Information Warfare


Democracy Is A Power Of Democrats: Frauds at ‘Russia’s Parliament in Exile’ Voting

A scandal has erupted within the noble family of fair-faced liberals-decolonisers. Electronic voting at Ilya Ponomarev’s “Congress of People’s Deputies” (which positions itself as “Russia’s parlisment in exile”) was manipulated. Briefly, this “Congress of People’s Deputies” is nothing more than a kind of sandbox for fugitive Russian politicians who were […]


We Live In The World That Truman Made

The Cold War was started by Truman — not by FDR, and not by Stalin. The start of the U.S. Government’s effort to take control over the entire planet occurred on 25 July 1945 by U.S. President Harry Truman, just a few months after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had died […]


Pentagon’s New Strategies: Space and Cyberspace

In less than a week apart, the U.S. Department of Defense released the Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Strategy and the Commercial Space Integration Strategy that focus on close cooperation with the private business sector to cater to the Pentagon’s needs. Although the documents are not key ones in the areas […]

Four Scenarios by RAND

There are various potential outcomes to the conflict in Ukraine, and it’s possible that the opinions of US experts may not align with the eventual resolution. The RAND Corporation released an intriguing analytical report  “Planning for the Aftermath: Exploring U.S. Strategy Options Towards Russia Post-Ukraine Conflict,”  crafted by the Center […]

Time For USA To Prioritize Its Own Interests?

Somehow unnoticed by everyone, and above all by the citizens of the United States themselves, America has approached a very important point, beyond which it faces a long-term strategic deterioration in relations with Russia. At the end of March of this year, a group of Russian parliament deputies sent an […]

Genuine Intentions of Macron

Several politicians believe that the French President is attempting to solidify his position before the 2024 elections. However, Mr. Macron has consistently advocated for resolving the Ukrainian issue. On the one hand, a number of countries desire stability in Europe, but they don’t see France as their leader. Regrettably, Olaf […]