Monologue of a young Russian man

Today dozens or even hundreds of brilliant minds in the West are feverishly thinking: how did it happen that multi-billion investments in Ukraine have brought no other tangible result but the Russian reunification with historic and strategically important lands and coasts of Crimea while Ukraine still flying down its own and absolutely unpredictable way to a vague future. Where did they miscalculated?

It is all very simple.

Russia is ever-changing, ever-evolving, like a butterfly that goes through a transformation, yet stays the same creature. Every 1-3 centuries we go through a painful transformation process, emerging more advanced than we ever were.

They thought we were done for after the Mongol Invasion of XIII century. They thought the same during the Time of Troubles in XVII century. They thought we were done for by the Revolution. They thought we were ruined by the Nazi onslaught. They thought we were mortally wounded by the Fall of the Soviet Union.

Do not be misguided. We survive, that’s what we always do.

kid and horseWe never wanted your empty lands – what good are they to us, if we own world’s richest resource fields? We never cared about your way of life or your faith, never called for religious wars against you (unlike the Roman Church, who called for a Crusade against Russia in XIII century, a crusade that ended up on the bottom of Chudskoye Lake). We did take Eastern Europe in 1945 – after we saw how its resources and industry were used against us by the Nazis. Now the EU has ruined Eastern Europe and sold their industry for scrap – be happy, you’ve made it useless for Russia.

We do not threaten you, please understand that clearly and forever. We need nothing from you except for the money you pay us for gas – a normal business relationship. Our actions in Ukraine are part of the Reunification, a project to restore our shattered land, as it always happens after turmoil. It is a natural process dictated by sheer economics. If someone’s blind ideological hatred cannot accept that, we can only shrug.

Russia has never turned her back on the West – you were always welcome as guests and partners. You still are, no matter what madness your governments proclaim – the ancient law of hospitality is still alive here.

Russia wants to build a new future, safer and more prosperous. You can be part of it, or you can side with Wall Street parasites and lobotomized zealots of McCain’s ilk. Their kind cannot accept that the beautiful plan of plundering Siberian oil will never come to life. No matter the choice, Reunification will proceed, and the cycle of life will continue for Russia – cannot say the same for McCain.

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    1. A very nice piece. May God Bless Russia!

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