Syria: In War We Trust

It’s been ten years since the alliance forces launched a military campaign against Iraq, the official excuse for it was a Washington fabricated claim that this country produced weapons of mass destruction. It seems that the United States supported by the “tacticians” in the Great Britain and France are going down this risky path yet again. They are not willing to devise something more elaborated this time, assuming that the fabricated claims that Syria is using the weapons of mass destruction against the civilians will do just fine. It seems that the war hawks in Washington couldn’t care less about the international law and the UN approval, they just want to make some easy money. It’s no wonder that the two major arm dealers in the United States – CH2M Hill and Bechtel have talked the Great Britain officials into buying 250 billion dollars worth of weapons. That’s a hell of a financial crisis in Europe, one must say.

US military bases around the globe. Source: National Post
US military bases around the globe. Source: National Post

The old American motto should sound like “In War we trust” today. Since the United States are able to control the better part of the world, having their soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, Bahrain, the Great Britain, Germany, the Republic of Djibouti, Jordan, Iraq, Italy, Qatar, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan and the list goes on… Al Udeid Air Base alone with the center of command (CENTCOM), 10 thousand soldiers stationed and 120 airplanes is a threat on its own. Another American base – Andersen Air Force Base can boast B52 jet powered strategic bombers and still the United States are willing to increase the amount of troops stationing at Guam in order to cover its satellites in the region (and on the Middle East too) with a nuclear umbrella.

Today the United States have forgotten how to create anything except for tension in the different parts of the world. All their thoughts are about the military operations in Iraq, Libya, Syria, China, Russia, you name it. Once they have already tested their nuclear toys on the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but haven’t received a proper international censure for this barbarian act of violence. Therefore they are planning to resort to it once again, using it as in the days of the Cold War to frighten its opponents. This have become possible due to the Nuclear Posture Review 2002 that was signed by the George Bush Junior. Today Pentagon is considering “preemptive nuclear strikes” against its “possible enemies” like China, such an “operation” goes under codename «AirSea Battle».

inwarwetrustIf so one should asked himself: does the United States have a right to take weapons of mass destruction so lightly in their hands, blaming at the same time Iraq, Libya and Syria for having them. The attentive observers still remember that it was the United State that helped Saddam Hussein to use chemical weapons against the Iranian soldiers during the First Persian Gulf War.

Before starting a new massacre the war hawks in Washington could have reconsidered the outcome of their interventions in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The numbers of the civilians killed for their sake, the striking poverty, skyrocketing crime rates, uncontrolled weapon flows and the growing numbers of jihadist militants. These are the bitter fruits of democracy the Americans have brought with themselves. The outcomes of the possible attack on Syria can be even more harsh. Starting with the destabilization of the Arab world and ending with universal hatred against the Americans.

Moreover the properly trained to kill “freedom fighter” brought up by CIA on the Washington command that got an extensive amount of experience in the modern warfare on the African and Middle Eastern soil, won’t go on the unemployment line. Like the infamous Al-Qaeda brought up to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the new generation of the Islamic mercenaries will surely got “employed” in Europe and in the United States. The European Union is terrified by the fact that around one thousand “lost sons” fighting the Assad regime are going to return home pretty soon. The terrorism is like the “black plague” it’s spreading really fast…

Source: New Eastern Outlook

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