Boston Bombers: Cherished to Kill

A week ago the US public discovered that the Russians were fighting terrorism in Chechnya. Mass hysterics and righteous indignation over a commonplace criminal episode which would hardly draw as much attention if happened somewhere in Makhachkala, have somewhat shaded the fact that brothers Tsarnaev are the natural by-product of entire US strategy in the Caucasus since 1990s.

chechnyarussiamapFor more than 20 years the Chechen factor was engaged by the West to diminish Russian influence in the Caucasus. An aura of a peace-loving nation suffering ‘under the Russian boot’ was deliberately fostered by the Western media during both Chechen wars (1994-1996 and 1999-2009). A myriad of pro-Ichkerian advocacy groups, informational centers and committees were created and generously funded to forge an impression of wide civil support in favor of Chechen independence from Russia. Even the most loathsome episodes of kidnappings, killings and violent treatment of foreign hostages did not stagger a blind conviction of the Western establishment that the international criminal underground in Chechnya is performing a historically justified mission of undermining Russia.

Doku Umarov
Doku Umarov

The network of pro-Ichkerian civil and media centers involving thousands of migrants from Chechnya were flourishing for years across Europe and the US until the hopelessness of their agenda became evident by late 2000s. Nevertheless, the most marginalized projects like jihadist Kavkaz Center web site hosted in Finland were enjoying a favorable treatment by the authorities of their countries of residence until nowadays. According to recent publications in the British press, the top emir of Chechen gangsters, Doku Umarov, included into the US and UN lists of most wanted terrorists, was directly influencing Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the elder of brothers. In summer 2012 the latter attended seminars of the Caucasus Foundation, a Georgian NGO funded by the American Jamestown Foundation, aimed at recruiting North Caucasians to set up secessionist cells inside Russian autonomous republics. It is yet unclear whether Tamerlan was an invitee or one of the organizers (recruiters) on these seminars. As a matter of fact, the brain-washing machine, created by the West to radicalize and instigate North Caucasians against Russians, is eventually turning against the societies accepting emigrants from this region. Since 1990s the so-called Chechen mafia, parasitizing on a liberal naturalization regime for Chechens in the Schengen area, turned to be a disaster for criminal polices of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Germany and Greece. So the criminal act that took place in Boston two weeks ago is merely a natural outcome of many years of indulgence and direct inciting of extremist elements against the civilization once considered as a geopolitical rival in someone’s sore mind.

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