As sun sets on beautiful Sochi, jealous West takes center stage

First of all, lets dispense with the mince words. I suppose one could say this was not a fascist coup–as long as one ignores its coup-like violence and overt fascist nature. It should be clear for all to see, those Arab Spring type cheerleaders, liberals, third way aficionados and radicals who, to paraphrase a friend, tend to see any gathering of more than 100 people as a mass movement and an excuse to jump in, following whomever: “socialists, fascists, or long lines for restrooms.”

But the Regime Change Roadshow is getting old, and some of us were not fooled. Let’s be clear, to use one of the US President’s more meaningless and worn out catch phrases: this is not about ‘some fascists’ or ‘fringe elements’ or ‘unexpected’ fascists ‘within the ranks’ of a ‘peaceful protest movement.’ Sorry, I’m running out of quotation marks. The plain fact is that fascists are now the power in Ukraine: Fascists maintain checkpoints across Kiev, fascists guard government buildings, fascists are taking control of military arsenals. Kiev City Hall has been decorated with an enormous banner of Svoboda’s Nazi hero, Stepan Bandera.

bandera kiev city hallJust so Svoboda’s neo-Nazis don’t grab all the headlines–if only a complicit and servile western press allowed any of this to reach the headlines–they aren’t the only fascists in town. Not to be outdone, Right Sector thug Oleksander Muzychko, vowed from the rostrum at Maidan that he would “be fighting Jews and Russians until I die,” and called for the criminalization of Russian language and for 500 followers to seize the World Heritage site of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, a historic Orthodox Christian monastery.

In the flush of democracy, it is now known that the large majority ‘votes’ in the parliament included such patriotic and populist tactics as detaining all the delegates from the Communist Party, among others, threatening and coercing still more delegates, and maintaining the gloves-off threat of violence throughout the ordeal. Opponents were beaten, their families threatened, and warned that they would be hunted down for ten or fifteen years if they did not knuckle under.

Ukranian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman issued a stern warning for Ukranian Jews to leave Kiev and the country if possible. A friend who, let’s just say looks less than ‘pure’ Ukranian, was making plans to get his family out by the end of the week, acknowledging that Kiev was already unsafe. Feeling uncomfortable with the result of your policy yet, First Black President? It’s on you. The white supremacist nature of the putsch becomes more apparent as one zooms out to see solidarity marches and well wishes from other fascist parties from Golden Dawn to Spain and more. Zoom back in for more clarity to see the flags now flying along side ol’ Stepan’s Nazi portrait, including, among others, the US Confederate flag and Odin’s cross. But then the widespread killing of Black Africans in Libya hasn’t exactly provoked a crisis of conscience…maybe this just isn’t the right time.

Nor is any of this a sideshow or a result of anything ‘spinning out of control,’ but rather by design from the very beginning. No one from the EU bureaucrats to the ubiquitous John McCain to Victoria Nuland or any of their cohorts can now claim they were unaware or caught off guard. To turn the old diplomatic phrase, there may be deniability, but it just isn’t plausible. This was the plan from the get go; their chosen puppets, from billionaire murderess Yulia Tymoshenko to The Boxer Viktor Whateverchko.were always window dressing. The neonazi violence is not incidental or unintended–it is in fact integral to the whole scenario. It is fascist violence that makes it all work, and the funding and organizing of these groups is a centerpiece of fourth generation warfare being waged by empire right now from pole to pole.

John McCain with Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party leader Oleh Tyahnibok, Kiev, December 15, 2013
John McCain with Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party leader Oleh Tyahnibok, Kiev, December 15, 2013

The United States, Destroyer of Nations, Protector of Fascists, Harnesser of the Darkest Forces on Earth, is showing its hand once again as the overreaching hegemon, and cementing its reputation as the greatest threat to peace in the world. Along with its European vassal states, the US seems almost desperate to prove that it is beyond the reach of any semblance of international law, or even the law of karma. Ignorant and arrogant in the extreme, its officials bray openly about being “the most important country on earth.”

The Perfect Storm of empire that coalesced in Ukraine should make it obvious where the current danger lies. These horrific forces seek nothing less than the total destruction of Russia, and complete control over the planet. I had a bit of a head start, having studied under some of them back in the day in Harvard’s Slavic History department. These Russophobe zealots were and are dangerous people, some of the most horrible people on the planet. Americans don’t realize that virtually everything they think they know about ‘Russia’ has been written, rewritten or overwritten by this elite cabal of dedicated Russian haters. 35 years later it still gives me the chills.

Time to wake up is cliché at this point. But it is long past time to recognize that the growing alliance between Russia and China, along with the rest of the BRICS coalition and the global south, is the only force capable of stopping the criminal regime change fanatics now on a global rampage. Empire has overreached yet again, and history and the peoples of the world will take their revenge. Politics is not homeopathy: no dilute solution will miraculously bring about the opposite result, and handwringing about ‘both sides’ is unproductive at this late hour, and actually quite dangerous. What is needed is not more dithering, hemming and hawing about which imperial adventure to support and which to critique, but a strong, unequivocal and unapologetic stand on where the danger lies and who the greatest enemy is. Anything less is suicide.

Daniel Patrick Welch is the American writer, singer, translator and political activist living in Salem, MA. His blog is

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