European policy of appeasement to ultranationalists in Ukraine – Video

The ongoing political crisis in Ukraine triggered by the unconstitutional forceful actions of the armed opposition that used to be backed by a number of Western governments, urges us to raise and try to answer the following questions:

– Was the European policy towards Ukraine for the last years a pragmatic sequence of moves or it just reflected a groundless and simplified “Ukraine seeking the EU membership” doctrine, which collapsed at the first touch with the reality?

– If it was a pragmatic policy aimed to wrest the Ukrainians, an integral part of the Russian super-ethnos, from its core civilization, were they aware of the nature of the forces inside the Ukrainian society they were about to nurture and support in order to reach the goal?

– Did the European political strategists (if any) understand that inciting and encouraging ultranationalist neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine undermines the stability of the whole European continent and endangers the political perspectives of the EU project?

– What are the real US interests in Europe in the context of Ukrainian crisis?

The European correspondent of Rossiya TV Mikhail Antonov reports the facts about the European policy towards Euromaidan, which largely went unnoticed by the international media (English subtitles):

YouTube link:

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