document noted the desire to resist “economic […]


Canada And The U.S. Join Forces In The Arctic

The role Canada plays at the global stage is very predictable: an eternal U.S. ally, and, probably, the only country in the world capable of rivaling Russia in the Arctic (with one caveat we’ll reveal later). Despite the experts saying that the country’s foreign policy interests are focused within North […]


Russia Wins Global Grain War

Russia is winning the global grain war as European farmers protest against the uncontrolled import of agricultural products from Ukraine, Politico experts say. The mass protests that have swept across Europe over the past three months have forced EU governments, from Warsaw to Paris, to make big concessions to their […]


Closing The Doors

In every Orthodox Liturgy there comes a moment when the deacon cries out, “The doors!  The doors!”  This is not (as one parishioner once informed me) the directive to open the Royal Doors of the iconostas, but to make sure that the main doors into the church (the original “royal doors”) […]