The Big Picture: The Empire Of Banks (I)

Folks, education has betrayed us. History teaching generally covers chronological line of events with a few strategic omissions here and there, but when it dares delve into causes and motivations, it offers us a politically corrected version of reality, which is a plain mask to hide factual and hideous truth. We simply don’t know anything about our history that’s been swept under the carpet of ignorance.

Nowadays, we hear over and over about «fake news», printed daily on a corporate press bought and controlled by those who need to keep the general population ignorant of reality. This scheme isn’t anything new, it has been going on for well over two centuries and the fake news of the past have slipped in the pages of our history, just like today’s fake news will be for future generations unless we stop this cycle of lies. The main problem in our books is the general use of converging and opposing politics as a base for every official analysis. Now, to understand the real causes and stakes of all wars in the past two centuries and a half, you have to follow the money. Who funded whom? Who profits from wars? How did wars started? Suddenly, a magical ray of light shines right in front of our eyes to reveal what lays between the lines in invisible ink.

I’m about to demonstrate that in the last 250 years, all wars have been created through conspiracies orchestrated by international bankers pursuing two very simple objectives of profit and domination, a duo that even bears a name: the World Order, original and new. Everyone has a personal opinion of how the general plan has been conducted over the years, but most analysis don’t even make it past the tip of the iceberg to see the humongous truth immerged beneath. The concept in itself is easily described: with the economical control of nations through their central banks and their money creation, a handful of bankers have held a permanent power far above all laws and governments. But the New World Order we now live in hasn’t been the same over the years, and has been very dynamic in it’s ownership and shapes, which can be summed up in a simple feud between European bankers and American bankers. Every major war or revolution in the last two centuries and a half has been a chapter in the evolution of the dynamics of the World Order.

When you start to look at our real history, not only are all major wars linked and suddenly make perfect logical sense, but you can definitely drift away from the official narrative that is printed in our books, and split all conflicts in 2 categories: independence wars from the Empire of banks and attacks from bankers to tame an independent country. The 20th century has seen the creation of wars for sheer profit deprived of any geopolitical interest like the Korean War or Vietnam, but we won’t get there. All in all, it’s that simple.

History is written by those who won the wars

Like the majority, I have heard of this saying without having any clue of the depth of its meaning for a very long time. Banks have lost and won all wars. We have been living under The Empire of Banks since 1773; part 1 was the British-European Colonial Empire or World Order, and part 2 is the American Empire, or New-World Order. This research covers all causes and objectives of important conflicts up to the Second World War, and demonstrates that our minds have been manipulated to hide the appalling reality.

The «New World Order» expression appeared somewhere between the two world wars, to describe a banking-ruled world controlled by a globalist elite manipulating politicians and national armies like puppets to keep their grip on the world. If the expression is somewhat recent, the concept is much older. Even though mainstream medias will describe the idea as a conspiracy theory, it’s an undisputable fact: since international banks hold the sole power of money creation through lending funds that they do not even have, they economically submit countries that lose their independence in the process through the creation of debt. This scheme stretches their actual power to funding whatever they want, indebt or bankrupt whomever they want, and exploit at will almost every nation of the planet by literally holding their economies in a vice of interest rates and currency manipulations. Once a nation is stuck there, banks can impose their plundering and looting of the country’s natural resources, such as gold, diamonds, lithium, gas, and of course the main price, oil.

Hitler and Hess
Adolf Hitler during a parade in Berlin, 1938

All wars are also created with the precious help of mass media manipulation. They twist again and again the same political, ideological or religious dry sticks to ignite the fire. International stateless bankers have chosen the USA as the coop guardian and muscle to subjugate the world since WW2, but their brain has no citizenship, it’s at the center of the economy of every country, whose level of compliance or disobedience shall determine its fate between war and peace. Lying to the population is an absolute necessity to move forward the globalists’ plan of a single government that dodges any form of scrutiny or democracy. If you feel that your freedom and that of your kids has any value, follow me in this quest of historical knowledge that is the first step out of this near future nightmare.

The heart of darkness

It’s hard to imagine that the gears of society weren’t always turning as they are today. The big picture appeared somewhere around 1770. The central individual that we should focus on is Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who ended up in charge of a Frankfurt bank after the death of his father. He befriended a General named Von Estorff, whom was attached to the court of Prince William IX of the Hesse-Hanau region. Blood relative of the British Royal family, the Prince had been earning substantial gains by renting his regiments as mercenaries for decades, and in 1769, Mayer was given permission by the Prince to claim publically that he officially was the manager of William’s assets.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

At a time when private bankers weren’t yet in charge of central banks, secret societies were very important for carefully plotting the genesis of their system. There’s a persistent hatred today toward Freemasons that have lost their control over world affairs, which have been decided by private societies acting on their specialties, like economics by the Mont-Pelerin Society, the structuration of globalism by the Trilateral Commission, and also by the Council on Foreign Relations that dictates just about everything concerning geopolitics and medias. Because they passed a law forbidding Freemasons to hold jobs within the government, we know that Italy thinks that their influence is still harmful. Nevertheless, thanks to a book written by a University of Edinburgh eminent teacher and Freemason, John Robison, we know the first steps of what would become the plan to form a World Order. In his 1798 «Proofs of a conspiracy against all the religions and governments of Europe carried on in the secret meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and reading societies», Robison explained how he had been invited to join the Illuminati by it’s leader, Adam Weishaupt, who gave him a transcript of his elite club’s general plan.

In 1773, Mayer Amschel Rothschild held a reunion in Frankfurt with twelve of his most influential friends, like Adam Weishaupt, and had convinced them that they could rule the world. The plan was to divide every non-Jewish population through political, economic, social, and religious means, and apply basic manipulations and schemes. Then, opposing sides were to be armed and incidents were to be provided to drive them to fight each other, leading to the destruction of national governments and religious institutions. A few years before the foundation of his infamous group, Weishaupt joined the Continental Order of Freemasons with this Illuminati doctrine, and established lodges of the Grand Orient to be their headquarters.

Mayer Amschel obviously learned politics through Machiavelli, and banking through the Medici, the Italian banking family of the Renaissance. In order to make wars immensely profitable, one had to finance both opponents and needed to ensure that the world stay in perpetual war. Nothing creates more long-term debt than war, and no form of loan is more secure than a nation’s debt backed by taxpayers. In The Money Power, we find a description of the roots of what we call today the World Order, or what George Orwell metaphorically named Big Brother. By the middle of the 19th century, a Frankfurt University teacher, Karl Ritter, had knowledge of these utmost important reunions that took place in 1773, which sealed the fate of humanity for 25 decades. Here’s what William Guy Carr had to say:

“Karl Ritter’s study of History convinced him that a very small group of wealthy, and influential, international Bankers, who gave allegiance to no country but meddled in the affairs of all, had, in 1773 organized Grand Orient Freemasonry for the purpose of using the World Revolutionary Movement to further their secret ambitions. Their long range Plan was for their group to gain ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world. Their ultimate objective was to form a totalitarian dictatorship based on their theories of atheistic dialectical and historical materialism. (…) He next explained how industrial depressions and financial panics could be brought about and used to serve their purpose saying Enforced unemployment and hunger, imposed on the masses because of the power we have to create shortages of food, will create the right of Capital to rule more surely than it was given to the real aristocracy, and by the legal authority of Kings.”

A Venerable Maitre (worshipful Master) poses with his sautoir (long necklace) at the grand temple of the Grand Lodge of France’s freemasonry on September 18, 2010, in Paris, during the 27th edition of France’s European heritage open days.

Interestingly, at the same time that Karl Ritter was writing an antithesis to communism that would later be improved by Nietzche to shape into Nazism, Karl Marx published «The Communist Manifesto» in 1848. Well, Marx, Ritter, and Nietzsche had all been funded by the Rothschild family that was pushing a notch further on their original plan of dividing the world for perpetual wars through the creation of artificial ideologies. The idea was to divide larger factions of the human race into opposing camps, then brainwash and arm them into fighting and destroying each other.

On the other side of the Atlantic, James Madison, one of the Founding Fathers of the USA, thought that the main challenge of democracy was to get a huge mass of poor people to vote laws that would favor the rich elite. That’s when the bipartite electoral system was created, designed especially to limit the choice of the election between two heads of the same monster. Nowadays, in every nation stuck in the New World Order, the democratic process is exactly the same: two parties exchanging power for decades, while their bland ideological differences concern vain topics like abortion or immigration laws. For our rulers, democracy and politics are nothing more than wind, empty air that whistles from one ear to the other. Now that you know the genuine purpose of politics and ideologies created to polarize opinions and divide the people, you can hop with me in real history. And it’s a lot different from what you’ve been told all of your life.

The starting gun

The first action following the 1773 Grand Orient reunion came very quickly from the United States and their Founding Fathers. When thirty-nine men signed the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, 13 of them were high-level Freemasons, so they knew exactly what was going on and wanted to jump in the train. But to be able to privately profit from their country’s economy, they first had to get rid of their deal with their masters at the Bank of England that was not yet controlled by the House of Rothschild. In April of 1775, Paul Revere, an early member of the Masonic Lodge of Boston, came back with the news that there was a «possibility of troop movements» toward Concord, so he told the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, in what might be the first of a very long list of false-flags in USA’s history. Soon after, American militias invaded Canada, to oust the English army out of the continent. Despite the fail attempt on Québec city, the fight moved its theatre south of the border as the American Revolutionary War in 1776, aiming to free the USA colonies from the British currency.

Interestingly enough, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s main client, German Prince William IX, sent out his Hesse-Hanau mercenaries to fight off the American rebellion, which could have been evidence that Amschel was fighting alongside England, but closer scrutiny at what happened on the battle ground may shed a different light: after an initial victory in White Plains, the German troops quickly gave up in Trenton, allegedly because they were all drunk, nonetheless surrendering a 1400-men force after only 22 loses! These Hessian troops were used throughout the Revolutionary War by the British crown, but the distrust toward them was growing with each defeat, until the huge blunder of the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, after which the German mercenaries were taken out of battlefields tactics and were mainly used on patrols or raids. History books will tell you about their courage and exemplary training, but of 30 000 Hessians, only 1200 died in action, so it seems that Rothschild and his Prince’s allegiances were more toward Freemasonry then the British cause. In the end, Rothschild was able to weasel his way in the indebted American economy in 1791, by convincing Freemason and Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton to set up the First Bank of the United States on a 20-year charter. Many of the Founding Fathers who were not Freemasons, like Jefferson and Madison, were rather asking for a public central bank. As a true Rothschild agent, Hamilton achieved a most upsetting move for France that had sided and greatly helped the American rebels against the British tyranny.

The involvement of Rothschild in the First Bank enabled by Hamilton raises an interesting historical coincidence: the Secretary of the Treasury died in a pistol duel facing Aaron Burr in 1804, founder of the ancestor of the Morgan Chase Bank, an institution that David Rockefeller would preside much later. Thus, the duel was the perfect metaphor of the Rothschild vs Rockefeller duel that WW2 would later become.

to be continued

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