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Donald Trump Is Changing History

The assassination attempt on Donald Trump is making its own adjustments to the Presidential race in the United States of America. The ex–President of the United States was saved by chance: he just decided to look at the screen with numbers at the moment when the sniper fired. This predetermined […]


NATO Summit In Washington: Focusing On Asia

Some of the summit‘s decisions point to the growing interconnections between the alliance and a number of Asian states. Although NATO is formally limited to the Euro-Atlantic region, the tentacles of this aggressive alliance extend to the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific region. The anniversary NATO summit in the […]


Why The Leader In Almost Every U.S.-Allied Country Has Low Approval Ratings

Here are the NATO member nations where Morning Consult monthly tracks the Approve/Disapprove percentages, the nation’s leader, and the Approve/Disapprove percentages as-of June 2024: Poland, Tusk, 48%/41% Italy, Meloni, 42%/52% Spain, Sanchez, 38%/56% Belgium, De Croo, 38%/47% U.S., Biden, 37%/56% Turkey, Erdogan, 35%/57% Sweden, Kristersson, 34%/53% Netherlands, Rutte, 34%/60% Canada, […]


Why The U.S. Is Increasingly Unfit For World Leadership

Andrey Sushentsov, the leading professor at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s MGMO University, and one of Russia’s top geostrategists, headlined on June 28th, “Why the Russia-US conflict will outlast the Ukraine crisis: Moscow must look at Washington as a long-term threat”, and he opened: The desire of the US to dominate […]


What Started America’s War Against China

America’s long war against China was started by two things: a fatal rare error by FDR, who was one of America’s two greatest Presidents, plus the catastrophic incompetence of Truman, who was America’s worst President because he reversed the anti-imperialistic objective of FDR’s foreign policies — thus producing not only […]


Why NATO Is Now in a Rutte

The news became public on June 20th that NATO has finally reached the necessary unanimity on whom its next Secretary General, or figurehead-leader (since ONLY the U.S. President controls NATO), will be: Mark Rutte, who has been Netherlands’ Prime Minister since 2010, despite having extremely low public approval ratings from […]