Author: Fr. Lawrence FARLEY


Speaking Out Against Anti-Semitism

Authentic Orthodox Christianity is opposed to anti-Semitism.  That said, the Orthodox Church throughout the world is a far-flung family, not a centrally-controlled cult, so that it cannot police or control every utterance made by its members.  That being so, it must be admitted, with much sadness and regret, that anti-Semitic […]

Babiy Yar

On Racism And Other Evils

In an interview that was part of the BBC 2005 documentary on Auschwitz there is a chilling interview with a person (then quite old) who took part in the shooting of Jewish men, women, and children in Ukraine.  He said that he felt nothing when shooting them, “because my hatred […]


Evangelizing The West

The Church has the same task in whatever land it takes root and finds itself, namely that of making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Trinity, and of teaching them to observe all that Christ commanded.  How it goes about fulfilling this task, however, varies […]


The Genesis Of Liberal Theology

I have been reading liberal theology since my college days—i.e. theologies which deny many, most, or all of the major tenets of the traditional Christian Faith.  The theologies are as many and as varied as their authors, but they all share a conviction that Jesus of Nazareth didn’t say and […]