India: Entering A New Five-Year Plan

Modi‘s positions have weakened, but he can still lead India on the right path of history. In early June in India ended parliamentary elections, which lasted about two months. The votes were counted relatively quickly and it turned out that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lost a significant part […]


Is This News To You?:

This is about how the peoples in over 50 countries feel about other countries and their leaders, and especially about America, China, Russia, and the EU. This is the closest thing to comprehensive global polling about such matters; and, since the same questions are being surveyed in each of the […]


There’s A New Western Media Push To Sow Doubts About The Russian-Indian Strategic Partnership

These back-to-back pieces are meant to mislead India and Russian experts into thinking that it’s not worth maintaining their strategic partnership because Russia supposedly already defected to China while India supposedly already defected to the US.   The National Interest and Politico just published back-to-back pieces by Western-friendly Indian writers […]


British Governance Strategies: Religious Sects

Britain has a long history of creating covert agent networks, subverting other countries and creating proxy movements. Religion played a significant role in London’s operations of influence, as they had to consider the identities of communities and peoples they interacted with in some capacity. In England, multiple sects existed that […]


Russia Wins Global Grain War

Russia is winning the global grain war as European farmers protest against the uncontrolled import of agricultural products from Ukraine, Politico experts say. The mass protests that have swept across Europe over the past three months have forced EU governments, from Warsaw to Paris, to make big concessions to their […]


Turning From Europe To Asia — New Transportation Routes

The tension between Western nations and Russia regarding Crimea, Donbass, and Russian involvement in supporting Damascus against Islamic fundamentalism escalated significantly during the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict under the Biden administration, following a trend that started during the Obama presidency. The pro-Atlantic elites of the EU countries were compelled by Washington […]

Pakistan Elections

Pakistan Elections Are Imminent

Pakistan will hold parliamentary elections on February 8, 2024. They will take place after a protracted crisis stemming from the impeachment of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan (spring 2023) and his subsequent arrest on dubious charges. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, convicted of corruption, returned from London and resumed leadership […]