Who was shelling the city of Mariupol?

According to the Ministry of Defence of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Ukranian Army has misinterpreted the column of its own 18th Batallion of the 28th Mechanized Brigade moving very close to Mariupol January 24th, 2015 as if it belonged to ‘separatists’ or de jure the DPR freedom fighters, and shelled it from the Stary Krim area (see the map) located on the Western side of Mariupol. Mariupol as a whole as well as Stary Krim are fully controlled by the Ukrainian Army.

So, the Ukranian Army shelled its own military column by using multiple rocket launching system “Grad” and “Uragan”. Their missiles were flying across and above Mariupol. Some of them landed at the 18th Batallion column position, some of them at the residential areas of Mariupol killing more than 60 civilians and wounding more than 100 people. That is why Kiev is fully responsible for these atrocities.

The DPR resistance units are deployed more than as close as 20 km on the East near Shirokino (see the map). They do not have “Grad” or “Uragan” MRLS or heavy artillery in that area. So, de facto the DPR units have not been able to hit Mariupol.

Mariupol shelling map

They claim they do not have any intention to capture Mariupol – their aim is remove the common border line with Ukraine in some other places so that the Ukrainian MRLS were not been able to shell residential areas in Donetsk and other cities in Donbass. Their aim is justifiable: the overall number of KIA in Donbass are 5038 civilians only. All of them have been killed by the Ukrainian Army.

So, the shelling of the 18th Batallion column and a residential area in Mariupol by the Ukranian Army is either as its military mistake (miscalculation of its Intelligence), or as a mere provocation with the aim to disrupt a peace process and to enhance additional economic sanctions versus Russia.

Russian MFA has strongly criticized the shelling of Mariupol by the Ukrainian Army. The Russian MFA official representative Alexander Lukashevitch said that the Ukrainian authorities are de facto slowing down the proper investigation of the recent Mariupol case.

Videos containing recordings of Saturday’s GRAD strikes at Mariupol:

(since 2.40)

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  1. It is not surprisingly that the SMM has arrived at such a conclusion.
    1/ Look at the personnel composition of the SMM – it is staffed by the nations who are hostile to Russia and have pro-Ukrainian sentiments despite the undeclared inhuman war conducted by Kiev regime against its own people. The current SMM will never tell the real truth about the side who is de facto guilty in atrocities in Donbass and on its own territory (Volnovakha bus tragedy, and now – Mariupol shelling).
    2/The SMM made a wrong conclusion pointing out at the DPR on that very sad day – January 24th, 2015 – the DPR units have NEVER opened Grad or Uragan MRLS fire at all in the area of Mariupol. Objective satellite control pictures prooves that.
    3/It is an exceptional case when the SMM identifies the exact source of the Grad and Uragan fires. It has never done this when the Ukrainian Armed Forces have clearly used the Grad and Uragan shellings against civilian targets in Donbass when more than 5,000 people have been killed and more than 10,000 have been wounded, and 65% of residential houses have been destroyed
    4/The SMM never criticized the day in-day out shelling of Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlovka and other populated areas and cities in Donbass – several dozens salvoes per day/night.
    4/The SMM and the Western part of the OSCE will always camouflage and protect its puppit – “president” Porishenko who is de facto and de jure a war criminal being involved in genocide and war crimes policy in Ukraine. A person who is fond of making provocations and does not keep his words about peace in Donbass.
    5/ The SMM and the western part of the OSCE do not understand that people of Donbass DO NOT WANT to live in Ukraine any more because of massive inhuman atrocities in Donbass performed by the Kiev regime backed by the USA and NATO.

  2. >>Look at the personnel composition of the SMM – it is staffed by the nations who are hostile to Russia
    >>inhuman war conducted by Kiev
    Mr.Kozin, please stop spamming conspirology bullshit.
    How can you call yourself an analytic?

    >>Objective satellite control pictures prooves that.
    photos plz

    >>It has never done this when the Ukrainian Armed Forces have clearly used the Grad and Uragan
    they did it for UAs also, plz do not lie

    >>The SMM never criticized the day in-day out shelling of Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlovka
    again, plz do not lie.

    OK. clear everything with this web page, i’m outta of here

  3. One more point dealt with the SMM. It was made by the Russian Permanent Representative to the UNO and the UN SC, Ambassador Vutaly Churkin during the debates at the UN Security Council January 26th, 2015: “The OSCE monitors [in Mariupol] have been acting improperly. Its group headed by an American member of the Monitoring Mission quickly examined the spot of the tragedy and immediately made a public statement. Such method runs counter to the methods that have been agreed upon and are traditional inside the OSCE. So, we again are witnessing a case, when tragic events are vividly used for unscrupulous political aims”.
    So, in a nutshell: the biased SMM or its selective group headed by an American “expert” will never produce an objective verdict on any tragedy and will always protect a real culprit. It is very strange that the DPR “opened Grad and Uragan MRLS fire” when it did not open fire at all at that time and at that place hastily identified by an American “expert” who had no proper military training at all.

  4. Here are the links to the statements made by Ambassador Vitaly Churkin at the UN SC on the Mariupol cases and other tragic cases:


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