Month: October 2022

Lying Shame

It’s A Lying Shame

The story of the first sin begins not with a choice, but with a lie. As much as we tend to emphasize “free-will” as the origin and dominant factor of human sin, we do well to remember the true nature of our lives. Things are much more complicated than freedom […]

Bibi yar

War, Propaganda, And Blindness

Propaganda makes you stupid. We know that the Ukrainian integral nationalists have committed abominable massacres, especially during the Second World War. But we don’t know what they have been doing on our doorstep for the last thirty years, including the civil war they have been waging for the last eight years. Our own stupidity allows us to endure the war cries of our political leaders on the side of these criminals.


US Gets A Nasty Surprise In Ukraine

Something has got to change in Ukraine, for sure. The plea by 30 left-wing US lawmakers from President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party on Monday seeking a negotiated settlement with Russia to end the Ukraine war is an extraordinary event. In the US Congress, they form part of a nearly 100-member […]

B-2 Spirit

Tactical Nuclear Fantasists

Bogeyman politics tends to be flatly unimaginative.  The image of the nuclear-mad Russian President, counting his diminishing options, has caught the imagination of press and propaganda outlets across the West.  Will “Mad Vlad” go the distance and deploy a nuclear weapon in Ukraine? Certainly, his rhetoric suggests the possibility.  Vladimir […]

Ben Wallace

US Breaks Ice, Russia Thaws

Fall ends and winter starts at the moment of the December solstice. But what if the Vernal Equinox arrives instead? In these  times of climate change, anything is possible. There are subtle signs. Backyard birds are singing, butterflies and bumblebees are returning. How can one possibly miss it? It is […]

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt: A Conflict Of Interest

Ethics and Eric Schmidt are rare bedfellows. The former Google/Alphabet CEO/Chairman exudes a sense of predatory self-interest, always making the point that what he wants aligns with what is supposedly good for the United States. He has splashed money on numerous projects, including such artificial intelligence outfits as Rebellion Defense, […]