European Parliament adopts irrelevant resolution on Ukraine

Today the European parliament has passed an extremely irrelevant resolution on Ukraine.

1.They recognize the putchist “government” and self-nominated “Supreme Rada” in Kiev as the legitimate central authorities in Ukraine.

2. They call to enforce “targeted sanctions against those responsible for violence” despite the fact that the leaders of the principle initiators of violent clashes in Kiev (Pravyi Sector) are now heading the putchist “Ministry of Defense”.

3. They call on the “Supreme Rada” to pass the necessary electoral legislation, including a new law on political party funding. That means that the only funding Europe is about to propose to Ukraine is a financial injection into pocket Ukrainian politicians in pre-election period.

What happens to the country next is seemingly not a matter of concern for the EMPs.

Elmar Brok
Elmar Brok

Voice of Russia has drawn a nice political portrait of the author of the resolution, chairman of the Europarliament’s foreign affairs’ committee Elmar Brok:

The deputies of the European Parliament are clearly appalled by some of the actions of their protégés in the so called “new” Ukrainian parliament, the Supreme Rada. The chairman of the Europarliament’s foreign affairs’ committee Elmar Brok warned the Rada deputies against “witch hunt.” Interestingly, Mr. Brok did not specify who were the “witches”.

He clearly did not feel sympathy either for the pilloried governors or for the policemen who were forced to beg pardon on their knees before a crowd which demanded their execution. This somewhat medieval scene happened in the West-Ukrainian city of Lvov, which Mr. Brok and his colleagues from the Europarliament had been praising as “the real Ukraine.”

Mr. Brok by is no means not concerned about the fate of his friends’ opponents. He is only concerned about the possibility of what he calls “Russian intervention”, the rest is not important for him. Mr. Brok is afraid that the “excesses of the revolution”, or in other words the fascist actions of the new Ukrainian authorities, might provoke this so called intervention, even though Russia did not give any reason to suspect it and the military scenario exists only in the minds of European parliamentarians. Here is what this phantom of Mr. Brok’s imagination prompted him to tell Ukrainians, “Don’t allow the big neighbor to intervene in Ukraine in this or that way.”

In fact, this kind of attitude from Elmar Brok is nothing new in Europe. In the 1930s and 1940s the unwillingness of many Europeans to see Russia in Europe in any way led to the split among the countries that could oppose Adolph Hitler and provoked a whole chain of initial victories for the Nazi Germany.

Now again, Mr. Brok and the vast majority of European politicians prefer the neo-Nazis on the squares of Kiev to “those awful Putin’s Russians.” The truth is that Putin never wanted Ukraine back, even though such an alternative never stood before Ukraine. The real alternative was between reformist development in the legal framework and a revolution, and Mr. Brok pushed for the revolution. He and his colleagues in the EU made their choice months ago, and now the calls to stop the witch-hunt are belated and insincere.

In fact, it is Mr. Brok and not Yanukovych, who has the blood of Maidan’s victims on his hands. When the Ukrainian President Yanukovych before the Vilnius summit last year suggested as little as trilateral negotiations between Moscow, the EU and Kiev to iron out the misunderstandings around the EU association agreement, Mr. Brok was the first in the European Parliament to say ‘no’. So, compromise on Ukraine’s European integration was renounced by none other than Mr. Brok and his colleagues in the EU. This unleashed the crisis in Ukraine, which brought about the storming of government buildings, the killings and the violent change of government.

And now this man wants his clients in Ukrainian politics to stop beatings on streets, prohibitions of Russian language studies and public pillaring of governors. Too late, Mr. Brok: after instilling in Ukrainians the belief in witches, you can’t stop the witch hunt.

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