Submission Guidelines

LOGO_180ORIENTAL REVIEW welcomes expert contributions to the journal. To improve your article’s chances of being published, follow these submission rules.


  1. Newsworthy: there must be a news hook to your article, and a clearly stated reason that your topic is likely to attract readers by an informed audience that follows the issue.
  2. Length: your article should be no more than 1,000 words. We occassionally accept longer texts cut in chapters.
  3. Unique angle: stories must differ from news already published in the English-language media. Stick to a specific angle and avoid cluttering the article with multiple themes. Go in-depth with coverage and analysis not found in mainstream media outlets.
  4. Local context: seek out local perspectives and sources not well represented in the media. However, your story must not be simply a collection of quotes; it must include your own contextualization and analysis.
  5. Sources and facts: analyses and reports must be based on facts and quotes from sources, and all referenced information must be cited and linked. Even analytical or opinion pieces should be fact-driven. Every quote or fact should be linked back to the original, primary source.
  6. Clear writing: avoid jargon, metaphors and clichés. If you have heard a phrase a hundred times, don’t use that phrase. Employ active voice and clear, concise, direct sentences and paragraphs.
  7. Self-edit: thoroughly proof your work before submitting, removing grammatical errors and typos, and checking facts. Submit the article “ready to go” and do not expect editors to do your job. The best article is one that needs almost no editing.

The Editorial Board of ORIENTAL REVIEW looks forward working with you. Please find our mailing address for submissions here.

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