Paradigm Shift In Palestine

The bloody conflict in geographic Palestine comes after 75 years of equally murderous injustice. Under international law, Palestinians have the right and duty to resist Israeli occupation, just as Israelis have the right and duty to respond to the attack on them. It is everyone’s responsibility to help resolve the injustices suffered by both groups, which does not mean supporting the cruel vengeance of some of them. On the other hand, support for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples must not lead to amnesty for their respective leaders for the crimes they have committed, or for the great powers that have manipulated them.


France’s Rejection In French-Speaking Africa Punishes 12 Years Of Betrayal

Nothing happens by chance in politics. The French don’t understand why French-speaking Africans suddenly reject them. They console themselves by accusing Russia of dark machinations. In reality, they are only reaping the rewards of what they have sown over the last 12 years. This has nothing to do with colonialism or Françafrique and everything to do with putting the French army at the service of U.S. strategy.