Will Gay Marches Culminate in a Fourth Reich?

Before the new law was adopted in Russia prohibiting the distribution of homosexual propaganda to minors, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) activists had for many years dreamed of marching through the streets of Moscow demanding the same rights that their “rainbow” compatriots already possess in many EU countries (the legalization of same-sex marriage, the right to adopt children, etc.).  But the current ban does not frighten these “rainbow advocates.” Speaking off the record, one of them predicted, “We have appealed and we will continue to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, and we will get what we want.  This is a new era and soon it will be the archaic heterosexual cattle who are in the minority…” ORIENTAL REVIEW continues to cover the delicate issue of powerful partonage over LGBT communities which we initiated earlier and publishes an analytical brief written by the Ukrainian experts.

Creatures of the Rainbow

Recently the French parliament voted in favor of a law permitting same-sex marriages and also granted such couples the right to adopt children.  France became the ninth country in Europe and the fourteenth in the world where same-sex families are “enshrined in law.”

335317And this was more than just another European concession to gays and lesbians.  This seems to mark a point of bifurcation – a moment when the Old World began to shift to a new type of completely different society.  The powers that be are deliberately expanding the rights of the LGBT community, ignoring all attempts of the “heterosexual cattle” to protest.  It should be noted that hundreds of thousands of ordinary French citizens (between 340,000 and 800,000) took a stand against the law – an unprecedented number of people who bestirred themselves to take to the streets demanding a referendum on this issue.  But the majority of the global media ignored this fact and dramatically underreported the estimate of the protesters.  This clearly reveals the expansion of LGBT rights being contemplated for Europe (and the history of that expansion has hardly been spontaneous).

The most progressive representatives of these sexual minorities see themselves as a strike force, operating on behalf of a segment of the global elite that is convinced that Homo sapiens as a type has run its course and requires a radical reformatting …

The LGBT community is one of the tools for this reformatting and radical restructuring of the world order,” commented Sergei Chepik, the director of the Ukrainian agency for sociopolitical analysis.  “The real masters of the planet, the global financiers and owners of MNCs, are the ones behind the Creatures of the Rainbow project in Europe.  They intend to construct a neo-pagan society on the basis of genetic engineering, biotechnology, and psychological programming, offering no alternative model to the rest of the world.

Europe spends vast sums of money on genetic research, the development of gene engineering, and all types of biotechnology.  And the LGBT community is an excellent realm for experimentation.  Today we have transsexuals, but tomorrow we could see people who are a combination of both sexes, and the next day – a new kind of ‘test-tube person,’ some kind of homo-trans-sex-futuris (call it what you will) who is an affront to nature and God.  Not to mention the expansion of the market for transplant surgeons, cosmetologists, pharmacists, plastic surgeons, and so on.  Many of them have dreams of launching an assembly line to produce parodies of androgyny – it would be wildly profitable.  And the first step towards creating this parody of a future society is the legalization of marriage for gays and lesbians, giving them the right to raise more like themselves and enshrining the five social sexes (soon there will be eight!).”

Before our very eyes, something like a homunculus is being born, or rather – fashioned – from biological clay, a trans-multi-gender something that is manipulated and devoid of natural human emotions, but with a consciousness that is engineered and continuously being adjusted externally…

This is an extraordinarily complex task, and one that we believe to be impossible – due to the fundamental limitations endowed by the Creator in both nature and human nature.

But in the foreseeable future – although to the average person this seems quite far-fetched – it is highly likely that perhaps a different project will be set in motion (and we have no doubt that it will).

The Fourth Reich

Most native Europeans have a natural orientation and oppose the expansion of LGBT rights on either a biological or social level.  Despite intensified efforts at reformatting in recent decades, European society is fairly inert and accustomed to living in accordance with specific rules that have evolved over centuries.  It is one matter when gays and lesbians inhabit their own separate space, but another when they began to hold highly placed positions, start their own families, take in foster children or order babies via test tube, and subvert all the traditional values, driving the majority into a cultural ghetto.

Hence the sharp rise in popularity of extremely nationalist and openly racist parties that advocate for the traditional family and the expulsion of all foreigners.  Of course Europe is already grappling with a fair share of problems: the influx of immigrants, overcrowding, the erosion of the middle class, inadequate resources, and so on.

Europeans, with their deeply rooted Old-World values, may view concessions to the LGBT community as the last straw, sparking an explosion in popularity for ultranationalist parties.

Even now, support for such parties is quite high.  Repressed by political correctness and hounded by an aggressive minority, the average European bourgeois prefers to remain silent about his true political views – until the onset of the “X” hour.  In a society where the bottom and top are reversed, all possible deviations are marketed as norms, and any attempt to protect traditional, normal values is stigmatized as practically a crime against humanity – people find themselves unintentionally turning into fascists ….  This can be seen with Anders Breivik, the Norwegian Nazi-sympathizer and gunman, whose plight has drawn an outpouring of sympathy from other Europeans.

Fourth+ReichTherefore, it may well be that the Creatures of the Rainbow project is a “false flag” intended to camouflage the elite’s true goals for old Europe.  And soon enough the Fourth Reich project will be given the green light.  It will begin right there in Norway, or, for example, in Austria or France …  Remember the stunning success of Jörg Haider, the leader of Austria’s Freedom Party, (who was later killed) and his idea of a pan-European, intergovernmental alliance of nationalists?  And Jean-Marie Le Pen, who came one step from the French presidency in the 2002 election, although he was fiercely opposed by the entire spectrum of the media?

The Fourth Reich’s plan, which encompasses the entire EU, is quite viable.  Nationalists/racists ascending to power in one country or another could cause a chain reaction, which might include a strategy for cleansing Europe of non-Europeans – such as Africans, Asians, and Arabs – as well as anomalies like the LGBT community.  The ideologues behind European racism (and the masters of the universe …) will see their dream come true – a reduction in the population, a solution for the problem of employment and resources, and the construction of a neo-slave-owning, caste society founded on a high-tech, green economy (social castes and advanced technology could be quite compatible).

And a large-scale backlash from native Europeans could be touched off by the large-scale adoption of children by same-sex couples.  The same legal provisions that allow gays and lesbians to take in foster children are destroying the very heart of civil society.  At its heart, a civil society is a large-scale coalition of property owners who adopt laws in order to be able to protect their property.  If the majority of Europeans possess property that is protected by law, and they are able to rear their children themselves, those “superfluous goods” – in the form of children – simply do not exist for the LGBT community.  Those who give children away or carry them to term in exchange for cash are those who own nothing and have nothing.  This means that some people in Europe must live under such desperate circumstances that they would be willing to sell their children.  It seems that the prerequisites are arising not for a civil society, but a neo-slave-owning one for native Europeans, forcing them to seek refuge in a different trap – a Fourth Reich.  Gay and lesbian couples will thus take children from the “outside world,” from countries where neo-slave-ownership is the de facto reality.

The adoption of children by the LGBT community represents yet another knife in the back of civil society – this is the annihilation of possibilities and the right of choice,” claims Ivan Stepnykh, a Ukrainian political expert.  “Yes, there are people who at some point sense that they are ‘different.’  This is not a decision at which one arrives spontaneously, but only at a reasonably adult age, no earlier than puberty.  This is their choice and their right, and it deserves a thoughtful response.  But what choice is offered to the children who are carried by surrogate mothers for the LGBT community or purchased on the ‘civilized market for biological commodities’? … ”

Source in Russian: Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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