Author: Thierry MEYSSAN


Israel’s Complex Relations With Iran

While the mullahs’ rhetoric is clearly anti-Israeli, relations between the two countries are far more complex than one might think. There are in fact two opposing groups in Iran, one intent on doing business by all means with the rest of the world, while the other aims to liberate peoples […]


Is The Possibility Of A World War Real?

Atomic war is possible. World peace hangs on the finger of the United States, blackmailed by Ukrainian “integral nationalists” and Israeli “revisionist Zionists”. If Washington doesn’t deliver weapons to massacre the Russians and Gazans, they won’t hesitate to launch Armageddon. The wars in Ukraine and Gaza have led several leading […]


Moscow Attack Reminds Us Of The Links Between Islamists And Kiev’s Fundamentalist Nationalists

It doesn’t matter whether the attack on the concert audience at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall was planned by Daesh with or without the Ukrainians: these people are used to working together. This has been going on for three quarters of a century, but is still not integrated into the collective consciousness: the “integral nationalists” now in power in Kiev work in concert with the Muslim Brotherhood and their militias, under the supervision of the Anglo-Saxon secret services. Their fundamental function is to fight against the Russians.


Washington, London And Tel Aviv Entangled In Palestine

Following Washington’s intervention, Israel stopped massacring Gazans in order to ethnically cleanse Palestine and expand its settlements. Israel has also agreed to allow humanitarian aid to pass through to the civilians it has trapped. However, nothing has been resolved by both Benjamin Netanyahu’s revisionist Zionists and Ismail Haniyeh’s Hamas. These two groups, which claim to defend Jews and Arabs respectively, are in fact pursuing the British colonial project, formulated in 1915 by Lord Spencer, of a region incapable of defending itself. Since 1948, the only solution, which has always been postponed, is that of a single bi-national state, as set out in UN Resolution 181.


The Ideology Of War In Ukraine And Israel

The wars in Ukraine and Gaza are more similar than you might think, at least if you know their histories. The Ukrainian war didn’t start with the Russian military operation, but with the massacres in the Donbass, while the Gaza war didn’t start with the Al-Aqsa deluge, but 75 years earlier with the Nakhba. In the long term, those responsible for both wars share the same ideology.


The European Union Against Farmers

Across the European Union, farmers are rising up against the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which subsidizes them. Governments are responding with adjustment measures, bureaucratic simplifications and a few words of comfort. In reality, they are powerless in the face of a structure designed to apply an ideology that is proving to be insane.


Benjamin Netanyahu On Borrowed Time

Benjamin Netanyahu’s provocations have provoked reactions that the massacre of 29,000 Gazan civilians did not. All the protagonists in the wider Middle East and the West, who are constantly at odds with each other, have suddenly joined forces against him. While everyone sees Gaza’s future differently, all agree that Israel can no longer continue with Jewish supremacists in its government. We’re heading for a temporary relocation of Gazans under Egyptian protection, followed by a purge in Israel.


In Jerusalem, The “Conference For The Victory Of Israel” Threatens London And Washington

The “Israel Victory Conference – settlements bring security: Returning to the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria » was no mere meeting of Jewish supremacists. A rabbi, sentenced in
to life imprisonment for his crimes, spoke on behalf of the successors of the Stern group that assassinated British leaders in Mandate Palestine. It was a declaration of war against the
Anglo-Saxons. By participating in this event, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was threatening Washington and London. President Joe Biden immediately banned all fundraising and money transfers to these extremists. This is the first time that the United States has imposed sanctions against Israelis.


The Provisional Measures Of The International Court Of Justice

The International Court of Justice has just taken provisional measures to protect the Gazan population from possible genocide. This decision is nothing new, but provides legal support for the political position of the United States. This decision in no way prejudges the judgment on the merits, which would condemn Israel if it were made, but probably never will be. International justice is still in its infancy, and is still struggling to apply the law.