Lots Of Recent ‘History’ Is Actually Lies

The Rwandan genocide in 1994 was arranged by the U.S. Government — by Bill Clinton, in fact, though after the event he said that he regretted he hadn’t gotten involved earlier to stop it from happening, and the stenograhically reporting, propagandistic, U.S.-and-allied press never even mentioned that he had actually initiated it. On 25 March 1998, Clinton told Rwandans that he “did not fully appreciate the depth and the speed with which you were being engulfed by this unimaginable terror”. However, even the Establishmentarian Foreign Policy magazine, decades later, on 5 April 2015, noted about that assertion, “But U.S. officials in Rwanda had been warned more than a year before the 1994 slaughter began that Hutu extremists were contemplating the extermination of ethnic Tutsis, according to a review panel’s newly released transcript and declassified State Department documents obtained by Foreign Policy from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.” Americans tolerate as being a ‘democracy’ a Government that allows itself routinely to “classify” — keep secret from the public for decades — the crucial facts, and so to cover-up the fact that America’s President is lying or did lie to the public; it can do that for as long as a President wants, while the regime’s supine ‘news’-media don’t even (if and when they belatedly find out that he had done so as that magazine did) come right out and state that he had been lying to everyone about it, and was actually covering-up his own international-war-crime. Instead, that magazine alleged Clinton’s actions in this matter had merely been among “the missteps” by supposedly him and many unnamed people. “Missteps,” instead of “genocide” by them. And they didn’t say “lied.” That’s called ‘journalism’, not “propaganda” — which it is: softening a massive international war-crime, down to supposedly many “missteps,” by not only that national CEO but also numerous other and unidentified people (especially his Administration, for which he alone is responsible). It continues the covering-up of a war-crime, of genocide, by a U.S. President. 

This is ‘journalism’, in America, and in its allied countries. It’s the way that propaganda is routinely done in America, so as to fool the public that America is a democracy. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that the Government cannot prohibit the public from saying anything, but it doesn’t prohibit the Government from lying to the public (much less provide for penalties against any public official — any traitor — who does so). Consequently, it’s easy for that Government to descend into a dictatorship — a Government by and for fraudsters. And any media that serve those fraudsters, instead of serve the public, are propagandists instead of journalists.

George W. Bush tours the United States Army National Training Center on April 4, 2007 in Fort Irwin, California

The great international lawyer Christopher Black noted at 5:15 into his 23-minute-long classic “The Criminalization of International Justice” speech, that, “As Boutros-ghali told the Canadian writer Robin Philpot on Rwanda in 2004 in an interview [dated 6 April 1994], he said, quote, ‘the Americans are 100% responsible for what happened in Rwanda.’” And subsequent international investigations, as Black also noted, confirmed Boutros-gali’s account. But did you know any of this? Did the general public? Do they today? Why not? Black’s address is entirely factual and contains many other such hidden facts, including that before the 9/11 attacks, bin Laden was in the pay of and controlled by the CIA, and that Clinton instead of Milosevich initiated the international war crimes for which Milosevich was being tried by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

The U.S. Government has invaded and destroyed many countries that posed no actual national-security danger to America, such as Iraq on 20 March 2003, and all on the basis purely of lies. Even if one forgets that the war in Ukraine started in February 2014 (as both Stoltenberg and Zelensky have said but which doesn’t fit with the Western press’s uniform charge ofRussia’s  unprovoked  invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022’) and that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 was actually a reaction to that long-ongoing military conflict on Russia’s own border and which Russia always said consequently endangered the national security of Russia — even if one forgets such things as this — was America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq (which had posed no national-security threat to Americans) worse than Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine (which did pose a very real threat to Russia)? And if that is the case, then why are so many countries that nonetheless continue to accept America’s leadership (despite those lies and that entirely illegal and unjustified destruction of a country) so intensely outraged and condemnatory against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — and why are they sanctioning Russia for it with historically unparalled ferocity and a more intense hatred against Putin and Russia than they ever directed against the Soviet Union or its leaders, though no nation has ever sanctioned America for any of its blatant international war-crimes in Iraq nor anywhere else that the U.S. Government has couped or even outright invaded and massacred people (including in Rwanda, and then in Yugoslavia) on the basis of what were actually bald lies?  What about its international-war crimes against Libya? What about them in Syria? What about them in 1953 Iran, or 1954 Guatemala, or 1965 Indonesia, or 1973 Chile — and there are so many other such instances, which murdered millions of innocent and/or rounded-up and slaughtered people? Can a bad international actor be any worse than this? But the U.S. Government goes on for decades like this, and doesn’t lose any international ‘allies’ (far less be sanctioned, at all) from anything. It doesn’t really make sense, does it? How can that make any sense? Did Hitler make sense? Does the America that followed after him and has largely copied from him? To the extent that they make sense, it is basically the same sense — but it was never reported in the ‘news’, until decades after (if ever). That’s the ‘news’, in a dictatorship.

 Government classification laws that hide information from the public for more than 5 years (and for more than 1 year in most cases) should be outlawed altogether, and should be condemned constantly by the ‘news’-media so that these media might become authentic, instead of what they now are, which is mere propagandists for the regime. Their record is atrocious; but, because they are that bad, the public have no idea how bad, and thus still subscribe to them. This article is therefore being submitted to all of them (to all of those media, and to others, besides) so that they can document to their audiences how bad — and thus start to become good.

 The reason that lots of recent ‘history’ is actually lies, is that the ‘news’-media that are owned and controlled by the regime’s beneficiaries, who are its billionaires, are propagandists for the regime, instead of news-media in an actual democracy.

Censorship is the essential tool for any dictatorship, and the death-knell for any democracy. Any media that participate in it are propagandists for the regime, instead of journalists in a democracy. It’s their choice, what to be.

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