Coup d’etat in Disguise: Washington’s “Democratization” Template

The “global” protest action for “just Russian elections” set for December 10 by its coordinators has started to encompass the European capitals and, as should be expected, the major US cities. I’m writing these lines from Boston. I can see here the “Fair vote” pages on the Facebook full of things like: “Anybody we have in Holland?…Will have to go there myself”. ..”What about San Francisco?…Great! You really can get one hundred men joining there? Superb!” All remarks saying the same thing. And these people, who get their knowledge about Russia from Internet, rush to join “the fight against injustice”.

The cosmopolitan opposition has launched a determined attack these days hoping to get back the 1990s. The notorious RTVI of Gusinsky, the most powerful US Russian language TV outlet spreading the propaganda of the “Echo of Moscow” radio station and the Russophobia ideologists of Washington’s establishment, already declared its victory on December 9. Vladmir Kara-Murza, junior, US Congress RTVI permanent correspondent, reported from the American Enterprise Institute (a major Republican strategic center) imposing the idea of the “beginning of the Putin’s time end”. The news anchor reported smiling that “As the leading US experts see it the Putin’s epoch is coming to the end”. One could see the serious expressions on the faces of Andrew Kuchins, Leon Aron, Anders Aslund predicting in various ways the ‘end of dictator” and strongly suggesting the idea of the end of patience for the dictator’s rule. The prime time news presented a big show of “the leaders of thousands of protesters” presenting their ultimatum like programs. Michael Schneider, one of such leaders representing “the Solidarity”, made public the programme of the “protesters”: cancellation of the December 4 election results, new elections in March, registration of the opposition parties, setting free the political prisoners, resignation of Vladimir Churov, head of Central Election Committee, no power to “the party of crooks and thieves”.

The liberal opposition has no chance to play any significant role in the Russia’s political life without strong Washington’s financial support. So it laid open its marks and crap cards. The present hysteria concerning the Russian Duma elections is a test or a way to prepare ground for banning Putin from the presidential elections. The aim is to destabilize the situation in the country and make it impossible for the elections to take place.

Many US outlets had the editorials headlines presenting the Putin’s rebuff to Mrs. Clinton’s words in straight negative light. December 8 Putin met the all-Russian National Front representatives. Talking about the Russian post elections situation he stated that “the internal process is influenced on orders from someone abroad. And the US State Secretary has already given a signal to those in Russia who is supposed to hear it. The country must defend its sovereignty”. Putin suggested “to toughen responsibility of those who carry out the orders coming from other states”.

The New York Times has recently published an interview with the old man Gene Sharp, father of “colour revolutions”, who described in each and every detail his ways to implement state coups d’etat in the countries of the post Soviet space.

A “colour revolution” is a separate case of geopolitical world redivision where an inside putsch masked under a democratic movement is the key component.

Well known British researcher Jonathan Mowat gave the Americans their due in the headlines of his work “Coup d’etat in Disguise: Washington’s “Democratization” Template”. A provocation is to take place by the time of elections in presence of “foreign observers” and “exit polls”. Angry young people are there equipped with up to date communication devices, blogs and websites provide real time connections to make precise the way operational activities are conducted. The “swarm” may be regrouped any time and global media makes possible the internationalization of any event, no matter how insignificant it may be. The Washington’s pattern is a planned and financed from outside attack against the institutes of another state…

The pattern is not easy to defend from – it must be cramped in a tough, uncompromised way!

The Fox news channel gets people scared of growing Russian protests showing them the pictures of Greek anarchists armed with Molotov cocktails.

The same way information distortions have already taken place in Libya. Now it takes place in Syria – is Russia a part of the scenario?

The contemporary political jargon calls such imitations “cognitive political technologies”, a “memetic weapon”. There are many books devoted to the subject in the West, the whole schools function to teach it. The gist of the phenomenon is psychic contagion, spreading the “virus” information in a special way. The memes – units of such information are introduced into certain environment (the very same social net) and get activated according to the principle of self-induction, instilling certain state of mind – anger, enthusiasm, breakdown etc.

“The cognitive capture” is a thing in focus in the USA. Cass Sunstein, the Administrator of the White House office of Information and Regulatory affairs in the Obama administration has a reputation of being a convinced advocate of cognitivism. New terminology – old ideas.

In the USA they thoroughly study the Russian Internet segment in the cognitive context, analyzing the views of potential friends or foes. The very same Cass Sunstein even wrote a research work about the necessity of overt and covert intervention into the social nets discussions to achieve the “cognitive dissonance” defined goals.

Political scholar Valery Korovin explained what “cognitive dissonance” is in plain language using “Navalny project” as an example. (1) Navalny introduces his Internet audience to a simple formula: “United Russia is a party of crooks and thieves”. It’s repeated by thousands of Internet social nets users. A man distant from politics encounters this formula everywhere on Internet pages, comics, caricatures – step by step he gets convinced its everyone’s view. A person gets accustomed to it, sees it as an obvious thing, common perception. There may be really serious consequences of such conviction. When someone sees this kind of Memes in thousands of blogs, – it becomes a factor influencing the powers that be. Making election results public brings population into “cognitive dissonance” condition. All are convinced that “the party of crooks and thieves” is seen as such be everyone and it just cannot get so many votes. Korovin says it’s a dissonance, “As the memes authors see it, the population is provoked to get to the streets in protest. Afterward the scenario is well known and runs smoothly, it’s a technical matter”.

One should take notice the technique gets ample financial support rendered to the memes human rights defenders by the West. Valery Korovin is right saying their activities are coordinated by “specially trained people”. It’s not a fact they all belong to the State Department though no doubt that’s where the leading “moderators” come from. The social nets of the Russian Federation as well as other countries get engaged from afar and are literally bought (by providing grants for instance).

Here is an example. The protests are in the focus of the “International network” website of a youth human rights movement (2). The money comes from US and European funds. The website offers detailed information on “global geography” of the ongoing meme-protest action. There is an instruction describing ways to defend oneself from police, a reference to the Garry Kasparov’s website. One can get lost in networks but they will inevitably lead you to “The Other Russia” scum and ubiquitous “memorials” hidden by ominous signs like “strategic control” or giving reference to faraway places like headquarters in Voronezh, for instance. No wonder, the Washington’s “regional committee” sends hundreds of thousands of dollars exactly to Voronezh through the MacArthur Foundation. It’s in this city where “the falsification” of the elections is especially widely spread. Provocations, conspiracies, “false flag operations” to discredit the opponent – these are routine activities of the US employers of the human rights defenders.

The International network website says there is a number of structures created destined to provide information and resource support of the network users. There is an impression that the number of this humanoid like network members is a legion and the mission of the legion is of outstanding importance. One of these human rights defending structures is the Committee Against Torture. It’s head is a well known person who has recently received an award in one of world capitals. The topic of “Russian torture chambers” will be purposefully kept in focus in connection with the planned protests against elections fraud. The other network member is also one of those who receive US grants – the website “Caucasian Knot”, the one that describes horrible things taking place in the Russian “torture chambers”.

So the covert state coup d’etat process is launched. It will have to be dealt with corresponding resoluteness and toughness

* * *

It’s long ago the scenarios of the “unthinkable” have become normal practice of the “Western reforms”. As one of “justice supporters” told some time ago the Gusinsky TV a “peaceful opposition” that hasn’t broken a single window, will be joined by a sniper when the time is propitious. The sniper will kill someone, better be it a child or a juvenile (this way the protest will follow the pattern), – and an extremely destabilizing chain of events will be self-induced.

No way one can enumerate the whole plethora of meme – non state actors, expert entities, “independent” publications, radio stations, religious issues, human rights champions, innumerous network outlets in just one article. But what unites them all is getting wide financial support for going to great length to undermine Russia’s sovereignty.

No way a compromise is possible with this kind of opposition! Even Gene Sharp agrees there are things beyond compromise. Here the maitre of “colour revolutions” finds it expedient to prepare a substitution, a meme -simulacrum. The main rule of the state overthrows is that those who get involved in it should be convinced they act on their own. Convictions, ideology, faith create immunity to meme-viruses. There are volumes written on the issue. But we don’t know how to defend ourselves allowing a discussion about the undiscussable – the things like fundamental issues of life of an individual and society as a whole. We forget the manipulators need the discussion as much as air to implement their substitution schemes…

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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  1. Thank you Irina for this well informed piece. These vultures want to destroy Russia. Whether they will succeed or fail in their cynical enterprise depends on the collective effort of the Russian people. If the Russians fail to realize how determined these vulture are then, the enemies of the country will succeed. If the Russian people work hard by exposing the lies and spins these foreign backed socalled opposition group are making in order t discrete Putin and United Russia then the regime change in Russia will fail.. Peace to you and to the Russian people!

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