Syria crisis and America’s funeral

America, at least publicly, seems destined to put its military might against Syria, notwithstanding the fact that America will have to arm and train terrorists it has been fighting for a decade, notwithstanding America will be risking a world war and notwithstanding the simple fact that every authority advises against this policy and the American people want no part of it.

American Policy Heads to the “Other Side of the Mirror”

When American CIA and Special Forces personnel received the orders to arm and train Syrian rebels, a week ago, they were flabbergasted. Many had been “on the ground” for months or longer, had seen the ‘Free Syrian Army’ purged and overrun with Jihadists, that and supplanted in its combat role by al-Qaeda in Iraq partner, al-Nusra.

Not all Jihadists come to Jordan and Turkey and, eventually enter Syria (and Iraq) as terrorists. Most come for the $3,000 cash payment to their families, for the $200 per month, for the food and, frankly, for the free cigarettes.

Most don’t arrive as hardcore Jihadists or terrorists, in fact few do. Most, if not all, however, those who survive, will leave, US trained and supplied but al-Qaeda led, “blooded,” radicalized and ready to move against Iraq, against Jordan or to set up terror cells across Europe and North America.

Insanity or Beyond Insanity?

What is America thinking, has it, as Paul Craig Roberts and so many others, even Zbigniew Brzezinski have observed, “lost their minds?”

To all but the mentally challenged, the Global War on Terror is an artificial construct, 90% false flag terror, 90% bank robbery, 90% “Hollywoodism.”

You say the total is more than 100%? Welcome to the “new math.”

The terror “game” was supposed to replace the Cold War but better, helpless enemies, the chance to use new hi-tech weapons on defenseless civilians, a change to use a controlled press to manage the narrative and the lesson of World War II, a “slam bang” take-off, propelled by 9/11, long admitted, long proven to be the “New Pearl Harbor.”

The basis of America’s program of encirclement of Russia and China that began with the Truman Doctrine in 1947 was the “domino theory.”

If one nation fell to communism, such as Cuba or Nicaragua or Greece, we could name dozens, perhaps even mention Vietnam; the entire world would fall, “like dominos.”

Domino Theory in Reverse

The site of a bomb attack in Damascus, Syria
The site of a bomb attack in Damascus, Syria

It is now clear that the “Arab Spring” revolutions, purported to be an “instantaneous uprising” of “freedom loving” Muslims, a “grass roots” movement based on social media, whistleblowing and democratic reform has taken on a sinister side.

Tunisia’s could be believed, initially at least. In Libya, Gaddafi’s flamboyance and alienated many but when the turn came for the UN to authorize use of force to bring about regime change, a move both Russia and China backed, more should have seen something very wrong.

When Gaddafi was brutally murdered, the outline of what would continue was now unquestionable. Freedom was the last thing these revolutions would bring; this was clearly as “softening up” in preparation for what many now see a reestablishment of the Ottoman Empire.

Syria and Iraq, both beleaguered by terrorist groups, Western backed, air support from the international psychopaths, Turkey and Israel, are going to be the dominos that bring the United States to its knees.

A Warning Anyone Could See

Egypt’s revolution has been the greatest disaster so far. A nation long under the thumb of Mubarak’s corrupt dictatorship, his long partnership with Israel and their Arab cohorts, the general uprising of the Egyptian people held great promise.

It would and well should have immediately opened Gaza, removed walls, fences, ended the naval blockade and put a friendly air force in Gaza skies.

Nothing of the kind happened, nothing of the kind is even spoken of.

While Mubarak awaits trial and execution for his secret complicity with Israel, Morsi calls on Egyptians to march on Syria in a jihad on behalf of Israel, something even Mubarak would never have contemplated.

You see, the Muslim Brotherhood is but another CIA “construct” from the Cold War days, one of several such as the Mujahedeen, ideological powerhouses to feed the wars on the periphery of the Soviet Union, Bosnia and Kosovo, Chechnya and Afghanistan.

All that was needed was to reach out and “draw water from the well.” Revolution for freedom was derailed and reactionary totalitarianism again reared its head.


This was proof, undeniable. A Shiite majority, long oppressed, long denied political expression, rose against a police state.

Rows of tanks from Saudi and the Persian Gulf States flowed in, painting a clear picture: Revolution is OK, so long as the new regime is weak, corrupt, compliant and servile.

Bahrain’s government, on each above count, had already gone as far as possible. There was no hope for improvement.

It had also become abundantly clear that a third force was managing the entire movement and that things were not as they seemed.

Nexus Control, “Strange Bedfellows”

Simply put, if America “wins” and Syria falls, America loses, in fact loses more than even the most imagine and America’s greatest critics are aware of.

Vis-à-vis Israel, the nomination of Hagel, the appointment of Dempsey and Rice were strong indications that the United States, at least the White House, was willing to steer a genuinely pro-American course, finally after years of unmistakable Zionist control and the ensuing disasters, incident after incident of false flag terrorism, espionage and economic warfare on America waged from Tel Aviv on an unprecedented scale and gross interference in US elections, bribery of public officials on a massive scale and orchestration of a “ham handed” and almost infantile program of psychological warfare using press and entertainment industry assets.

Then, in an inexplicable and puzzling way, particularly after President Obama’s May 23, 2013 speech calling for an end to new US military involvement, the president backed a report citing WMD use by the Assad government and authorized military aid to groups he knows are terrorists bent on killing Americans.

Al-Nusra insurgents
Al-Nusra insurgents

Al-Nusra is, in fact, made of up Saddam’s former Baathist security personnel credit for the killing of 5,000 American soldiers in Iraq.

Not only is this group, an al-Qaeda affiliate, still killing more and more every day in Iraq, they have already begun ethnically cleansing Christians in rebel occupied Syria and are militarily operating with air and artillery support from both Israel and Turkey.

In fact, there is no more determined enemy on earth set on destroying the United States than al-Nusra, a terrorist organization the US is now planning on handing, not only Syria to but Iraq as well.

Jordan would soon follow and, based on the flow of billions in oil revenue to al-Qaeda, now partnered with Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel, the nuclear threat continually parroted by the blitherings of DEBKA and the Times of Israel would become a reality.

The Syrian conflict that the US has agreed to bolster despite clear evidence that the Syrian people choose their own imperfect government over what is now obvious, a decade of sectarian violence followed by broad corruption and Western dominance, makes America’s bankrupt policies clear.

In fact, calling them “American policies” is, in itself, an absurdity. What nation would spend a decade creating an enemy where there was none, the purpose of the “war on terror,” quell that same conflict with military brutality and billions in bribes and then try to unleash another, guaranteed to be worse, perhaps endlessly so?

What has been set in motion is a plan, one tied to re-establishment of feudal rule, one likely to be built on the ashes of sectarian wars, ethnic cleansing and brutal suppression of human aspirations.

A similar plan is being put in motion for the Middle East as well.

Source: Press TV

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  1. A world war for sure will be started. Can Russia and China prevent it? The Shias are now turned into warriors and its about their survival with Iran leading the crescent pack from Iran to Iraq to Syria to Hezbollah. Haven’t the sunni Iraqis under Saddam learnt their lesson when they took on Iran? have not the Israelis learnt their lessons from Hezbollah in 2006?

    It’s very obvious that the west is gathering a bunch of spoilt oil rich Arabs to lead them into war against a very strong Iran. The Saudis, Qataris, Emiratis are not warriors. They’re a bunch of monkeys who like to show off their wealth and buy the goodies from Harrods and suppress the poor workers from third world countries. That’s not Iranians.They build their country with their own hands.

    Anyone should realize that the west has opened Qatar’s doors to the Afghani taliban so as to put together a Sunni pack against Iran. After all the west knows that the Taliban are warriors and now need them to start the last great game. The end game of the west – accept it or not- is Pakistan’s denuclearization.

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  3. Oriental Review should not post anything written by this compulsive liar who claims Fidel Castro works for the CIA and that he personally insured Obama’s election victory. Keeping on lying Doff!

  4. I’m afraid I didn’t quite catch you, Dean. Do you have some substantial objections regarding the text above? Please express’em calmly with argumentation.

  5. It is true he claims that Fidel Castro is a CIA agent:
    If you want to find out what type of a liar that guy is please listen to this:
    Duff also says George Soros and Obama re great men. He claims that Russia is trying to destroy the US,

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