France Channels Weapons to Terrorists Involved in Hatlah Massacre

he Western press was mute on the Syrian war on June 12th  as reports came of another massacre  carried out by the so called ‘rebels’, who are in fact members of al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda affiliated groups.  Among those massacred in the village of Hatlah in the region of Deir e Zohr were dozens of women and children. Reports of the massacre vary from 30 to 100.

The French press did seem too interested in dwelling on the massacre, which is surprising given their deep concern for the ‘protection of the civilian population’ and indefatigable advocacy of ‘humanitarian intervention’ in the Syrian conflict.

Le Monde, who published two sensational reports recently which purported to ‘prove’ that the Syrian ‘regime’ had used chemical weapons ‘on its own people’-without presenting a shred of credible evidence to back up their claims-  attempted to play down the crime against humanity committed by the ‘rebels’ they support.

The French daily reported that 60 shiite residents of the village of Hatlah were killed on Tuesday. There was no mention of the word ‘massacre’, no mention of the word ‘crime’, no condemnation of the barbaric acts. Instead, the report spoke of government ‘militias’ controlling local areas.

There was no condemnation of the massacre of Hatlah from the Quai D’Orsay either.  Thousands of massacres have been committed by the western-backed terrorists since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria in 2011, most if not all have been ignored by the French government.

The mainstream press agencies usually use massacres committed by terrorists in Syria as war propaganda by blaming the crimes on the Syrian army. But the coordination between the terrorists and Nato’s media agencies would appear to have been lacking in Tuesdays’ Syrian war theatre.

The killers posted a video on the internet where they boasted about their slaughter of civilians in the village, chanting ‘Allah akbar’ as they showed the remains of their ‘raafidis’(derogatory term for Shiite) victims. This is not the script Nato’s media agencies find useful. In fact, it is counter productive and only helps the ‘regime’. They should have filmed their slaughtered victims and posted the video online with the caption ‘innocent civilians slaughtered by Assad’s forces, international community must intervene’ It seems these terrorists were badly trained.

Syrian and Kuwaiti killers entered the village of Hatlah on Tuesday, June 11th, marked out Shiite houses for destruction and proceeded to burn them down. Ibrahim Said, a local cleric, his wife and two girls of 4 and 2 were taken out and butchered to death.  The leader of the gang also called on Sunnis in Kuwait to kill their Shiite neighbours. The video, visible on June 12th, has been censored by U Tube but can be viewed on Liveleak.

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According to reports, hundreds of the remaining inhabitants of the town were abducted by the terrorists, who call themselves the Al Mut’aa Brigade. The location of the abductees is currently unknown.

protestsIn another video posted on the Syria News website, a small crowd of protestors in the town of Al Mayadeen celebrate the mass murder of the Shiite citizens of Hatlah.

Since the beginning of the unrest in Syria in 2011, the Western press has incited religious and sectarian hatred by demonizing the alawite community just as they did against the Serbs during the destruction of Yugoslavia.The result is now ethnic cleansing on a massive scale. The demonization of the alawites consists in claiming that they constitute a ruling caste over a majority Sunni population. This is not true. The majority of the Syrian Arab Army is Sunni. Sunnis and Christians have always held top positions in government. Syria is a secular, multicultural state which has always prided itself on its diversity.

But Le Monde did publish an important report concerning Syria on the day men, women and children were slaughtered in Hatlah by their beloved ‘rebels’. The report headlined ‘ Syrie : Fabius appelle à arrêter la progression des forces d’Assad ‘ (Syria : Fabius calls for stopping the advance of Assad’s forces)

Perhaps Le Monde’s editors decided to ignore the Hatlah massacre because they were loath to risk further loss of credibility as a newspaper. It would been too embarrassing for Fabius, who has little if  support among the French population for his war mongering against Syria.

One only has to read the commentaries on Le Monde’s website to realize the contempt which intelligent and well-read readers have for the French daily. The same can be said for the rest of the mainstream press in France. In fact, many newspapers have decided not to allow further comments on Syria due to the plethora of internet users denouncing and exposing their criminal lies and war propaganda.

It is possible that the leader of the death squad who murdered and abducted the citizens of Hatlah may some day meet his biggest French supporter, Laurent Fabius. Like his American colleague Senator John McCain, Fabius apparently met with  Syrian terrorist Mohammad Noor recently. Noor is the leader of a terrorist group who kidnapped Christians in Lebanon last year. Their whereabouts remain unknown.

As this author pointed out earlier, should the death squads fail to destroy the Syrian state, Nato could use their existence to justify intervention under the guise of the ‘War on Terror’.  But first they would have to weaken the state sufficiently to justify such as strategy.

After the triumph of the Syrian Arab Army over the foreign-backed terrorists in the city of Al-Qusayr, the prospect of a victory over Nato is increasing. A writer in the Syria News website notes that it is significant that the MI6 propaganda organ called the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights-which has hitherto been the source of the mainstream media disinformation- has also reported on the massacre in Hatlah.

An attempt is being made to distinguish the Free Syrian Army from the Al Qaeda terrorists. Given the efficacy of the media’s lies on a brain washed population, it would be easy to claim that Assad was secretly cooperating with Al-Qaeda and intervention was necessary in order to rid the country of the terrorists.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights may start publishing more massacres by the terrorists in order to provide propaganda to that effect were Nato to change its war strategy against Syria.

A similar strategy was adopted by France against Mali, where terrorists were allowed pass into the country for months in order to serve as a pretext later for a military invasion and occupation of the country by France.   The War on Terror fiction series is flexible and can be rewritten on demand to suit Nato’s geopolitical exigencies. But for now, the French war narrative remains focused on Assad.

The response by the US government to the massacre in Hatlah shows the divergence between the neo-conservative psychopaths in Paris and London, who want all out war in Syria and the Obama regime which appears to be attempting to disengage from the Middle East. The US state department official condemned the massacre. This shows that France and the UK are now even more belligerent than their US counterparts.

The French military-industrial-media complex is raging for the re-colonization of Syria, and its loyal public relations newsletter Le Monde is doing everything in its power to serve its war mongering masters.  The butchered citizens of Hatlah failed to make headlines yesterday because there was good news for those Syrians who have not yet been killed by car bombs or massacred in their homes: the French government wants to give the terrorists more arms.

Source: Global Research

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