NATO Troops Start Pouring Into Ukraine

NATO is starting to deploy combat troops to Ukraine as Kiev is loosing the battle on the ground. The Alliance might get into war with Russia.

According to Stephen Bryen, whose extensive experience has been as a U.S. armaments-manufacturing high executive as well as in both the Executive and Legislative ends of the U.S. Government, headlined on April 25th, “NATO is starting to deploy Troops in Ukraine and Russia is Racing to Win”, and he reported:

NATO is starting to deploy combat troops to Ukraine.  They are in uniform and mostly are concentrated in the western part of the country, although in some cases they are close to the actual fighting in the east.  Soldiers from Poland, France, the UK, Finland and other NATO members are arriving in larger numbers.  These troops are not mercenaries.  They wear the flag of their country on their shirts. …

The Biden administration, at least for public consumption, says it opposes sending NATO soldiers to Ukraine. But the truth is, Biden may be waiting for his reelection before he gives the order for US soldiers to fight in Ukraine.  After Biden is reelected, he will have a free hand.  The recent passage of the $60 billion air bill for Ukraine signals that Congress will go along with whatever the Biden administration wants to do “fighting the Russians.” …

Meanwhile NATO is far behind Russia, both in weapons, manpower and industrial might. Furthermore, stockpiles of weapons are very low and equipment supposedly for national defense has been sent to Ukraine, leaving defenses wanting.

The consensus opinion in the US National Security establishment is that Ukraine is losing its war with the Russians and could potentially face the collapse of its army. …

NATO’s plan seems to be to try and ward off disaster by filling in gaps in Ukraine’s forces by importing “advisers,” waiting for the US to commit its army to the battle after the election in November.  The Russians know this and are in a race to try and collapse Ukraine’s army before Biden returns to office, if in fact he does.  If the Russians are successful, a bigger war in Europe will be avoided.  If not, with the introduction of US forces, Europe will be plunged into World War III.

And so too would the U.S.

In short: Ukraine’s war against Russia will soon be a war between Russia and all of these NATO member-nations, not merely against Ukraine.

This will force the issue, because any negotiated end to this war has thereby become impossible: the end of this conflict will be either a U.S.-and-‘allied’ victory and a Russian defeat (so unlikely as to be virtually impossible), or else a Russian victory and a crushing defeat of the entire U.S. empire (leading ultimately to a collapse in the value of the dollar and the bankruptcy of the U.S. Government).

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