Author: Anne HEATHER


Latin America: Attempts To Self-Define

External competition can have a strong impact on the development of internal competition. Competition with Transnational Corporations has already led many African countries away from the line of sovereign development. Latin America can follow the path of its colleagues. A study by The Elcano Royal Institute on the strategic importance […]


The Origins Of Latin Non-Alignment

The philosophy that Latin America adheres to in its course of refusing to interfere and take sides in world conflicts seems to be conditioned by history. But at the same time, its formation is associated with a number of different controversial and ambiguous aspects. Perhaps the main emphasis in this […]


Australia: A Place In Geopolitics (III)

Part II Canberra is potentially able to act as a mediator in the settlement of the territorial issue between China and Taiwan. A month before the meeting with General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping, a delegation led by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese went to Taipei for […]


Australia: A Place In Geopolitics (II)

Part I Washington appreciates Canberra’s role in ensuring a stable American foreign policy course. In 2022, the Indo-Pacific Strategy was published, according to which the continent occupies priority positions. In this context, Australia’s most important task is to contain China. In addition, the document noted the desire to resist “economic […]


Australia: A Place In Geopolitics (I)

The geostrategic rivalry between the major powers is intensifying. It is extremely important for the United States to find allies who can not only support Washington in the struggle for world domination, but also who do not have deep dependence on the main factory of the world – China, because […]


US Is Strengthening AUKUS (II)

Part 1 Let’s consider separately the interaction of the United States with Seoul within the framework of AUKUS. If for Japan, as mentioned in the previous article, working with the United States within the framework of the Arms Alliance was of strong interest, since it would help consolidate Tokyo’s reputation […]


US Is Strengthening AUKUS (I)

In April 2024, following the review of applications for membership in the AUKUS bloc submitted by Japan, New Zealand and South Korea, representatives of the law enforcement agencies of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States issued a joint statement. There has been a discussion about the possibility of […]


Javier Miley: Searching For Potential Allies

As mentioned earlier, Argentina at this stage has quite a few major political allies on the continent. Only Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay can be mentioned here. There are not particularly strong states, both from an economic and political point of view. However, the need to refocus his foreign policy towards […]