South East Asia


Australia: A Place In Geopolitics (I)

The geostrategic rivalry between the major powers is intensifying. It is extremely important for the United States to find allies who can not only support Washington in the struggle for world domination, but also who do not have deep dependence on the main factory of the world – China, because […]


Is This News To You?:

This is about how the peoples in over 50 countries feel about other countries and their leaders, and especially about America, China, Russia, and the EU. This is the closest thing to comprehensive global polling about such matters; and, since the same questions are being surveyed in each of the […]


Aukusing For War: The Real Target Is China

The occasional burst of candour from US diplomats provides a striking, air clearing difference to their Australian and British counterparts.  Official statements about the AUKUS security pact between Washington, London and Canberra, rarely mention the target in so many words, except on the gossiping fringes.  Commentators and think tankers are […]