U.S. May Strike Syria Tonight

On August 21, many Arab and Western mass media reported “sensational” news that the Syrian armed forces had used chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus. However, Syrian authorities disproved the information and a lot of people all over the world didn’t believe the evidence provided by the opposition.

It is always necessary to find out a motive of any criminal case during the investigation. It is obvious that governmental forces are winning using conventional weapons. Official Damascus realizes that the use of chemical weapons means “political suicide” for Assad while the UN commission conducts investigation in the country. This is what the opposition really needs.

After the U.S. President had warned the Syrian regime that using chemical weapons would cross a red line, the opposition tried to organize false flag attacks several times.

In the early 2013 international mass media published the information that a western private military company planned to deliver a Soviet-made chemical ammunition from Libya to Syria. The Ukrainian mercenaries speaking Russian language were to explode it in Homs to accuse Assad. However, these plans were revealed and thus broken.

According to western press a chemical bomb exploded in Aleppo in March, 2013. The Syrian government and the opposition accused each other and many western countries blamed Assad. But Syrian president had invited the UN experts to conduct unbiased investigation who arrived in Syria just on August 18.

The opposition has the only opportunity to radically change the situation by framing Assad chemical use. The United States are in the same position. The U.S. needs to prove to the whole world that it took the right policy in the Syrian issue.

udushenie_2Anyway, the situation in Syria is getting worse hour after hour. The reinforcement of the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, military rhetoric of the American authorities and intensive consultations with its closest allies (Great Britain, France and Middle East monarchies) testifies to it.

It’s obvious that Washington is going to solve the Syrian issue the way it operated in Iraq and Libya. As my reliable sources in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar inform, the U.S. is likely to launch missile strikes against Syria in the hours to follow to overthrow Assad. The missiles will be launched from the American destroyers, submarines and strategic bombers. At the same time the U.S. special task forces will operate on the field to assassinate Assad and his inner circle. It is possible that Syrian military and administrative objects in Damascus and other towns will be destroyed tonight. The new phase of the Syrian bloody drama is on stage now.

Farhad Hashemi is a freelance journalist from the UK. He runs the blog DebatableOpinion on The Telegraph. The views expressed are his own and do not necessarily coincide with ones of ORIENTAL REVIEW editorial.

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