Author: Tate MCCLELLAN

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Ballet

Crystal palace is an unusual ballet because it is based on an historical episode during the rule of Empress Anna Ioanovna. The action is set in 18th century Saint Petersburg, then the capital of the Russian Empire.

A trip to the Promised Land

Recent events such as a terrorist attack in the center of Tel Aviv, Netanyahu’s Moscow visit, his meeting with President Putin, and the opening of an exhibition, “Open A Door to Israel,” all led the author to book an immediate flight to Tel Aviv the following day. Having visited two […]

Jazz Rises Above Politics in Crimea

Before the events that led to the reunification of Crimea with Russia in the spring of 2014, the Crimean penninsula hosted a number of festivals such as Kazantip, Koktebel Jazz festival, and the Yalta Theater Festival, among others. Prior to 2014, I visited Crimea almost every year and had the […]