Three Important Players In The Afghan Affairs

Three people in the picture are Zalmay Khalilzad, Sher Muhammad Abbas and Ashraf Ghani. In 1957 they were given American scholarship. Today one of them is the ambassador of the U.S. in Afghanistan, other is the Taliban head and the third is the president of Afghanistan. What a coincidence.

Three Afghans
Zalmay Khalilzad (R), Sher Muhammad Abbas (C) and Ashraf Ghani (L)

The fate of Afghan people is in their hands. Zalmy Khalilzad has played a significant role in reconciling Afghan factions and struggling hard for a poltical settlement. Being an American national and representing the US government, his role is crucial. US Administration fully backs him, and his heart is for Afghanistan; his sincerity is beyond doubt.

Sher Muhammad Abbas, the most patriot and authentic Afghani, well aware of Afghan culture, traditions, and interests. He is the man who opposes all foreign forces and wanted to get rid of all foreign interventions, and believes that Afghans are capabale of handling their affairs on their own.

Currently, he is a most strong person and having highest stakes in Afghanistan. Taliban controls over 70% of Afghanistan and almost all important cities. They are very close to Kabul and are capable of capturing Kabul at any moment conveniently. There is very little resistance from Government troops, and most of them are surrendering and joining Taliban. Taliban also captured modern weapons and war machinery from Bagram Air base, which the American troops have left in the darkness of night in a very hap-hazard manner. They could not hand over the control to the incoming commander.

Taliban are brilliant and just waiting for an appropriate tining to enter Kabul and declare the rule. From military point of view they can capture Kabul at any moment, but politically, they are waiting till they got international recognition. They had learned a bitter lesson in the past when in the 1990s, they established their Government, only a few countries recognized their legitimacy, and they failed to convince the rest of the world. This time, they might play smartly and wait till their legitimacy is recognized internationally, and they may not face the similar fate in future.

Talbans are highly qualified and intelligent people; they understand economics, Science, Technology, politics, etc., in addition to religious education. They can establish a sustainable government and bring their country out of the crisis, and getting prosperity to the ordinary person is their plan. The Western media has been projecting a distorted image of the Taliban and tossing them as wild, cruel, and ignorant, which is wrong and just part of the hybrid war against Afghanistan. Taliban rule in the 1990s was one of the best eras in the recent history of Afghanistan, where the law and order situation was excellent, drugs were eliminated, the crime rate was minimum, just delivery was instant, and the public can relax and sleep fearlessly.

Talba is in close interaction with neighboring states and international community and will take over with the consent of international community in a legitimate formal manner.

President Ashraf Ghani and previous president Hamid Karzai were American-backed and having no roots in the society. Both of them were working on the American plan and instructions. Even though some of their statements in the media did not own and confirmed that it was American pressure and form the core of their heart, they do not mean so.

Definitely, both puppet governments were killing the Taliban on behalf of America and harming the Afghan interests all the time. The Americans gave their job and they were loyal to Americans only. They could not balance between the American interests and Afghan interests. Their role was just like the roles of President Noor Muhammad Turakey, President Hafizullah Amin, President Babrak Karmel, and President Dr. Najeeb under the former USSR occupation of Afghanistan.

As both President Ashraf Ghani and Hamid Karzai were following the footprints of Afghan Presidents under ex-USSR occupation, so it is conceived that their end will be similar or not much different from them. The Tow presidents enjoyed the American support and ruled the country for two decades, that should be enough and their greed should be reached to an end. They must not think of any share in future political setup in Afghanistan. Even, It is believed that they may not be allowed to live in Afghanistan or face war crimes against their own people. Definitely, both of them were part of American agenda against Afghanistan and against Taliban.

Three people in AfghanistanThe Recent statements by the Afghan Government and various claims are complete nonsense. When they were backed by forces of 46 countries (the US and allies) and 150,000 foreign troops, equipped with state of the art advanced weapons, the most sophisticated war tactics, the utilizing the most advanced technologies, yet could not rule more than 30 percent of the country. Now, when the foreign troops have been evacuated and all foreign support has been disrupted, whatever the Afghan Government claims are just nonsense.

Even the Afghan Government is approaching India for military help. Imagine, all the 46 advanced countries could not win the Afghan war, India could be effective, is a big question mark. Afghanistan is termed as the graveyard of big empires and let India face the same fate in Afghanistan.

Indian role in Afghanistan was getting economic benefits and using Afghan soil against Pakistan. There is sufficient evidence that India was maintaining 17 consulates in Afghanistan, along the border with Pakistan, to perform terrorist acts inside Pakistan. With the withdrawal of American troops, most of the Indian consulates are closed, and Indian nationals, especially notorious RAW (Intelligence Agency of India), are leaving Afghanistan. India was helping the Afghan Government in killing the Taliban, and how can the Taliban allow India to stay in Afghanistan under their rule.

The victory is Taliban destiny. It is time to discuss how they make Afghanistan a stable, peaceful, and prosperous state. It is time to discuss the war crimes committed in the last two decades in Afghanistan. It is time to fix the war compensation. Whoever destroyed Afghanistan has the responsibility to reconstruct Afghanistan. Let’s wish the people of Afghanistan a peaceful and prosperious future. They are not the people of lesser God, and let’s make their suffering of four decades to an end.

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