An ISIS fighter: ‘I was forbidden at the Gates of Heaven…’

This fabulous story came from Aleppo, Syria earlier this week. A 32-year old ISIS jihadist has recently experienced clinic death after recieving multiple gun shot wounds in clashes with the Syrian Army forces and left helpless by his fellow fighters at the battlefield. He was found unconscious by monks of the Saint Dominican Catholic Presbytery of Ayyash hours after his collapse. They carried his body 26 kilometers to give a proper burial before this man came miraculously back to life.

As he came back to his senses, he reported to priest Hermann Groschlin of the visions he had whilst in the afterlife, an event that profoundly changed him.

“He told me that he was always taught that to die as a martyr would open him the Gates of Jannah, or Gates of Heaven” recalled the priest. “Yet, as he had started to ascend towards the light of the Heavens, devilish entities, or Jinns he called them, appeared and led him to the fiery pits of Hell. There he had to relive all the pain he had inflicted upon others and every death he had caused throughout his entire life. He even had to relive the decapitations of his victims himself”, an experience the jihadist claims will haunt him for the rest of his life.


“Then Angel spoke unto him and told him that he had failed miserably as a human soul, that he would be banned from the Gates of Heaven if he chose to die, but that if he chose to live again, he would have another chance to repent of his sins and walk along God’s path once again”

The young man claims he was brought back to life in moments and eventually converted to Christianity days later,being assured that  he had been misled throughout his religious life in the jihadist environment.

The young man, who’s wounds have surprisingly healed in a very short time, has chosen to live amongst the members of the Catholic presbytery who rescued him from the desert and hopes his story will help other ISIS fighters change their ways and convert to the one and only true God.

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  2. Is the picture here authentic of the man?

  3. Clearly this story is not true, Muslims don’t believe that souls go to Heaven (paradise, jannah, etc) upon death.

    In Islamic thought people only go to paradise AFTER judgement day. This is the point of contention with the Christian saints concept, Christian saints are already in Heaven, BEFORE the day of judgement!!

    Who is reporting this story? Christian monks who do believe in instant teleportation to paradise upon death….hmmm….

    The whole story stinks to high heaven (pun intended ;))…for years now similar stories with judo-christian concepts & terms are translated to Arabic and published as part of some weird psyop campaign……I had hoped this site was better than to paddle this nonsense…

  4. Seán McGouran

    “Judeo-Christian”? Surely the sequence is Judeo-Christian-Muslim?
    Or have Muslims been expelled into the Outer Darkness? Is that because they want to arrange their own affairs without reference to their former Imperial masters, or Uncle Sam (who isn’t imperialist – he just behaves like one…).

  5. If he is going to live in a catholic presbytery, he did end up at the gates of hell.

  6. Jim Eagle Featherr

    First, I was a Christian preacher for about 24 years and a converted Christian for 27. Now I am a pagan and worship the gods. But, concerning this story the question should first be was he really dead, or in a coma dreaming. I am certain he has heard about the Christian stories before. Next. If he was really dead or some such, what kind of Muslim ISIL man was he? Was he fighting, causing mayhem, and torture because he was following the words of the Koran, or was he doing all those things because he personally just liked it, and thought it was a fun game? I knew many Christians who seemed to obey the New Testament only because it was, for them, a fun hobby. As Jesus warned, men who prayed only because they wanted to be seen doing so by other men would only receive that reward, i.e. being seen by other men. Only those who prayed to God because they had their heart into serving Him would receive a heavenly reward. Were I Muslim, I would likely preach that if one follows the Koran one should do everything for and because of Allah, by the teaching of Muhammad in the Koran. Thus this wounded man’s reliving the pain he inflicted sounds like, deep down he regretted what he had done. Had he really felt that he had been following Allah and not just his own pleasure and inclination, he might not have felt such guilt. I mean do the ISIL guys make jokes and get off on the blood they cause? Are some trying to prove what tough dudes they are? Or are they merely serving Allah’s commands from their hearts?

  7. MarcusW

    Really interesting but not the first of its kind. Similar stories comes regularly where bad people has a chance to redeem there life after a short trip outside their body! And some free and mature people learn from this.

  8. willymae

    Re-Read the KJV bible.
    “All will be judged- ESPECIALLY Christians.”

  9. There are 5 worlds below the of them PARADISE where Islamic ISIS believes is destined for martyrs is actually empty..its a place where Old Testament Saints were held before Jesus died for their sins so they could have EtErNaL life in Heaven..when Jesus arose from the dead he had to go to God’s(3rdHeaven)1st to ensure His Dad accepted His Blood sacrifice..n BeFoRe he could empty Paradise to take these people to Heaven…Matthew27:51-53 tells how Paradise was emptied of these people…Islamic jihadists have their own Paradise sadly for them it involves being marched thru the 1st world of the underground..aka Sheol Hebrew for HELL..Lost for EtErNiTy to Jesus…they will suffer personally ALL the suffering they have inflicted..beheadings..knifing s on themselves fir eternity.OvEr n OVeR again whilst Satan looks n laughs at them..ReAl TeRRoR

  10. Because this did not happen according to what muslims believe about when men will be judged, it must be false? Why would God work according to the erroneous beliefs of muslims? God is Truth, and He does things His way, not our way. “My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts.” It seems that people just don’t want to believe these things happen, and in their apoplexy in reading these accounts become twisted in their own logic and utter the stupidest things.

  11. The comment by Terry Huggles apparently is correct. A simple Google search shows no such monastery.

    Shame on the pathetic liar who wrote that smarmy propaganda, and ditto for the sites that have repeated it without fact-checking.

  12. Anthony Ruijtenbeek

    As i wrote in the Facebookcomment section:

    It’s a hoax. The man in the picture is ISIL commander Abu Muhammad, token on april 16, 2014 in a Turkish state hospital:

    The original story of a ISIL commander who had an near-death experience came first from this satirical site: You can very easy determine that it’s satire. By reading their disclaimer, but one can also do an image search on Google for the picture of ‘priest Hermann Groschling’. What you get is this stockphoto of an Ukranian man:

    also; the source of this specific article,that came from is now removed, it’s a dead link:

    Still wondering why this article isn’t edited, how much more proof does one need?

  13. JoHan Rabie

    I have no doubt in my mind that this is a true story,The Bible is clear the true things of the spirit is foolishnes to those that are perishing,If you are not a christian then you will definatly disagree with what I say here, I had a heavenly and hell experience myself 18 years ago and this Man is right,he has no reason to lie,and I am sorry to those that believe in paradise there is no paradise just heaven,that is why this man saw heaven and not pradise,God showed him the truth and now he is free.

  14. He tell the truth. Hell en heaven is real

  15. I know of several people who have visited heaven and the one thing they have noticed is that there are NO MUSLIMS in Heaven! Period! These are not fools-one gentleman has one of the highest-recorded IQs in the US! Remember that Mohammed was a pedophile who had sex with little girls as young as two! I believe he also had a five-year-old wife! That is SICK people! There is no other word for it! And to murder a two-hour old baby simply because its parents were Christians is EVIL BEYOND EVIL!

  16. william allan

    no one goes to heaven, JESUS is going to rule on earth after the judgement

  17. Nemo – perhaps you should reread the account and review logic 101. Your “refutation” of the story does not stand up to scrutiny. The account did not say this Muslim stated a belief from Islamic teaching that no Muslim would teach, thereby falsifying the account. It says “this is what the man said he saw when he died,” quite independent of what instruction he was given as a Muslim. The whole point of the story is that what he saw was so different from what Islamic doctrine led him to believe he should see, that he abandoned Islam.

  18. me meme

    if you did not know this, they are going to try to unite all religion into one and there’s a high probability that this entire story was fabricated to merge Islam with Catholicism

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  20. Believe. …in one GOD the GOD of Abraham in all faiths he is the same just different languages and different names but is still the great I AM. …

  21. Any body who lied with the things of God to petronice God,have commited a grivious sin.did God ask you to tell lie about his existance,or things of the spirit.i think it maybe true

  22. If you don’t mind, I’m going to use the picture you had of Heaven (the one that ran with your article about the ISIS fighter) for a few days. Let me know if that a problem please

    thanks much

    Michael Brown

  23. @Michael
    No problem, Michael!

  24. vercingetoirx

    This story is probably accurate. And this story shows yet again that islam is false and that catholic christianity is probably right.

    I don’t have to read such stories to know that islam is false!

  25. its actually pathetic,your anger,resentment,prejudice and opinion does not and can not change the truth,if man has the power to chose where to go after death would he not had decided not to die as well,God is superior to all,it doesn’t matter he created you a free moral agent which means that he gave you the power to make decisions and choise as to what you want ,so don’t delude yourself.he decides what happens to you

  26. this is true ,,,heaven and hell is real

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  28. look at all these doubters yes this is a real picture of the man (there are also more on youtube)and they claim they are religious,wow. like Jim eagle feather ,,,if he watched over 30 hours of NDE which he shouldn’t have to he should already know god to be true if hes a Christian (because it takes people that much and more to be convinced) he would eventually know it to be true how are all these people seeing the exact same thing, its best to watch the Muslim and atheist ones that way you know there is no bias,,take the ignorant “nemo” comment,,clearly its not true he writes..what because he said so,,wow and he cant even work out that ummm duh he went there because god showed him the place that it does exist,,a place Muslims don’t believe in, and now he knows how wrong he was, thats not hard to work out. anyone with a thinking brain can see now that god is more real then ever, taking Adams rib to make Eve would have been understood or scoffed at years ago but its easy to see now times have advanced that its a form of cloning just like when they talk about Mary being a virgin thats because she was its called artificial insemination but of course god would be at a much more advanced level than humans, same with when god talks about ever lasting life its reincarnation,,when people have NDE some souls are described as lighter than others so your soul returns as its not black dark and if it continues to do bad through every incarnation,,you eventually go to nothing to darkness your soul is dark, and you’re at a disadvantage because its like a new slate there is no remembering your past life,,it ha to be your soul doing all the work and starting over again,,people who have had some of these DNE have had more than 1 life review and told they cant come in yet they have to go back there are way too many similarities for them all to imagine it all, Take an atheist Dr who was a brain surgeon when his patients came back they would tell him what they see like god angels,hell and he would tell them it was their brain function until one night he was in bed and god this searing pain and then was transported to the hospital immediately and he seen god spoke with god everything the things he always doubted he was now seeing,,only thing was he had no brain function,it was for over 40 minutes dead FLAT LINED no brain activity. and it was also more real to him than life. he then converted and is a believer now, anyone who looks at the magnificent human structure nature and how it all works and think this all just came out of some big bang clearly cant think,,its as clear as day that there is thought behind it all.

  29. typo( Taking Adams rib to make Eve would NEVER have been understood or WOULDN’T have been understood

  30. The original source of the whole article was World News Daily Report, a satire news website. It’s a great big joke told by the authors who wrote the story. BUT, IF God WANTED to do this, He COULD, of course!

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