U.S. And Allies Wasted $360 Billion Losing Ukraine’s War Since 24 February 2022

The war in Ukriane started in 2014, as both NATO’s Stoltenberg and Ukraine’s Zelensky have said; but Russia responded militarily on 24 February 2022 in order to prevent Ukraine from allowing the U.S. to place a missile there a mere 317 miles or five minutes of missile-flying-time away from The Kremlin and thus too brief for Russia to respond before its central command would already be beheaded by America’s nuclear strike.

The U.S. and its allies had already spent perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars on Ukraine since the U.S. Government grabbed Ukraine in a 2014 coup, but they greatly increased their ‘investments’ in Ukraine after Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022. The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations headlined on 21 September 2023 “How Much Aid Has the U.S. Sent Ukraine? Here Are Six Charts.”, and ignored the billions that had been sentin the eight years between the February 2014 U.S. coup and the February 2022 Russian invasion, and didn’t even total-up the amounts paid to Ukraine after the Russian invasion, but presented only the components that make up the totals for each of the U.S.-and-allied countries, after 24 February 2022. Here those are:

EU institutions c. $84B [almost 100% Financial]

United States $46.56B military, +$26.37B Financial, + $3.91B Humanitarian = $76.84B as-of 21 September 2023

Germany c. $23B total

United Kingdom c. $15B

Norway c. $9B

Japan c. $7B

Canada c. $6B

Poland c. $4B

Netherlands c. $4B

Denmark c. $3B

Sweden c. $2B

Switzerland c. $2B

France c. $1.5B

Czech Republic c. $1B

Finland c. $1B

Italy c. $1B

Spain c. $.5B

Lithuania c. $.5B

Austria c $.5B

Slovakia c. $.5B

South Korea c. $.3B

TOTAL = c. $245B

The amounts sent in the period from America’s February 2014 Ukrainian coup up till Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had also been substantial, but weren’t generally publicized. Furthermore, the $245B that came after the invasion was only a portion of the total that was supplied by The West to Ukraine after the invasion, in order for Ukraine and NATO to defeat Russia in the battlefields of Ukraine. For example, on 6 August 2023, I headlined “IMF Has ‘Loaned’ $115B to Ukraine Without Requiring Any Proof Where It Went” and documented that the IMF — which was created by, and is controlled by, the U.S. Government — had ‘loaned’, but actually donated, $115B to Ukraine in merely the one month of March 2023. Adding that $115B to the $245B that came directly from the U.S. Government and its colonies (‘allies’), produces $360B donated by them after Russia’s invasion.

Losing Ukraines WarBy now, it’s pretty clear that Russia will win this war, so that all of this (at least) $360B (and all of the people who have been killed as a result of The West’s having dragged-out the war till now) after Russia’s 24 February 2022 invasion of Ukraine in response to America’s very skillfully prepared February 2014 coup there in order ultimately to conquer Russia, will turn out to have been just wasted money. The U.S.-and-allied Operation Barbarossa #2 won’t have been any more successful than Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa #1 was, but, yet again, merely so much wasted money and lives in order to add Russia to its imperial portfolio of ‘allies’. Russia will remain a sovereign independent country. And because America and its ‘allies’ have insisted that Ukraine win against Russia, Ukraine will instead switch from having become a U.S. ‘ally’ since 2014, to becoming maybe an independent and neutral nation like it had been until 2014, but maybe instead a Russian ‘ally’ — but, in either case, a wrecked country. 

It won’t quite have wrecked the collective West, but it certainly will have wrecked Ukraine.

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