There’s A New Western Media Push To Sow Doubts About The Russian-Indian Strategic Partnership

These back-to-back pieces are meant to mislead India and Russian experts into thinking that it’s not worth maintaining their strategic partnership because Russia supposedly already defected to China while India supposedly already defected to the US.   The National Interest and Politico just published back-to-back pieces by Western-friendly Indian writers […]


Relations Between Argentina And Latin American Countries

Javier Miley has brought his own adjustments to relations with neighbors. Even before he took office, his personal ties with Latin American countries were in question. This, however, should not interfere with the development of bilateral economic relations with the countries of South America: the very essence of international relations […]

Brazil And France’s Nuclear Wedding

Paris aims to control the Amazon region under the guise of environment protection. And that is not all. On March 26, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Brazil. After the aggressive rhetoric concerning the possibility of sending French troops to Ukraine, and loss of influence in a number of African countries […]