Is This News To You?:

This is about how the peoples in over 50 countries feel about other countries and their leaders, and especially about America, China, Russia, and the EU. This is the closest thing to comprehensive global polling about such matters; and, since the same questions are being surveyed in each of the […]


Venezuela Confirms Its Social Course

Ahead of the presidential elections, the Chavistas are strengthening their positions through various forums and consultations. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, despite the US sanctions, continues to follow the socialist course founded by Hugo Chavez. Concurrently, unlike other Latin American countries, where they also claim to have a leftist agenda, […]


Javier Miley: Searching For Potential Allies

As mentioned earlier, Argentina at this stage has quite a few major political allies on the continent. Only Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay can be mentioned here. There are not particularly strong states, both from an economic and political point of view. However, the need to refocus his foreign policy towards […]


Russia Wins Global Grain War

Russia is winning the global grain war as European farmers protest against the uncontrolled import of agricultural products from Ukraine, Politico experts say. The mass protests that have swept across Europe over the past three months have forced EU governments, from Warsaw to Paris, to make big concessions to their […]


Relations Between Argentina And Latin American Countries

Javier Miley has brought his own adjustments to relations with neighbors. Even before he took office, his personal ties with Latin American countries were in question. This, however, should not interfere with the development of bilateral economic relations with the countries of South America: the very essence of international relations […]

Brazil And France’s Nuclear Wedding

Paris aims to control the Amazon region under the guise of environment protection. And that is not all. On March 26, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Brazil. After the aggressive rhetoric concerning the possibility of sending French troops to Ukraine, and loss of influence in a number of African countries […]


The World’s 9 Biggest Economies

These are the figures from the World Bank, which doesn’t rank anything because that might embarrass the U.S. regime and encourage questioning how it can justify its having 900 foreign military bases and justify its claim to being “the one indispensable nation” and that all other nations — including ones […]