Author: Leonid SAVIN


The “Libertarian” Destruction Of Argentina

The self-styled libertarian Javier Milei, who now holds the post of president of Argentina, continues to lead the country into the abyss. And at a very rapid pace. With regard to international finance, it is obvious that there is virtually complete enslavement from external institutions. In January 2024, the Executive […]


The U.S. Is Targeting International Cyberspace

On Monday, May 6, the U.S. State Department published a new U.S. Strategy on International Cyberspace and Digital Policy. The introductory part mentions that this document was prepared on the basis of the National Security Strategy of 2022, the National Cybersecurity Strategy of 2023 jointly with other federal agencies, and […]


Ukraine Is Set To Abolish Human Rights

At the end of April, Ukraine submitted an application to the Council of Europe for the partial suspension of certain paragraphs of the European Convention on Human Rights and Freedom in the country in connection with the martial law. The Ukrainian media also reported that in the territory where martial […]


Russia in Africa: Developing An Adequate Strategy (I)

Russia’s geopolitical turn to the East,  in fact, also covers the South, thus in recent years the interaction between Russia and African countries has been steadily increasing. This is important because Africa is an integral part of the World Island according to Halford Mackinder and the Northern Heartland, which Russia […]


Venezuela Confirms Its Social Course

Ahead of the presidential elections, the Chavistas are strengthening their positions through various forums and consultations. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, despite the US sanctions, continues to follow the socialist course founded by Hugo Chavez. Concurrently, unlike other Latin American countries, where they also claim to have a leftist agenda, […]


British Governance Strategies: Religious Sects

Britain has a long history of creating covert agent networks, subverting other countries and creating proxy movements. Religion played a significant role in London’s operations of influence, as they had to consider the identities of communities and peoples they interacted with in some capacity. In England, multiple sects existed that […]


Ecuador Heading Towards Lawlessness

On the evening of April 5th, the Ecuadorian army entered the Mexican Embassy in Quito and removed former Ecuadorian Vice President Jose Glas, who had been granted political asylum and residing there since last year. Roberto Canseco, the leader of Mexican Embassy, spoke to the press shortly following the apprehension […]


Iraq–Turkey Dry Canal

The new alternative route can transform the economies of the two countries. But the devil is in the detail. Turkey is trying to take advantage of its favorable geostrategic position. Situated at the crossroads from Western Asia to Europe, Turkey emphasizes its role at every opportunity, be it the transit […]


Pentagon’s New Strategies: Space and Cyberspace

In less than a week apart, the U.S. Department of Defense released the Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Strategy and the Commercial Space Integration Strategy that focus on close cooperation with the private business sector to cater to the Pentagon’s needs. Although the documents are not key ones in the areas […]