Russia Wins Global Grain War

Russia is winning the global grain war as European farmers protest against the uncontrolled import of agricultural products from Ukraine, Politico experts say. The mass protests that have swept across Europe over the past three months have forced EU governments, from Warsaw to Paris, to make big concessions to their […]


WW III Now Has Suddenly Become Far Less Likely

On 29 March 2024, Russia’s Tass News Agency reported in English the historically important global news that what has always been the biggest ambiguity in the 1949 (U.S. President Truman’s) NATO Treaty that might lead to a WW III, has finally been interpreted, by the U.S. regime’s #1 colony (or […]


The Stupidity And Vileness Of The U.S. Empire’s Leaders

This is about neoconservatives (advocates for expanding the U.S. empire) and the empire’s billionaires who hire them to increase the market-values of their primary corporate stocks: armaments-producers such as Lockheed Martin, extraction firms such as ExxonMobil, and high-tech firms such as Google. It is about the individuals who control the […]

Genuine Intentions of Macron

Several politicians believe that the French President is attempting to solidify his position before the 2024 elections. However, Mr. Macron has consistently advocated for resolving the Ukrainian issue. On the one hand, a number of countries desire stability in Europe, but they don’t see France as their leader. Regrettably, Olaf […]


The World’s 9 Biggest Economies

These are the figures from the World Bank, which doesn’t rank anything because that might embarrass the U.S. regime and encourage questioning how it can justify its having 900 foreign military bases and justify its claim to being “the one indispensable nation” and that all other nations — including ones […]