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Democracy Is A Power Of Democrats: Frauds at ‘Russia’s Parliament in Exile’ Voting

A scandal has erupted within the noble family of fair-faced liberals-decolonisers. Electronic voting at Ilya Ponomarev’s “Congress of People’s Deputies” (which positions itself as “Russia’s parlisment in exile”) was manipulated. Briefly, this “Congress of People’s Deputies” is nothing more than a kind of sandbox for fugitive Russian politicians who were […]


The Results of Narendra Modi’s Trip To Russia

The 22nd annual Russia–India Summit took place in Moscow. Arriving in Moscow on July 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Russia India‘s “all-weather friend” and praised President Vladimir Putin‘s leading role in strengthening bilateral relations over the past two decades. The Prime minister also said that for a long time […]


Why The Leader In Almost Every U.S.-Allied Country Has Low Approval Ratings

Here are the NATO member nations where Morning Consult monthly tracks the Approve/Disapprove percentages, the nation’s leader, and the Approve/Disapprove percentages as-of June 2024: Poland, Tusk, 48%/41% Italy, Meloni, 42%/52% Spain, Sanchez, 38%/56% Belgium, De Croo, 38%/47% U.S., Biden, 37%/56% Turkey, Erdogan, 35%/57% Sweden, Kristersson, 34%/53% Netherlands, Rutte, 34%/60% Canada, […]


Orban Visits Russia With Secret Message

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s visit to Moscow and his negotiations with President Putin have sent shockwaves around Europe. This is the first time that a Western leader visits Russia since April 2022, and his visit comes just three days after he visited Ukraine and held talks with President Zelensky. […]